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The Silly Thing About Judgment!

The world has an abundance of judgment, that is constantly weighing on our ability to move forward or push past our insecurities. In many ways, judgments can help us and hurt us. It may hinder our ability to live a life with positivity but it does not have to. Now granted there may be a right and wrong way for everything in the world. Although realistically speaking, who are you to be the judge of what is right or wrong for someone else?

The thing I found very interesting while contemplating the outline of this particular post was, when I went to look the actual word judgment up. I found that there seems to be conflict over the spelling of the actual word itself. If you were to spell the word judgement as so, it can be considered non american. The correct spelling in America is judgment, yet both are considered acceptable as they are both variations of the word. I thought to myself “How silly it was that a word that describes the mere concept of ridicule over right or wrong, could have two acceptable ways of being spelled. One of the articles I particularly found interesting was The Article.

Naturally, with this idea in my head, it led me to laugh because if the word judgment or if you’d prefer judgement is aloud to have considered variations. Then, why is it that we as people only accept things in a right and wrong setting.

The main definition of judgement/judgment according to Merriam-webster is:

1: the process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing.

*To see the full definition please see link above definition

Why is it that we feel superior enough to stand up and say whether someone or something is right or wrong? What gives us the right to make such a grand opinion of ourselves or others?

As several of you may have already read, I live in the concept of what I call living in the gray. To see more about this for those of you that have yet to read that post please see Living In The Gray!

I feel the way I do because I do my best to be an accepting and understanding person. That does jot mean that I always agree with other it just means that I choose to be open to other views and concepts. I also have my own views, ones that I accept are mine and only mine. I have firm beliefs and moral standings that I very rarely wander away from but I also take all recommendations and other viewpoints into consideration. As they may benefit me or help me to see a different view that I may have not considered before.

I feel to fully understand someone you must give them a chance to explain and exist under their own pretenses. Think about it, how can you fully get to know someone you love or choose to care about without excepting who they really are. If there is something that you find out about that person, that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsteady. It is your job to not judge them for it but to express your concerns. Then the next step would be to then discuss the situation in a logical way. After that, if it is something that you are not able to deal with or accept you must choose to stay or move on without that relationship. Can you think of a time you may have experienced a situation like this. One that led you to feel a certain way and if so how did you handle it? How did you feel before and after?

As for those of you that have felt judged at times, please take the views that have been given to you with a grain of salt. As some could be truly inspirational or motivational to you. Many others may leave you feeling negative or bring your moral down. It is important to ponder other views and thoughts, as you never know where they can lead you. Although to let them stop you from proceeding towards your dreams or to allow them to discourage you would be a grand mistake.

Unless you are under the age of 18, then your life is yours to live. However, you choose to live it is your choice andyour choice alone.Embrace who you are entirely. Then confidently and respectively decline the suggestions that you do not feel fit the life you choose to lead. Kindly give your viewpoint, if you feel you’d like to share. Then thank the person who made the suggestion and move forward without regret of dismissing a possible chance of good advice.

Choose to wake up every morning being open to all that life throws your way. Then embrace all the possibilities that are before you. After that, go out and live the life you deserve and have worked so hard to achieve. Regardless of anyone else’s judgment be yourself and be proud of who you are and what you’ve done.

Thanks again for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. I hope I have given you some clarity on the concept of judgment and helped you to move past the ideas or views that may hold you back or the ideas that may have led you to believe your opinion is always right. Remember no one is perfect and that is also perfectly acceptable. So just keep being you!

Which ever you are embrace it and move forward with your truth. Xoxo

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