Welcome to my Blog / Website Crazy Beautiful Blogs. My name is Susan Riley, I am a Self-Discovery & Motivational Certified Life Coach / Blogger. I currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida but I am originally from Long Island, New York. I provide Life Coaching Services In Person, Over The Phone, and Over Video Chat to provide convenience for my clients not within my territory.

You will find many beneficial bits of information & tons of support on this page:

Besides My Life Coaching Services, You Will Also Find My Informative Blog Posts, Motivational Graphics, Free Online Support & Talk Groups, Self-Help Pages And So Much More. You Will Also Find My Generic Charts / Checklists Along With The Option To Personalize One Specifically To Your Needs. These Lists Are Set Up To Assist You In Better Organizing Your Daily Life. As They Assist You In Gaining Better Control Of Your Life And Help You To Build: 

~ Self-Awareness ~ Daily Structure ~ Organization ~ Healthy Living ~

~ Self- Care ~ Accountability ~ Confidence  ~ Healthy Relationships ~

Realistic Plans Of Action   &  So Much More… 

Now That I Have Introduced Myself & Told You What You Can Find Here… Please Allow Me To Introduce You To, My Crazy Beautiful Blogs.

Crazy Beautiful Blogs, Is A Webpage And Blog That I Set-up To Assist Individuals From All Different Backgrounds, All Over The World. 

I Help My Viewers & Clients, To Find Their True Voice, To Help Them To Reach Self-Discovery, Find Motivation & Inspiration, To Help Them Build Confidence, While Still Providing Them With Support & Understanding. I Do My Best To Provide Resources & Knowledge For You About Real Life Circumstances And Not Just The Everyday Standard In Which I Feel Is Far Behind Where It Should Be. I Hope To Assist Each Follower With Building Self-Awareness, A Sense Of Accountability For Their Life & Decisions, Promote And Inspire You To Travel And Live The Healthy And Amazing Life You Deserve!

All Of The Above Is Specifically Set-up To Help Our Viewers Reach Their Deepest Desires While Step By Step They Find True Peace & Happiness. All While Helping Them To Build A Realistic Time Oriented Plan Of Action Towards Achieving Their Daily Goals, Dreams & Aspirations.



My hope is for this webpage to bring people the insight and understanding they need to push past their problems. I have put together various self-help pages, as well as posts to help people see things from other angles they may not have seen on their own. We are all raised to have beliefs and as time goes on, as adults we gradually pick and choose through the ones we were built with and the ones we found along the way… 

If you are in a situation, where you do not know who you are anymore or just in general need to make a change to find happiness. Well Then, this is the place to start your search !!!

Every day, Crazy Beautiful Blogs reaches new and amazing heights helping men and women all over the world… I work very hard to provide great information and resources to better assist you in your personal development. I also welcome any sources or ideas you think can help me, help others. As I also welcome anyone that would like to assist me on my journey to build a place for people to find all of the above.

On Crazy Beautiful Blogs, there are no wrong answers or ways of living…

Everyone is welcome and greatly appreciated here on Crazy Beautiful Blogs. I hope to inspire people all over the world to share their life experience & stories of success. I believe these stories can help other people face struggles because you shared your experience. What people take from the posts is completely up to them. We all have to learn and grow at our pace but by sharing your story this can be your chance to turn your negative situation or past event into a positive direction. 

Consider Sharing Your Story As Your Random Act Of Kindness To One Or Many Anonymous People In Need Of Help Somewhere In The World …

For More Information On Sharing Your Story Please See Below jojnlm

My Crazy Beautiful Blogs

Crazy Beautiful Blogs Category Descriptions & Release Days:


Life & My 2 Cents: ( Tuesdays @ 6 am )

Posts based on, real-life situations and my perspective based on the subject being discussed. Requested Topics, that I have built a post to answer a followers question. 


My Real Life Shares ( Wednesdays @ 6 am )

 Each post is built off my very own past, present and hopes for my future! They will include my own struggles, success, travels and so much more…


The Here & Now – Random

Posts about, what is going on in the world today. Also, on what is new or exciting in my life and on the website as I live the pursuit of life in my everyday life pushing against the limits to find peace and happiness…


Real Live Shared Stories: ( Thursdays @ 6 am When Written In )

Coming Soon Starting December 7th 2018

I know everyone in the world faces struggles every day. With each struggle in life no matter how big or small, you will be forced to find strength that you may have never knew actually existed. We never quite know how strong we are until we have no choice but to find the strength to survive. If you have a story of your struggles or success and you would like to share them. I am happy to post it for you on my webpage because sometimes moving forward is as simple as stating your truths or allowing yourself to be self-aware of your past, present and future. Some will tell you it is best to just move forward and sometimes we have no choice but to do, just that.

Although, if you have a chance to face the things that held you back or stand up where you may have let things go in the past, it makes for one hell of a come back. It builds character and helps you to move on in a peace. Maybe you do not have a story maybe it is just information on health, beauty, travel, parenting, marriage, divorce, or even  sickness. What ever it is that you would like to share I am more then happy to help you get your thoughts, feelings and experience out there.

When sharing your story, keep in mind you have the opportunity to be a ghost writer or scream your name proudly. Which ever one helps you feel comfortable or find your voice is what I suggest you do. If at any point in time after your post has been posted you decide to change your mind I can take it down or even change your name to ghost writer.

So, come join me in spreading knowledge, care and support. Come share your story today. Let your pain and suffering or your perseverance be the history that changes someone else’s life. We all have struggles in life but by sharing our experience, we can help each other to get past the dark days and push toward the light.

Your past can never be changed but this is a great way to turn your negative into a positive by helping others. Let me help you find your voice and so much more… Contact me today for details see my website for contact info. Or contact in comments below!jojnlm

Contact Susan Riley

I also use many Social Media Outlets to inform you, our viewers of updates as well. Please check my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and Tumblr for new quotes. Also, I post daily bits of inspiration and motivation towards a better and healthier future. All Links are available on this page and on my

Contact’s Page.

Here Are Some Websites and Blogs I Recommend Viewing :


Come Check Out The Support Groups Myself And Some Other Volunteers Have Put Together To Provide You With Free And Valuable Support & Motivation

Click Here To View Our Support Group Page


Dear All Viewers And Followers All Comments & Thoughts Are Much Appreciated

For your convenience at the bottom of each of my pages you are able to leave a comment, thought or story without my assistance. If you do please feel free to be anonymous but please include your state or the country that you are from and your age if you do not mind. This way all of our viewers can see, that even though our lives may be different from place to place, our struggles or views can sometimes, be quite the same.

Thank you, in advance for your thoughts and comments. I hope you enjoy your time reading, my blogs and informational pages.

The best part of my blog besides, it being free and easy to use is you don’t have to agree with anything I write. In fact, if you don’t, please let me know why, you don’t? Give me your version, of whatever it is and why you think, I’m wrong! I am open to new thoughts and ideas as I believe being open-minded is what assists us with living in peace and happiness. That is why we all need each other! If we were alone, how would we grow and learn or build a better life for ourselves. We are human beings, all of us no matter our status, we are all the squeaky wheels, that keep our communities going. We are all just one in the same, no matter if we are poor, middle class or even the rich.


Don’t Forget To Call Today To Book Your Free Life Coaching Consultation 

Contact Life Coach Susan Riley @ 561-530-9881


For Any One, In The Need Of Actual Emergency Assistance Please Note:

Although, I would love nothing more then to provide everyone with safety & be the shoulder that you cry on, in the most difficult times. While guiding you to achieve your goals and success. Unfortunately my ability to assist you only goes so far. So, if for any reason you find yourself in an unsafe situation or need the police or medical assistance then I ask you to, Please Dial 911 for emergency assistance. Please See Contact Page for other Emergency and Hotline numbers that maybe of great assistance to you in your time of need.

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