Life’s Limitations…

Knowing one’s limitations is very important it can help you while you travel through life. Every process has its pros and cons. As well as the gray area in between. Most people like to stay within the lines they have built for themselves. The concept of wandering into the unknown is less traveled because of fear of the what, when and how factors. People, especially at this age, want to have all the answers at the snap of a finger.

Knowing your limitations starts when you’re very young. It starts with having an understanding of right from wrong. It comes from your moral standing that you were raised with. Although, as we age we get life experience which can tend to give us a different perspective. One person’s limitations might be very different from another’s. Depending upon your dreams and aspirations you might be one of those people that like to push beyond the limits. Or perhaps, you’re the person that likes to stay 20 feet in front of them and keep a steady pace.

Many people see things in different points of view. Every day we get judged or ridiculed by ourselves, family, friends and even by the outside world. We all choose to live our lives differently in one way or another. Some families stay together, some fall apart, some rebuild and add new members. Sometimes we can go our whole life being one way and the simplest thing could happen and suddenly we change. Life has so many variables and even though that makes no sense it is part of the process of living. There are so many different aspects of each individual’s life that really contributes to making the difference in the way we make decisions or choose to live our life.

There are situations in life where even the most sturdy stable individual that never steps beyond the line of limitations may choose to. At some point, something could happen and they then they just blow things out of proportion and become radical in a way. Life sometimes has a funny way of bringing us to our knees and making us fight back. My point is life will take you places and when it does you just have to live it and try your best to do better. Sometimes bending the rules can be different than actually breaking them depending on the circumstance. As long as no one gets hurt it could be worth the risk. That also depends on your situation.

Everyone believes life is supposed to be a certain way, but not everyone believes the same things. Some believe that everything has a straight and narrow answer. While other people go too far because they weren’t raised properly and they don’t know when too much is enough. There are others that think the world is their oyster and act a fool. While they have no regard for anyone but themselves. Depending on the person all the above is up in the air.

Knowing your self-worth is a very large part of knowing your limitations because it’s what stops you from going beyond the point of no return. It is not right to try to sacrifice one person’s happiness, to get someone else some. Although, if it was your child that you were trying to save and give a better life. Any parent would do anything to provide that. Life is full of double negatives and double standards because of emotions like love and hate.

We are humans and we do crazy things in the name of love and hate, every day. The sanest individual can become insane for love or out of hate. If that wasn’t true there would not be the concept of an insanity plea in courts all over the world. The key to living is to know your place and accept the actions you’ve chosen to do. Everything that has happened to you in your life is leading you someplace that could be beautiful if you stay positive and work hard. Accept your flaws your limitations. Find a way over or through them and strive for what you deserve. Be the person that makes you happy not others. You are the one you have to see in the mirror every day no one else.

Thank you for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs post on Limitations. Please be adviced this is not me giving you the go-ahead to make stupid decisions and do bad things with some excuse. It is merely to express the levels of limitations we as human facing every day in our lives to survive or be part of society. Be who you are for you and you alone. Make decisions you can live with that make you proud. Then at the end of the day lead the life you want to live to the fullest. Enjoy your day. Xoxo

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