The Here & Now !!!

Rising above my set backs!

So as part of me, rebuilding my life, I’ve started to take my health and fitness very seriously. In order to do this I prefer to swim then I do to jog or long distance walk. I also have several previous injuries that always act up when I start to exercise. So I found swimming to be something I can enjoy and do to help me get on track. I read that the one style of swimming I do I am actually working 48 muscles all at the same time. So by the time I’m done with my laps my body is shot till my next gym visit. I have also started working with resistant bands doing various exercises. As well as attempting to take weekly walked at parks or some type of event or activity. This helps me to get out of the house and take in life all while I work out.

Over the summer I started swimming about 3 or more times a week, swimming between 20 to 50 laps per pool visit. The silly part is even though I love swimming. I did not actually know how to swim correctly until last June. When my husband took the time to teach me because one of my biggest dreams is to swim with beluga whales. They are one of my favorite animals. Some aquariums have programs that allow you to swim with them or sit with them and have close contact. Although my real dream is to go to a place called Churchill, Manitoba (Hudson Bay) Canada where people take a boat out and can dive and swim with them in the wild during their season. This is my main game plan the idea is majestic to me and the ultimate reason to push myself. My husband is terrified about the whole idea. He does not want me to because he fears I could get hurt but this is my long-term goal and biggest dream. The way I see it is something in life are worth a little risk I’ve dreamed of it since I was about 6 years old. My grandparents used to bring me to mystic seaport aquarium and I so fell in love with beluga whales. I don’t know what it was but to me they were amazing. Every time I would visit I could sit and watch them for hours.

Needless to say, my swimming lessons lead to me becoming a swimming monster !!! Doing continuous laps over and over pushing myself to do better each time. Sadly, when the weather changed I had no choice but to take time off. That is till I decided, I was not going to give up on my dream or myself. My drive was rebuilt and one lap at a time the chance I could really swim with one became is a real option. So I purchased a monthly gym pass at my local gym that has a pool. This continuous swimming leads to me changing some of my diets and even working on other workouts.

I have had anxiety pretty bad over the past few years and all the above has helped me to control it. The swimming has taught me how to control my breathing better and it has just really given me the drive to keep pushing myself.

Every year my company holds a fitness and health challenge. I’ve been trying to win for years. I always start the challenge but over time and I forget to continue or just give up. This year is different this year I intend to win. If I don’t win, hell or high water I plan on being at least in one of the top spots. If I have to swim and run in my sleep, that’s my plan till this challenge is over. I’m currently in 16th place out of 500 or more people. My position will continue to bounce back and forth until the end hopefully resulting in me having my way.

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The only problem is it seems, I’ve hit a snag in the road. I suppose my excessive exercising lead to me definitely injuring my foot or ankle maybe even both because it hurts so bad to put pressure on it. Something tells me it’s going to be a long few days trying to get around. I have so many random bruises on my body from working out. It seems my body is just definitely not use to this serious of a workout.

Usually, at this point, I’d stay home and have a pity party about how much pain my foot and ankle are in nevermind the rest of my muscles. Although, this time instead of being miserable and giving into the pain. I’m going to use it to gain strength and stamina for the future. Even though it has put a huge damper on my exercising schedule and held me back from having a big jump on the challenge. I’m just going to brush it off as a bump in the road. One that I’m going to get past. With a little acceptance that sometimes you have to hit a couple bumps in the road before you get where you are going. This is probably only one of many more to come. No different than the weather change. I still found a way to continue to swim. This time I am determined and strong already. After this bump passes and my foot and ankle heal, I will be better for it. I’ll just be one step closer to my goal.

Thanks for checking out my blog today I hope you also have goals you are trying to accomplish. Remember one step at a time and things may happen to hold us back but that does not mean quit. It means you may have to find a better way or be patient, but with a little patience and belief in yourself, you can do it. You can accomplish anything. It took me a long time to find patience and ability to fight for myself and my dreams again. If you have yet to find your focus on what you want and need in your life and eventually you will find it. Everything after then is one step closer till you reach your goals.

Enjoy your day guys. Xoxo


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