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What Are Your Holidays Like & How Has Time Effected Them?

Everyone has their holiday traditions. What are some of yours? For me, I was definitely one of the lucky ones my childhood holidays were nothing less than a little girls dream come true.

We all go through and experience the cycle of holidays. Once upon a time, it was one way but over time it gradually changed as people passed through our lives. The revolving door of possibilities one way or another helped us build joy and happiness or a very thick skin due to loneliness or despair.

As previously written I use to have grand holidays. The type of holidays out of the storybooks. Sure we didn’t always have a ton of money but for me, it wasn’t about the gifts. For me, it was about the family and loved ones I shared it with. As a kid, you dream of your future holidays and the relationships you may have or even the children.

The dream seems great till you grow up and realize the dream was what it was, a dream. Over time for me, holidays grew dim. My family was full of older members of the family that slowly past and my family moved to a different state to follow work for my dad. At that point even though I missed the old days we still found a way to be happy. They were less lavish but I still had my family and new friends that would join us in celebration. As time went on though my immediate family eventually hit the same divide that my parents went through with their siblings. Everyone got older got married or had children. For me, I got married but had no children. Has this affected your holidays as well?

Now almost 33 years old holidays have not been quite the same after my mom and grandma past as my family had its divide. For me, holidays do not seem as special as they use to but I still try to find ways to make them as special as they can be. For me, kids make the holidays. It’s the sparkle in their eyes when they open up their presents and eat their first turkey or birthday cake. I still do my best to make my rounds to my younger siblings and try to send gifts to my nieces but sometimes I feel like the holiday magic is lost. I suppose this is a part of life as we age. It’s not that I’m not happy to spend it with my husband because I am. The sad thing is many people don’t even have that. But it goes back to the dreams we had as a child. I hoped and prayed one day I would be like my parents and be married with kids. Spending big holidays with my siblings eventually breaking off with my own small family but still celebrating mini ones. The fact I had no kids put a damper on my holiday joy.

I try to always make sure to make the best of it regardless how I feel. I take the time to make sure to spread my holiday joy in tiny spirts by sending gifts early or having mini holidays with my family to fit that magic in regardless even if it’s not going to be on the day I still get to be a part of it. Then I take the actual holidays to share a part with my dad, his fiance, and my youngest brother and sister. They too are starting to age out though as they are in their teens they will start to see the same cycle as my two other sisters and me.

After I have some family time whether it is 30 minutes or a couple hours shared with them I dedicate the rest of the day to celebrating with my husband. So to build our very own traditions. My husband and I started going to the movies quite some time ago every holiday we do one or two movies and eat up all the popcorn we can. Usually, I end up sick because of popcorn. My stomach doesn’t work out so well but it is my favorite regardless. Plus every year hearing my husband go “Susan, please don’t eat so much popcorn you are going to be sick” has become a part of the tradition as well. Then whatever else we do at the end of the night.I always make sure to end it with a dessert of some kind. For birthday’s since our birthdays are in the same month we try to take a vacation in June between them to celebrate both and take some time to rekindle our marriage. After a long year of working and dealing with all of our life stresses.

Now that I’ve told you about mine, share some of yours. To help give ideas and help those of us that are looking for new traditions and ways to celebrate their holidays regardless of circumstance? How do you deal with your version of the cycle of holidays? How has it affected you and how do you spend them now? What are some new traditions you have put in action? Are you single, married, divorced, or a widow? Do you have any children? If so what was it like before and after they arrived? If not how has that affected your holidays? The facts of life leave us sometimes in places we may never have seen ourselves, how have you handled those changes? But most of all how have you managed to keep up your holiday joy regardless of the changes along the way? For those that are just starting out and still have a whole lifetime in front of you what are your visions of your holiday future?

Thanks for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blog. Let’s get some feedback, everyone. So we can help others find joy and happiness too. Let’s give some inspiration and put some holiday spirit out there for those that are without or just seek more. Then let’s have a great easter. Enjoy your holiday!

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