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What is wrong with our society today?

I think the real question is not necessarily what is wrong with society but more so what can we do to fix a broken system that is outdated and severely in a state of mass confusion. The reason I say that is because in my perspective society is one big whopping disaster after the next.

Its much like saying we have “Way too many cooks in the kitchen”. Obviously, I’m on this site so I believe in free speech. Although here’s the thing, there is free speech and then there is ridicule and bullying. The world is full of judgy bullies. It’s a huge shame too because we all have such great potential but sadly we can’t get through the racism and hatred that fogs through our streets.

I’m not going to say I’ve never made a judgment because I have. Actually, in many ways, I was raised to be racist. I was also raised to believe that a woman’s place was in a kitchen, making babies, minding her business and to have her mouth shut at all times. Funny thing is although I can cook. I’d rather cut my fingers off then clean a dish, I am married but without children and my mom and dad, nicknamed me elephant ears and motor mouth since I was a kid. Which is why in my next paragraph. I’m going to explain to you why all of societies valued concepts are a joke.

My father really tried hard to turn me into a proper little lady. In fact, he did succeed it took a long time for him to figure it out but he did eventually. You see society as a whole will look at you based on your sex, color, and value as if you’re some piece of fancy rock. While in fact, we are just human. We are messy, make mistakes, we are built on flaws and all sorts of imperfections. None of which someone who thinks they are too good for anyone finds acceptable. The real taboo here should not be the messy people, as it is the fake ones that walk around on a high horse pretending life is perfect and every day is rainbows and butterflies.

I laugh now because a lot of my father’s very old-fashioned ways has dramatically changed over the years. It needed to granting he still holds some of them tight in his grasp but the majority of them he has definitely become more realistic and level-headed about what life is. I suppose he also had to because my mom was quite the free spirit and in turn, they had five children, four girls, and one boy. I’ll tell you what though none of us girls are weak or quite. We are outspoken much like my father and our mother. Dad raised us to be strong because even though he was a male chauvinist. He also thought most men were becoming sissies and couldn’t take care of his daughters. The concept terrified him. So essentially they raised us to be monsters. I laugh because even though my brother at times has the potential to be a beast next to us four girls he’s a sweet rabbit.

Society is built on old testaments, that have yet to be changed to the realities of today’s living conditions and society. We have not been pilgrims and Indians in a very long time. Nor have we been Vikings or cavemen, and any other old-time title you can think of. We are in the 21st century. We keep expanding our horizons and building bigger, faster and more majestic concepts every day yet for some reason our whole foundation is still living in the dark ages.

The government and society leaders cannot keep up with our growth as a whole. Our shelters are full of people, animals and anything else we can store away. Our outreach programs and social service departments are months to years behind. Our healthcare system is practically worse than when it started.

The only way we can make a change is to take a deep look at ourselves. Then tomorrow when you leave your house wave to your neighbor that you never introduced yourself to because of whatever excuse you made. The person in your office that you hide from at lunch maybe give them a chance. Allow your children to be what makes them happy and teach them how to be prepared for their future. Accept change and defeat because it happens and most of all stop lying to yourself and others.

I specify those few detailed sentences because that is the start of all of our problems in life. We need to be more accepting. Instead of running away from our problems, we need to face them. In times of fear or inability to move forward we must jump. Otherwise, why are we wasting our breath?

This is a small answer for the above question because the above question is just a couple words in a melting pot of really great answers that all are remarkable and worth looking into but we all have to look at our lives and start to take charge and motivate ourselves. If we did that one by one, we will change society for the better. The world needs a facelift and we all are the pieces laced on the planet to make it happen. Our governments are at a stalemate and too far behind. They are too small in numbers to make a difference in the size we need. So make a stand today by making a change in the way you look at the world and the way you live in it. Live and set an example for others to follow and maybe it will provide our children or grandchildren with a better tomorrow.

Thanks for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Have a great day. I hope it gave you some thoughts that can help our society and yourself. Feel free to post some comments below on how society has affected you personally and how you have or plan to overcome it.

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