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What is Anxiety, To You?

When I think of anxiety only one word describes it for me, Horrific! Anxiety is such a horrible thing to go through. It affects us in so many ways. Horrific, sounds like a word that may be a bit over the top but if you have ever experienced a panic attack or an anxiety attack, you understand what I mean. In fact, you may have your own choice words to, describe it. The thing about anxiety that is so horrific for me is, I really never know, what effects it’s going to have on me, till it happens.


Over the last few years, my anxiety has hit some pretty crazy heights. All of which, ends up forcing me to feel a swarm of emotions. Some include, feeling lost, confused, over whelmed, sad, mad, panicked, frightful, and so many more. You would think, that would be enough but it’s not because besides the emotions and feelings it brings on it also causes me physical symptoms as well. Physically symptoms brought on by my anxiety include tingling and pain in my body, migraines, tremors, sight issues, the lack of ability to properly function or speak, stomach problems, hives and more! All of the above, is just a handful of my experiences

By sharing your symptoms today, someone tomorrow may read them and it may give them some answers or ideas to explain or settle their own anxiety. Then maybe you also can read below and see some, that can assist you as well.

Here are some, simple ways to help you work through your anxiety, that I have found along the way that worked for me:

  1. When you feel your anxiety is coming on, do your best to walk away from what is causing it for the moment. Find a cool room for you to breath in and out, as calmly as you can. I suggest while doing this focusing on something in the room to help draw your mind, away from your stressful situation. Then once you are calm reassess your situation and continue forward. An important part of dealing with your triggers is to face them head on.
  2. A great way to keep track of your anxiety is to keep a journal. In this journal, I would suggest keeping a daily log of all the triggers, that bring on anxiety. Try to be specific in your descriptions. So you can better understand, your triggers and what brings these situations on. When you begin to work on your triggers, this will help you to know where, to begin.
  3. Being well rested, is key to being anxiety free. Try your best to free your mind before sleep and try to get a full 8 hours of rest, every night. Being able to wake up refreshed and prepared for a new day is vital to your health, mentally and physically.
  4. Finding positive activities to do is also a great way to help prevent anxiety and stress. When we begin to focus in a more positive direction it will help to give you a better outlook. Activities I would suggest are exercising, swimming, playing sports, and etc.;
  5. Another good way to help prevent or lessen your anxiety is to take 5 minute breaks through out your day when needed and to dedicate at least 1 full hour to a relaxing activity. Maybe reading a book, getting a massage, pedicure, manicure going to a spa. What ever it is make sure it is something relaxing that brings you joy.

I could go on and on but these are the key points, that will help give you a great fighting start, to turn your life around. This is where I started myself and today, although I still get attacks from time to time. I have learned how to make them controllable and limit the damage and effects, they cause me. With dedication, structure and desire you can achieve anything you put your mind too.

So after, you try the ideas above. To help you move forward, the next step is to find acceptance in the things, you can not change. The facts are in order to achieve happiness, you need to embrace, who you are. Then, if the people around you do not like you, for who you are. Then, you need to accept their thoughts and choose to be the better man or woman. After that you can rethink the relationship and decide if they are someone beneficial to have in your life. Now, just because they do not support you on this is just may mean they do not understand enough to be the support you need. I want you to remember, friends and family may not always be supportive. So with that it does not mean, you should not accept their thoughts, it just means you need to maybe look for support in a different place.

This is when you may consider joining a group of others with anxiety or like-minded people. If you feel alone and need assistance to deal with your anxiety, do not feel ashamed of that. The most prestige people in the world have anxiety. Although the world, is judgmental and full of standards, that at times may make you feel bewildered or overwhelmed, that is no excuse to settle for less. Seeking Life Coaching Services or counseling could definitely help you, on your new adventure. No matter what options you go with, stay focused on building your confidence. Than, remember under all of that stress or anxiety in a strong individual. You can accomplish anything you put you mind to. Good Luck on your journey.

Thank you for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs, I do hope some of my tactics assist you in finding peace and happiness regardless of whatever anxiety and stress you may have. If you need assistance on your journey, feel free to contact me. Also, please see my page Simply Unique Life Coaching and see if it is something you would be interested in. I specialize in self discovery and helping my clients find their inner wants and desires, along with assisting them to reach new heights of all sorts.

Life Starts, When You Start LIVING…<3

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