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Life & Hardships As I See It

What I’ve learned is, no one person goes through life only having hardships or only experiencing happiness. Life is so hard, all we do is try to survive life’s struggles and overcome any bumps in the road. All with the idea that some way or another we can achieve our initial future plans.

Balance in life is something that is possible if you believe in humanity and yourself. If you except your weaknesses only then you can build strength. Some people may be happy with the simplest things such as a piece of bread, 4 walls, a roof and a door they can shut to keep them from the cold. The point is what doesn’t break us is what makes us stronger and what does break us, just teaches us a lesson to learn from. A lesson that we can use to grow and build off of. Remember no one is perfect and sometimes we may feel insecure. Perhaps we may even be accused of being less then we are but that is no excuse to fold our cards and quit. If this is something that has happened to you please see my post What Does Not Break Us?

Take all that you know, all that you love and have experienced through your life and use it to build the better version of yourself. Be the best you can be not for others but for yourself. Use the good times and the bad as your strength when it’s needed. Never let anyone tear you down, not even yourself. Sometimes we are our own worst critic. We as humans are built on emotion it’s just knowing which ones are good or bad and at what time to use them. Be a survivor of your own life decisions and embrace all the beauty, the strength and the weaknesses that comes along with all of it. Have faith in yourself and be the unstoppable amazing you that the world deserves to meet.

Thank you for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. No matter how bumpy your road through life is, never lose faith in yourself. For you are strong even when you are at your weakest. Take every defeat as a possible challenge to achieve more and then push yourself till you do. Do not come down on yourself for how much time it takes to reach your destination either as every one is meant to live a different life. As it is possible that you may set out going in one direction and find your self some where completely different. Happiness is achieved when you find joy no matter what it maybe that brought you there if you find it is an achievement. If you are not sure which way to go about reaching your goals please start by looking through my posts and seeking my page Simply Unique Life Coaching.


6 thoughts on “Life & Hardships As I See It”

      1. Thank you so much I plan on sharing my own story and losses later this week. Follow me on the page and my social media to get updates on when I post new posts. I try to post inspiration and healthy lifestyle choices on my Instagram daily or at least a couple times a week if you are interested you can take a look my Instagram in linked to my page and pics are located on homepage at the bottom. Have a great day and thank you for your comments. They are much appreciated, I value all of my readers. I’ll take a look at your page when I get a chance today as well. All about spreading the support.


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