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Is Life Coaching A Fraud?

As you know I am a blogger and as an added bonus after a long period of self -discovery, and contemplation of my dreams and aspirations. I have been building towards turning all my life experience and struggles in a positive direction. In order to do that I did a lot of brainstorming and research. I also started seeking out ways I can achieve happiness for myself and still find a way to change the world by helping others. After all the above I decided more than anything. I would love to take all my life experiences and combine them with my skills to help guide people to find their true life purpose and achieve a destiny that best suits them like I did for myself.
Although, when I found an excellent way for me to do so while researching the career of a Life Coach. I came upon this question “Is Life Coaching A-Fraud” so many times. Naturally after just finding an excellent fit for my future career. Being the big mouth and activist that I am I had to stand up and speak out for myself and others in this profession. After all being a life coach is all about being able to accept things, be understanding and seek the answers not on the surface to bring the truth and reality to life one step at a time.
I feel it is my obligation to stand up for those of us that are not fraudulent. Much like any type of business you will have a few bad eggs. Sadly, those few people that actually are frauds make the rest of us look bad. Life coaching can actually be not just an honorable profession but also it can be very beneficial for people. The type of clients that would seek out a life coach are people who are stuck at a roadblock in life or even just someone that is seeking to reach new heights. A life coaching client can be anyone of any age, race, color, gender, faith and anything else you can put in a category. Large companies use Life coaches to help their employees reach new heights and achievements every day. This may now be considered an up and coming profession but the business has blown through the roof. Are you may be asking yourself why and the real answer is why not?
I am choosing to change my profession to become a life coach for several reasons. I believe all of them are pretty noble and honest reasons. I hope and plan to be the type of life coach that does not push my clients towards a direction. I plan to help them navigate through their inner wants and desires, till we come up with the answers that best suite their wants and needs. Hopefully leading them to help achieve happiness and success. I plan to help my clients achieve their goals, not mine. Life is a working progress for all of us that takes time and dedication. Even when we think we are finished and we figured life out it will change and we have to reassess our life.
Many people get the impression that a life coach is supposed to make miracles happen. The truth is that is not the job at all. Our actual purpose as a life coach is to listen and help our clients in self-discovery and to help guide them to build on their own dreams and aspirations. It is true that we will not direct you to do anything specific. Although, that does not mean that we will not help provide guidance. That guidance is not to stop you from your plans but to help you reach realistic goals that can help you progress to the next level towards your main goal. Essentially the process time depends on why you seek our help. When you come to us the plan of action we build together could be a 1–2 session situation or a continuous one.
For me as a Life Coach, I hope to give back to my community. I look forward to trying to set up different programs that could make my services affordable to the average individual. As well as offering various service options and possibly even package deals.
After I’ve progressed a bit through the process and built my business and clientele up. I hope to look into building a group or setting aside time and resources so I can help homeless or troubled teens pro bono. My plan is to provide this for troubled teens because I feel so many children get left behind or forgotten. They go through events that lead to their destruction due to lack of love, support and most of all structure. Most of these teens find themselves unable to relate to the average teens and even adults. As they may feel judged or bewildered by someone. Due to their title such as a government worker or perhaps a therapist. Being a life coach I hope to reach them from a different perspective that being “I’m here because I’ve been there where they are, lost and confused, unsure who to trust and what steps to make next.”
A life coach cannot change the past or even actually help you get over whatever led you to where you are today. Although, the services we can provide can be quite remarkable given the right timing in the client’s life. If the client is ready to take the next step their possibilities will become endless. I have a lot of really great skills such as being organized and excellent at troubleshooting all types of situations. Between my actual skills and life experience, I believe can seriously assist someone that is lost in a concept or looking for more in their lives.
The thing about life coaching that grabbed my attention is we are not superior to our clients. I am no better or more special than anyone I meet and try to help. The notion that a life coach is supposed to be superior is false. It is the life coaches that look at our clients as if we are both equal that achieves a stronger understanding and ability to help the client achieve their goals. The real-life story is both a life coach and a client are just two human beings living life constantly seeking happiness and perfection the only one has a set of skills and experience to help the other achieve goals they may be having trouble putting together. That is what makes a life coach in my eyes and it is also what makes the most difference in the client’s ability to achieve success.
As a person that has met her fair share of highs and lows in life. After many missions of self-discovery trying to find me beneath all of life’s pressures and baggage. I have learned and experienced that perfection is just as fraud as the bad eggs that give us a bad name.
Perfection is society trying it’s best to keep order. The concept that everything in life is black and white is what keeps therapists and other sources in business. The simple questions in the life of “why me” or “why am I not good enough” is exactly what makes these professionals so rich. I do not intend on being the type of life coach that only sees the black and white version of life. I’ve lived on both sides and in between in fact I even wrote several blogs regarding the concept of limitations in life and society altogether. The thing is no one is perfect and the sooner everyone figures it out the happier they will be.

As a life coach, that is a tool I will use as I remind my clients they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. All it takes is time and dedication. How far your willing to go to find happiness or the chance of a new life that blows this one out of the water. Anything is possible with a little constructive process and hope.
At the end of it all, my hopes and aspirations as a studying and practicing life coach is to eventually help individuals like myself. Just your average human beings living in the crazy pursuit of life. Seeking ways to succeed and reach new heights, one day at a time like everyone else. I plan to help my clients to make logical and strategic moves of life progression to get to the next level of their life. As for the moments they fall behind I hope to be the one they turn to, so I can help them motivate themselves and work through whatever obstacles that stand in their way.
The way I see it is if I can help one single person accomplish their hopes and dreams or even just motivate them to try. Then at the end of my day, I will have achieved what I set out to accomplish. Everyone else I assist will be an added bonus because my client’s achievements will also become my own. It’s not about the times you fall in life, it is about the times you get up brush yourself off and continue on.
I hope I was able to provide you with a clearer view of life coaching. Thank you for reading my response to the question above and I hope you achieve all your hopes and dreams as well. Thanks for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Xoxo

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