The Here & Now !!!

Let The World Hear Us Roar !!! One Step At A Time.

I honestly have to say thank you to all of my viewers and supporters over the last few months. It took so long for me to get where I am now. Life is always going to be an uphill battle but with the support from all of you and my new found confidence, I have really learned that anything is possible. If it were not for the many people that I have virtually met over the last year I don’t know where I would have been, right now. I have made friends with people all over the world and all of them have helped me spread my wings just a little bit more every time we spoke.

It’s so easy to just sit around and give up on yourself when everything is going wrong and your life seems to never let you get a handle on things. I wish I could send you all flowers and chocolates for your supportive ways, beautiful messages, and comments along the way. As that is not realistic I would like to offer something a little more special. Besides my gratitude I want you to realize you too can reach all of your hopes and dreams. No matter how crazy, odd or unrealistic you may feel they are or others may tell you they are. You must find it in yourself to find your confidence and then build a plan. Even if that means seeking assistance because you can accomplish anything with a little structure and dedication.

Thank you to everyone that has opened up and shared on the page. I hope it drives more people to follow in your footsteps. As I would really love nothing more than for this to be a page and blog full of motivation and inspiration to help others also achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Remember to never give up on yourself. Sometimes it takes a while for the positivity to cycle back around and good luck to strike but when it does it is great. Keep high spirits and a structured game plan and you too can achieve anything you set your mind to. Just so you all can take a look at what the blog has achieved in such a small about of time. All the highlighted parts on this map are locations people have viewed this blog up to this afternoon at 4:30 pm.

When I started this blog in mid-January I wrote I wanted the whole world to hear me roar. My husband giggled and some others told me that’s a bit extreme but said that’s what I was and if it made me happy then that’s fine. I can not be happier then I am now to let you all know that I believe I am certainly on my way to achieving that goal. I may not have yet reached the whole world but I have to say if I reach one person from every country that’s not so horrible of a start. Now I am not there yet but I am certainly on my way. The highlighted map is proof that maybe I wasn’t as extreme as everyone thought. The best part is it does not just have to be my voice the world gets to hear, it can be yours too.

So please follow this page and all my social media and with every new post. Together let’s make a difference by sharing our stories and views. For the whole world to see. My vision is for this page to be a melting pot of visions, inspirations, and achievements from people from all walks of life. No matter your sex, age, raise, color, achievements or flaws. Your opinion and stories are wanted.

Together we can make a better tomorrow or at the very least help, others suffer less in areas of life where we have already been. With our life experience and knowledge of possibilities we have found along the way, success will be in the future of everyone.

Once again thank you so much for viewing my page I hope to see you all over time jumping in and letting the world hear us all roar. If you like my page please share it. The more people we reach today, the bigger the statement and the more people we can help achieve their dreams and aspirations of tomorrow.

Best of luck with all your hopes and dreams contact me with any topic suggestions and visions you may have so we can build a bigger and better tomorrow one step at a time. Thank you for viewing my crazy beautiful blogs and now let’s highlight the rest of that map.

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