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Guns,Guns & More Guns!

Okay so here’s the scoop, we hear it every day on the radio, television, in public and etc; Guns are the enemy but let’s be realistic.

How is it possible that an item can be an enemy? Have you ever saw a gun think to itself? Have you ever heard of one making a plot against someone on its own? Now I’m sure somewhere out there is a gun or weapon that has been built to have some type of smart abilities. But the facts are behind every gun that is used in an act of violence is a human hand pulling the trigger or the misuse of a human. You may feel this is untrue and think they are the root of the problem but I ask you to read on while I explain why they are merely nothing more than a prop.

The amount of guns that are out there in the world just ready to be used at any moment is insane. We as a society claim guns are killers but instead of counting how many guns have been used in violence. Step back and actually take a count of how many guns are out there that have never been used to harm anyone! There are guns all over the world just sitting in people closets, desks, side holster, in cases, storage and so many other places. They are sitting there waiting for the moment they are needed. In hopes that never will have to be. People out there collect all sorts of things some of which are guns. Although, just because they collect them or purchases them does not mean they intend to use them to kill or harm.

Guns are mostly purchased to provide protection. Another thing to look into is how many times guns have actually saved peoples lives? Nowadays people hoard guns and ammo like their life depends on it and the reason why is because of fear.

What is there to fear? Let me count the ways but specifically many people fear the unknown. People purchase guns as a way to protect themselves because society has built up the hype and concept that we have no choice but to make a singular stand to protect ourselves and loved ones. Meanwhile, the truth is people no longer trust our governments to protect them.

For example:

A police officer wakes up goes to work after 30 years on the job with no violations. He goes to the scene of a crime where he intends to risk his life to protect others. He comes across a violent assailant that has a weapon or has been identified as possibly violent perp with a weapon. What are your first instincts to do? If you were this police officer what would you do to prevent this crime and protect yourself? The truth for me is I know for sure if I had a gun the moment I saw that assailant whether I see a gun or not I am pulling my sidearm. Not with intent to kill but to protect me. In hopes, the perp would care more about his life than hurting or killing mine or any other victims in the process. What would you do? Please place your answers in comments below…

The sad truth about gun owners and criminals is if you have a gun, you know there is a chance that it can be turned on you. You also know that if you use that gun you will face the consequence of your actions. No matter whether your reasoning was right or wrong, it will be investigated. Then you better hope you have all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted. As quickly as you can be the victim, one wrong move you can also become the offender. Which is exactly why so many blame police that put their lives on the line. All it takes is ONE QUESTIONABLE MISTAKE and now you become the one on trial.

Due to everyday news and chaos society itself has made all of us all feel like we are the victims. You may be thinking to yourself why do gun buyers think they need protection? Well, look around every day our streets are full of crime and mysterious acts of violence.

Now do I believe that guns are the answer to all of these problems? No, I do not and I’ll tell you why. Although, I do believe it is our right to bear arms. I feel there should be serious restrictions. I think there are actions we can take as a society to better maintain the order of them. I also believe there are ways we can prevent the use of them in places where they should not exist. If we feel we have to use a gun to protect ourselves. Then I feel it is our right, to do so. Even though I am not a true gun supporter I also believe that too much blame is being placed on an inanimate object.

I myself do not own a gun but that is not to say that I never will because trust me I have severely considered it more than once. For me I know how to fight, I was raised to be a strong woman. I was taught from a very young age, how to not only defend myself but how to handle myself in spite of my training. Just because you know how to injure or kill a person does not mean it should be your first move whether you choose to use your hands or any weapon. To harm or kill a life is something you can not take back. I was also raised to never place myself in harm’s way unless absolutely necessary. So I make it a point to never put myself in compromising positions which would be a great thing to add to your daily to-do list to prevent unnecessary havoc.

Guns are not the only way to inflict harm or death on someone. For instance here are some examples of weapons and tools that have been used to commit murders and acts of violence besides guns:

  • Knives and Cutting Instruments
  • Human Hands- Fighting & Attacks
  • Blunt Objects – Hammers and Etc;
  • Strangulation and Asphyxiation
  • Fires – Human Made & Accidental
  • Ropes and Shackles
  • Being Held Against Will
  • Starvation & Dehydration
  • Torture- Electricity, and Etc;
  • Narcotics
  • Drownings
  • Poison
  • Explosives
  • Planes- Example Twin Towers
  • Cars – Drunk Driving, Violence, etc;
  • The list goes on and on…

Now after reading those examples when you look and specify that guns are causing more harm than good. I ask you to take a good look at that list again and tell me what all of the above have in common. From my point of view, it does not matter what you use to get the job done. If you plan on being a person that conflicts harm on to others you are going to use whatever it is you have to do so. Which leads me to the grand answer here, people kill people not guns. The thing all these weapons and tools have in common is that none of them are used without human contact. Yes, fires & Explosions can be natural but most the time where there is fire or explosion is it the majority of the time it is created by man-made problems.

So now that we have this all out on the table. I would like some responses from my followers and any new people who would like to comment or share their stories. Tell me and all the readers of this post how guns have affected you personally? Have they saved you or someone you care about? Have they hurt you or someone you love? Are you a collector of gun or singular gun owner?What are actions you take to keep your guns safe? Why do you have a gun in the first place? Please comment on your views of this post and how it makes you feel if it has changed your perspective or etc;

Once again thank you for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs if you want to look further into my concept n how people in society have more to do with these violent actions and how we can prevent such terrible outcomes brought on in today’s society with guns and violence please see and comment your views on my others posts: Another Mass Shooting, What Makes A Bully, What Is Wrong With Our Society and The Realities Of Ignorance.

21 thoughts on “Guns,Guns & More Guns!”

  1. You asked for my thoughts on this entry. I began typing them here but my response grew so long that I switched it to a new blog entry. It’s here:
    The gist of my response is this: It’s a straw man to use the “guns don’t kill people” argument. I don’t know that anyone has ever claimed guns themselves do the damage. The actual claim by gun control advocates is that guns make it easier to do the damage. I want it to be harder for the disturbed person to kill a group of students, or concert-goers, or whomever. Not easier. 🙂

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    1. I am happy both views are now linked and happy to read your viewpoint as well. As may be between the two of our posts will help people see a broader view of the subject. The approach I take in this post the is not in reference to promote guns but to build the understanding that it is the mental state and process of the human that chooses to use them incorrectly that makes the difference.


    2. After reading your post I realize that you did not quite get the concept I was pointing out. Although I see valid points in your post. I do believe your views come across a bit aggressive and at points, which is understandable as I see you feel very strongly about the subject. With that to each their own. I do have to say that I appreciate your viewpoints. I’d like to thank you for the edit you made to your page. As I know that my writing skills are not perfect I still have a lot of thought and views I would like to get out there hopefully over time I will get better at writing and have fewer errors. I ask you to please not take my previous words as an attack but yet a suggestion that may prevent you from having a similar misunderstanding in the future. It was nice to meet you and Thank you again for your view, edit and have a great weekend.



    I agree with everything you’ve written and you presented your arguments well.

    I think you know that your English could be improved and you are brave to write despite this. One example of an error you repeated a few times is your use of the word ‘conflict’ when the context suggests that ‘inflict’ is the correct word. Check this passage that you wrote to see what I mean,

    “Guns are not the only way to ‘conflict’ harm or death on someone. For instance here are some examples of weapons and tools that have been used to commit murders and acts of violence besides guns”

    You could prevent some of your errors by writing a Word document which you could use a Spell and Grammar check on then copy and paste into WordPress or you could use Grammarly which has a free version and checks what you write in WordPress and in emails and offers corrections as you write.

    Please do not be offended by my suggestions that are offered to help you and for no other reason.

    Best wishes,


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    1. Thank you very much. I usually do the word document but this time I uploaded this one from my phone app and sometimes the phone changes my words. I’ve actually been considering looking for an editor. I have a lot to say and want it to be taken seriously or at least thought about. Once upon a time I was great at writing and had great grades in english but life took over and I stopped. So getting back into it I believe I am a bit rusty, I apologize. I am not offended and appreciate your comment and will do my best to do better. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my page.

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      1. It was a pleasure – I mean that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your work and if any of my advice can be used, that’s even better.

        Primarily, I use Grammarly, which can be used with other devices including a phone. For longer pieces, I use Word documents then run Grammarly on them. You can have Grammarly switched on throughout the preparation of a Word document but you lose the regular and automatic SAVE facility.

        Best wishes,


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      2. You magnificent man you saved the day. Boy am I happy I came across you. I just download the app Grammarly and I am so amazed. You have saved me. I truly can not thank you enough. Thanks to you my posts will be a thousand times better. You’re my hero!


      1. I like your stuff as well. You seem very realistic. I am both a dreamer and realistic but it is always my policy to remain honest and to me you seem like you are also honest that says great things about a person. Happy to have your opinion anytime. Enjoy your day

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