What Does Not Break Us!

The world is full of people that walk around thinking they are better than everyone else. No one in this world is raised exactly the same. So, who is to say they know better than another person? What gives you that right to believe you are in fact the all mighty? Please see my post The Silly Thing About Judgement regarding this topic.

Even children born to the same parents, that have lived in the same home can be raised differently. Are you the helpless victim of bullying, just because of how you may look or act? Or are you one of the people that think you are above all and do the bullying? Have you ever been looked down on by others? If so how did it make you feel? If you have been that helpless victim you should learn from the experience and be a better person in spite of it. If you have yet to read the post What Makes a Bully?  Please take a look at the post if you are a bully or have been affected by such behavior.

Whichever one of the above you are. Today is the day to stop what you are doing and make a change. No one person is better than another. So tomorrow when you wake up let whatever flaws that hold you back from being a better person rest, in your past.

Our parents spend our whole childhood trying to prepare us for the world. Although, what the world has in store for us is all up in the air. How we choose to live our life all comes down to life experience and how we use it. Knowing and understanding ourselves can help us to achieve more in life. It is up to us too embrace our lives and move forward regardless of set backs.

The world needs everyone to function and operate efficiently. It needs people from all walks of life to bring a better tomorrow. Society is the squeaky wheel that runs our lives and with more accepting people it can be a better place. With fewer victims of bullying, abuse and anything that can leave a person feeling like they are less then they really are. The world would be filled with less pain and sorrow to bring the morale down.

The parts of life that make us or break us are really all one in the same. What makes us weak as a child or along our life eventually has the potential to make us strong as an adult or in the future given the right situation. As time passes we find abilities to assist us through life. Abilities like inner and physical strength can assist us to push forward regardless of what holds us back. It’s the joy of our accomplishments, that give us the confidence and stamina to go on and prosper. See how I myself broke away from my insecurities and setbacks by taking a look at the post Steps I Took To Free Myself, From Me!  .

Once again I’d like to remind you no one is perfect but it is our job to not just protect ourselves but it is our job to take control of our life to build a better tomorrow. If you do not know a good way to do this for yourself please see in the menu my page Simply Unique Life Coaching.

 Thank You for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs I hope it gave you some positive ways to move towards a beautiful and successful future. Remember all with continued dedication and a good sense of positivity anything can be achievable. In the comments below please share with us some of your accomplishments regardless of flaws you may have.


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