Another Mass Shooting…

My heart goes out to those that have endured such violent acts. The poor families and loved ones that have had to watch their injuried loved ones or bury the people they love and care about due to mass shootings. People do not wake up and say ” Today I’m going to go ruin peoples lives” out of the blue. These things take planning and dedication. It is built over time all of which is time someone could have made a stand. We need to be smarter and wiser as a society. We can not protect our loved ones if we live with blinders on. We should not just be sad but we should feel ashamed as a society.

This goes back to my previous blog What Makes a Bully. So many people in the world go thru so many life changing horrific events. Sadly, even though the hits keep coming. There is not as much guidance and proper assistance out there to lend a hand to the ones that need it the most. So many young children live and go thru such sad times. Going thru endless torment with no sign of resolution or peace. All of this only leads to unhappy endings. Sometimes the only way for someone with no hope that is put thru the mill is left with nothing but their strength. The worst part is without proper guidance they’re strength sometimes turns into aggression over night. Survival is hard when you feel alone. When you are left abandoned or neglected. You find youself becoming that cornered rat that has no options left but, to bite.

We have to sometimes look deep with in ourselves and remember these words:

It is sad that in todays society so many people have to fear anything and everything. There is no longer a place we can call safe. We have had the floor riped out from under us, as far as security is concerned. Everyday we look at the news and see more sad, sick events that make us cringe with disgust and sadness. As we cling to our loved ones and hope we are never touched by the evil that lays beyond the doors of our home.

Things in this world have to change for the better. Child care is so important. We need to make a difference with the lives of our children. They need support and structure. With out these things they have turned wild and been left to grow on their own. Things like this use to not happen as frequently because children understood the strict nature of consequences. Now a days, parents either don’t care or have no rights over their uncontrollable children. It is true there is a very fine line between abuse and discipline. Although something needs to be done.

I’d like to point out I’m not just pointing a finger at the parents. Society as we know it is destroying itself. Society allows and accepts this behavior. I don’t know if it is out of fear, struggle, bad judgement calls or over all neglect in our society. We are doing a piss poor job of taking care of ourselves and eachother. Where is our support for eachother, the acceptance, knowledge and understanding. We need to stop with the ignorance and hate please also see my blog The Realities Behind Ignorance . We need more support and decency in our world.

The schools now a days are so focused on their statue. That they focus less on the fact that they are suppose to be building young minds. Turning children into young adults and young adults into the pillars of our society. I have had my fair share of arguments with schools, due to their lack of understanding and acceptance. So many children fall thru the cracks because of judgement and lack of understanding. Sometimes I wonder how schools can keep their doors open with all the chaos that happens. We need to start taking threats seriously. Instead of neglecting and pushing the bad people away, we need to focus on them. We need to take a stand as a society and make a difference. Things are going to continue to get worse, until we all take a stand.

There are going to be things in this life that we can not control. People are going to experience pain and suffering. They will get sick and they will die. Some people will be uncontrollable and make bad decisions that get themselves and others hurt. These are all the facts of life in general. Those are things that maybe beyond our control. Although, the thing that makes these things the slightest bit controllable and can change the world is acknowledging them. Being smart, taking a stand and being ahead of a situation. Use your gut feelings, hell just use your brain. We have senses for a reason, use them.

If one by one, we take one step towards helping 1 person every day, week, month or even year. The world would be a better safer place. We would see less struggle. We have a lack of support because the support systems we have put incharge are exhausted and in lack assistance. Our children and family departments are riddled with sad stories and broken children living in broken homes and shelters. Our animal shelters are packed to the brim with animals. We need to take better care of the decisions we have made in life. We need to be accountable for our good and bad decisions. Our streets are filled with homeless people of all ages, races, colors and etc; The system is being taken advantage of by all the wrong people and it has made our society weak and pathetic. Our strong people are classified as weak and they are neglected because they are different or stand out. They are punished because they choose not to settle for less. They choose to have pride while our weak and lazy are awarded with assistance and the ability to be less.

Stand up and make a better example for the ones around you. Don’t be afraid to shine. Don’t be scared to stand out and make a difference for yourself and loved ones. For this is the only way we as a society will ever see any signs of peace. This society needs acceptance before we have nothing left.

Thank you for reading my crazy beautiful blog regarding this very sad subject. Be observant of your surroundings, be smart, be safe and prepared for whatever life throws at you. Life is going to get worse before it gets better. If you want to be a part of the process to make a change take a stand for your society, one difference at a time is one step closer to peace. My hopes and prayers are with anyone that has experienced a horrible violent experience of any kind. My prayers are that we all find peace and happiness. Xoxo

8 thoughts on “Another Mass Shooting…

    1. I am not a fan of guns but that does not mean I do not believe we should not have the right to have them. I think people kill people not the weapons themselves. If someone is going to kill something they are going to do it how ever they possibly can. People were killing eachother way before guns existed and they will continue. But I agree Ignorance in a way is a weapon all on its own if that is what you are trying to say. Many people right now are blaming guns for the situations but it is society, lack of understanding and overall negligence of the realities of the world that damn us in situations like this. Its a shame.

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      1. Well thank you GP Cox. I think you just inspired my next post. Because there’s a lot of controversy right now regarding guns and people mean well but they’re taking moves against something that has no personality or Rhyme or Reason to kill anything. A gun could be nothing more than just a small statue sitting on the counter. If someone were to take that small statue and use it as a club to hit someone with or break it and use it to cut someone and stab them that statue would have essentially the same Danger status as a gun but no one is saying let’s get rid of everything that’s heavy or has the possibility of being sharp.

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