Rising above my set backs!

So as part of me, rebuilding my life, I've started to take my health and fitness very seriously. In order to do this I prefer to swim then I do to jog or long distance walk. I also have several previous injuries that always act up when I start to exercise. So I found swimming … Continue reading Rising above my set backs!

Free to be, Me!

As I have written multiple times thru out my blog, I have been on a bit of a self-discovery mission. It's been a pretty long week for me, I've really been struggling with my identity. As I'm sure many of us do at some point in our life. I did something completely out of character … Continue reading Free to be, Me!

Why we must, accept ourselves!

The sad truth is most people have so much baggage from their past that they can't handle their current reality. Let alone a hypothetical future plan, that may or may not work out. The problem with us on this endless roller coaster of the past, present, and future is, it creates a chain reaction of … Continue reading Why we must, accept ourselves!

What makes a Bully ?

What is a bully? In my opinion, a bully is someone that has previously been taunted or taught to think a certain way. As to where many people look at a bully and think, what does this person have that I don't? What is the thing that makes them so amazing? What makes them think … Continue reading What makes a Bully ?

What Does Not Break Us!

The world is full of people that walk around thinking they are better than everyone else. No one in this world is raised exactly the same. So, who is to say they know better than another person? What gives you that right to believe you are in fact the all mighty? Please see my post … Continue reading What Does Not Break Us!