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We Are Built To Weather Through A Storm…<3

Sometimes in life, we fall and when we do it may be hard to get back up. In fact, sometimes the only way to raise once more is by getting assistance. Sometimes we need help to rebuild or regroup before another storm comes. Although, that does not mean we are weak. That just means we… Continue reading We Are Built To Weather Through A Storm…<3

Life & My 2 Cents

Steps I Took To Free Myself, From Me!

Have you ever just got to the point that you’d love nothing more than to kick and scream. Have you ever thought, “I just give up on everything” because I know I have. Life is a hassle and it is full of all types of responsibilities and stress. Sometimes I just wanted to run away.… Continue reading Steps I Took To Free Myself, From Me!

Questions and Answers

Is Life Coaching A Fraud?

As you know I am a blogger and as an added bonus after a long period of self -discovery, and contemplation of my dreams and aspirations. I have been building towards turning all my life experience and struggles in a positive direction. In order to do that I did a lot of brainstorming and research.… Continue reading Is Life Coaching A Fraud?

Life & My 2 Cents

What is wrong with our society today?

I think the real question is not necessarily what is wrong with society but more so what can we do to fix a broken system that is outdated and severely in a state of mass confusion. The reason I say that is because in my perspective society is one big whopping disaster after the next.… Continue reading What is wrong with our society today?

The Here & Now !!!

Living in the Gray

Much like my blog post Life's Limitations, this post gives my point of view regarding limitations in life. Although after writing the other I was so inspired to express my very personal beliefs and experiences on the matter. I was raised to believe the world was black and white but even though they wanted to… Continue reading Living in the Gray

Life & My 2 Cents

Life’s Limitations…

Knowing one's limitations is very important it can help you while you travel through life. Every process has its pros and cons. As well as the gray area in between. Most people like to stay within the lines they have built for themselves. The concept of wandering into the unknown is less traveled because of… Continue reading Life’s Limitations…