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Why we must, accept ourselves!

The sad truth is most people have so much baggage from their past that they can’t handle their current reality. Let alone a hypothetical future plan, that may or may not work out. The problem with us on this endless roller coaster of the past, present, and future is, it creates a chain reaction of endless baggage. This chain of reaction is where you delegate and prioritize your emotions and day to day life. These life events no matter how small or large are what I like to call, My Truths!

I call them that because to me every good or bad moment of your life is a piece of who you are. To be honest, though some of my truths are not the prettiest. As I am sure is the same, for some of you. So maybe we tuck some of them moments away in the back of our mind. Most of us do this. It’s not until we feel we can handle the situation or confront it with the proper mind frame, that we choose to deal with it. Unless, we are forced to do so sooner which could lead to depression, anxiety or more. To us timing is everything and we don’t have a whole lot of spare time laying around.

What it comes down to is, we can all pretend like we are an open book for the world to see. Honestly, though, we are not! Everyone has their secrets small or large. Many people have layers of truths that lay dormant in us until that one moment. By that one moment, I mean the precise moment you realize how much that tiny memory has really had you twisted over the years. The thing is that one tiny memory could have been a huge situation at the time. Although, due to stress, aggravation, the inability to multi-task at the time or whatever other reason. You had to shelf your feelings in order to get by.

To accept oneself takes time and courage. It can be a lengthy process. You need courage sometimes because you are facing your self and all your pro’s and cons. The process will not start until you sit down and do some self-reflecting. You must reflect on all the details that built you and tore you down along the way. No one is perfect, we like to pretend we are to keep pace. So we look better, to appear less damaged, look unscathed by exhaustion and all the struggles that come with procrastination.

Every person on this earth has a story, good or bad. At one point they may have had to do something they were not proud of all so they could eat or survive. Those moments when you had to put yourself on the back burner till your loved ones were safe or secure. Times when tomorrow didn’t matter because you were lucky if you made it thru the day.

Now I’m sure not everyone has scandalous or obscure moments like those examples, but many of us do. From time to time, we look ourselves in the mirror and we realize just how much time has passed. Sometimes we don’t even know who we are looking at anymore. Between time and the realities of our lives, some of us reach a point that we can no longer, look at ourselves in the mirror.

Why would someone not be able to look themselves, in a mirror? It seems so harsh to say but I’ve been there. At points in our lives, we experience shame or failure. Both of which can emotionally break us. We lose our confidence in ourselves or even our faith. This is when the cycle just goes downhill for us. At some point though, you will have to look at yourself in that mirror! You’re going to have to face the facts of all your truths no matter what they are. This is when it all goes back to that one tiny moment. The moment you have to choose to accept your truths or continue to hide from them hoping they will go away.

Acceptance takes time and honesty. You have to start with being honest with yourself. You have to agree to forgive but never forget. It’s that time to take ownership of your decisions that you made, good or bad. Time to seek help to mend yourself. You have to reach out for guidance from professionals or someone who has experienced the same struggle. Whether they are going thru the process now or they have survived it they may be someone that understands what you’re going thru. Someone that will not roll their eyes or push you off because they just do not understand. People like to call it facing the music. No matter what wordplay you choose to use at the end of the day it’s all the same. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.

I chose to write about acceptance this week because a large part of my self-discovery is me accepting the things I have been thru and still face. The things I’ve said or done. The times, I’m not proud of or the time I wasted on something that now seems so petty. What I realized so far is, I have spent my whole life apologizing for others. I spent much time just trying to get thru the moments instead of just living them. I was ashamed of myself for my failures and regrets. I was sad from all the lies and secrets that strangled me held me back emotionally and physically. I have even been scared to face my reality out of fear of the unknown. I’ve been forced to suffer silently watching my whole world roll by. Watching while people would prosper all while I felt left in the dust. So I know what runs through someone’s mind before and during the process of acceptance.

I am not 100% there yet, so I do not know what it’s like after. What I can tell you is once you start taking those steps your life will change. Your mind, soul, and spirit will be lifted. Your burdens will feel less heavy and I promise you will experience some of your best breathes you’ve ever taken. Some of us punish ourselves in different ways to make up for something. That is not the way thru it. Life is worth, it but you have to want it. Every day is a working progress I started with daily lists, weekly plans, and monthly goals.

If you are at your moment reach out. Do some self-discovery. Accept the things you can not change and learn from your mistakes. Find a way to really live your life in peace. Face your truths head on and deal with each moment piece by piece until you can look at yourself and be proud of the person standing in front of you in the mirror. Remember, no one is perfect and shit happens. Don’t look at tomorrow like it is just another day you could fail. Look at tomorrow as if its another day you can start fresh and strive for more.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and ideas on what it means to accept oneself. I hope maybe my words or angle of understanding can help to motivate you in the positive direction you deserve. Never give up on yourself, when you think you have nothing left push for more and you will be surprised what waits for you over that bump in your road. Good luck thru all your days.

Thanks again for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Xoxo

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