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How To Avoid Playing Opossum In Life

Life’s up’s and down’s can happen at any point in our lives. You can be the strongest person in the universe and with a couple really bad days or life experiences. It can completely change, who you are and how you react to the rest of your life. We have many mechanisms to prevent us from continuously being hurt emotionally or physically.

For example: If you were to touch something hot. The natural reaction of your body would be for you to pull your hand back. This reaction is your brain and body protecting you from injury.

The same thing happens in our minds when are feelings get hurt. Our body and mind reacts to what effected us. Many people will have a life experience that stops them dead in their tracks, preventing them from going on or progressing through their life. Some would consider this a form of us playing opossum. Although we may fear opossums. In most cases Opossum is just as scared of us, as we are of them. I mention opossums because we as humans share a similar defense mechanism in an unknown situation when it comes to fear.

As a line of defense in a fearful situation the opossum will act dead. Yet as a human we will shut down emotionally or be scared to the point of no movement . This happens when we are faced with a situation we don’t want to deal with or are unable to understand. People of all ages do it that although it does not  the right thing to do. Sadly, it is a process and a reaction that our body and mind use to protect us. After a while, we will hit a point that wakes us up. It could be anything, that brings it on but most the time it’s when we decide enough is enough. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation and if so what did you do to get past it?

 When your body and mind say enough is enough is when you experience the reaction called Fight or Flight.  If you have never heard of this reaction then please allow me to explain.  The Fight or Flight Experience happens when we start trying to push forward regardless of our insecurities or fears. At that point, you realize whatever happens from this moment on has to be better than what it is you have been doing up till this point. That’s what makes us stop just wallowing around in our own version of bewilderment or self-pity. Have you ever experienced this reaction and if you have how did you handle it?

The trick to moving beyond all there reactions is to continue to move forward in spite of your fears as you never know what your next step could bring for you. As it is easy to wally in our misery it does not take us to where we want to go let along help us to remain confident or bring us joy. Generally when we accomplish what we felt was impossible we get a sense of accomplishment. Then, we get up dust ourselves off and continue on. Hopefully by not holding in all that negative energy that held us down, in the first place. The healthy method at that point would be to embrace our losses and hardship and then try to move forward.

Some of us will try to make up for lost time or do things we couldn’t accomplish in the past. While others will say time was lost but I want to get the best out of what I have left. The thing is its okay to shoot for the stars. The worst thing that could happen is you may have to try again or maybe you’ll at least hit the sky and that alone is an accomplishment to be proud of. In that concept, the stars are just an extra bonus or the next step of your already accomplished goal. Please see my post Shooting For The Stars if this interests you.

Life is not simple or easy by no means but do not ever give up because life is to hard. Life is always going to be hard when you are trying to achieve things. Sure for some it might come easier then most and if you are financially wealthy that will definitely give you an easier start for sure. Even though money can give you a head start that does not mean you will be able to accomplish more then the person with less money though. The reason why is because everything takes dedication the person with less may have a spirit that will not quite regardless of the size of their wallet. So please do not count the man or woman with less out just because they do not have an advantage. If you want something enough in life I don’t care who you are you will eventually make it happen. 

Thanks for reading another on of My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Please follow along with my social media for updates and newly released blog posts and have a great rest of your day.



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