Thru Positivity We Will Reach New Heights.

It has been one of those long weeks for me. You know one of those weeks where you’d love to hide in bed, playing sick. Although, your mind is running a mile a minute. So you find yourself fiddling with everything. That uncontrollably drive that makes you feel like you are not in a good place emotionally or physically. All along you find yourself, scrubbing that stain on the counter. You know what I mean that one stain that you look at every day. Knowing you’ve already done all you can at this point to try to clean it but because you can not fix your current life situation you refuse the defeat of this endless stain that is a no-win situation. Some of you are thinking stain on a counter really, No. Well for you it might not be a stain it could be a pulled piece of rug, a broken tile, or a picture that refused to hang right. It could be anything. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what it is that’s drawing your attention and keeping your mind occupied. We all have that moment at one point in our life where we cannot handle a big situation so we chose to focus on the smaller thing that has been under our skin.

I was googling along today, contemplating a new blog idea and I came upon this quote regarding a positivity pledge.

When I came upon this quote it made me contemplate my last week. This helped me to refocus my stress and negativity in a positive direction. This is after all why I started this blog in the first place. I told myself, Susan, ” Life sucks from time to time and it’s time to focus on the positive again. It’s time to continue to find myself and press on.” As my previous blog said I joined a gym and had been working out but ended up injured. I was so driven but maybe went above and beyond to quickly. I had no choice but to rest my body as suddenly everything started to fall apart. I felt myself sliding back into my anxious ways and suddenly my mind became full of all this negative energy that was just draining me a little more each day.

So after some long drawn out teary moments of sadness and stress-related panic. I decided to kick myself in the butt and get back on the horse so I could continue what I started.

Life is going to give you lemons that’s just what it does, the important part is what you do with them. You can sit there and stare at them or you can make something out of them. I always loved that quote too.

“When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.”

Positivity is so important to the process of living. Half the time you don’t even realize the impact it makes until you really just let it go. There are so many ways to be positive. You don’t have to walk around being a cheerleader or put on a fake smile on. It’s as simple as just breathing and being free. Letting yourself experience things that bring you joy. Finding new ways to embrace life or even remembering special memories from the past. That’s how you start the process of being positive. After doing simple things like that it just starts to set in.

We have to remember every morning is a clean slate. One in which we can start fresh. Time maybe fast but we have to make the most of those minutes that run by. Thinking negatively does nothing but put you in a slumped over disposition. Sure it’s okay to have a pity party here and there. In fact, the funny truth I do my best to schedule them in from time to time to give myself a break. In my head, I don’t have much time for breakdowns. After my actual breakdown, I refuse to let my body control me ever again. What happens during stress and depression your body goes on autopilot and in a way short circuits. It’s not good for your health mentally or physically. In many ways, it will hinder your everyday lifestyle if you let it get away from you. I’ve been there and being on the other side of it from experience I will tell you it’s not my favorite place to be. From time to life does get the best of me. I become tired or stressed which leads to uncontrollable anxiety attacks. I’ll get to the point where I want to give up or lay around miserable because my body just breaks. I’m only human just like you. We all have our moments.

Sometimes we don’t have support so we have to be our own. It’s a hard situation to climb out of and sometimes reaching out to people that don’t understand can make it worse. I found help in other ways. I found new hobbies and things to do. I started to make realistic timelines, short-term, and long-term goals. Most of all I focused on me trying to be positive and did my best not to give up because of the bad stuff I could not control.

So this morning after several days of cleaning and bumbling around. Thankfully I turned this last sad fest into an attempt to clean up my apartment and spend some much-needed quality time with my husband. So all and all it was not as negative as it could have been. On the plus side, I actually accomplished a bunch of things. Things I’ve been neglecting due to life running me ragged. So that is how it works, taking our negativity and turning it into a quick transition from bad to good. Sure was I negative, absolutely. I spent the whole weekend in sweatpants in slippers with messy hair. Laugh, but we have all been there. So I’m not ashamed I’m your ordinary woman living in a crazy world that I can not control, no matter how hard I try. Lol

So here I am again, back on the ball slowly but surely. I am working my way back to exercising. I’m still down with injuries but I found some exercises I can do without using my wrist and my ankle is almost healed. This time I will pace myself.

We do the best we can with the situations that pop up. So when you are feeling down and just don’t really know how to refocus yourself. Remember the positivity pledge. Remember you are doing it for you! Use that and the all the above to press on against whatever odds you face in your head and life. Sometimes we over think ourselves to the point of exhaustion. Sometimes you just have to take a leap and keep moving with a little positivity till the sunshine shines thru that dark clouds that hinder you.

If you spend all your time looking down or in the past you will miss out on all that your present and future have to offer. Take initiative, be bold, stand up and fight for yourself. Take in every breath and live every moment as if it were your last. Life is full of regret and things we can’t change. We all fall its part of human nature. Just get back up brush yourself off and live.

Thanks for checking out my crazy beautiful blogs today. I hope it helps to bring you some positive vibes and helps you see if you’re down your not alone. We have all been there. Enjoy your day… Xoxo

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