Life & My 2 Cents

We Are Built To Weather Through A Storm…<3

Sometimes in life, we fall and when we do it may be hard to get back up. In fact, sometimes the only way to raise once more is by getting assistance. Sometimes we need help to rebuild or regroup before another storm comes. Although, that does not mean we are weak. That just means we are strong enough to reach out, restructure and try again. For it is not how hard we fall but how we dust ourselves off and move forward, that counts. Here is a beautiful example of what I mean.

This is a tree from one of my favorite Local Parks:

During Hurricane Irma in 2018, this and several other beautiful and incredibly large trees were pulled from the ground an left on their sides. Thanks to the town and people involved with all their resources and some great minds. They were able to save these very old and weathered trees. They did this by replanting them and placing posts to allow their roots to restructure and grow once more. Without the help of the community, they may have never stood again and would have possibly died. Now because they had help over time this tree and all the others around it will regrow and prosper once more. Many of us have been affected by storms like Irma in the comments below please share stories of their effects on your life and how you overcame them.

Much like the tree above we are built with an unknown strength and yearning to survive. As life blows through us and around us. We will bend and twist in ways that we didn’t even know were possible.
We build ourselves up to continuously be knocked down. Yet after some time has passed it is our job to rebuild and restructure our life. For some of us, we struggle alone and drift about until we find our way. While others seek help from people like Therapists, Life Coaches, Counseling with a group or individual. How are some ways you have made a change in your life towards your dreams?

Whichever way we choose to move forward it is important to eventually find a way to get through our struggles. Each struggle we get through is an achievement that brought us to the next level or point of our life. It is okay to reach out as sometimes that is the only way to succeed. Embrace the person you are and dream of all the ways you can lead a beautiful life. Then go out and make it happen.

Always remember who you are and how you got to where you are today. For those are the moments that made you and built you into who you are. Much like the tree above you were also meant to weather through storms. If you need help to achieve your dreams and devise a suitable life path for yourself towards success reach out for assistance before you fall behind and then prosper like you were meant too.

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