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New Milestone Achieved… I’m Finally Certified!

Thank you, for everyone’s support, while I took the time to finish up my life coaching course and get my Certification as a Life Coach. I have finally decided what type of life coach, I plan to categorize myself as and I can not wait for my business adventure to begin. My official title will be a Self- Discovery & Motivational Life Coach.

As a Life Coach I am currently and will continue to specialize in self-discovery & motivation. As I believe everyone need a little motivation sometimes especially when they do not have the proper suppor at home. People my self discovery program may help are people who maybe looking to achive one of the below

Main Example PicI plan to assist our clients in the building and rebuilding, of their lives. I will also work with all sorts of clients that have various general life situations. Everything is a working progress so to move forward , we must first find out what holds us back. With my services, life coaching skills and life experience, I plan to do my best to help people from all walks of life. No matter their financial or current life situation, as long as they are willing to make a change and put in the work. I am prepared to guide you the rest of the way.

I want you all to know, even though tomorrow is never promised and we may find our self regretting lost time. It is still never too late to make a change in your life. Of course, we all hope and pray, one day the pieces of our life will fall together but the truth is, that does not always happen for all of us.

Sometimes you have to make a few steps in the right direction, to start the process off. In order to move toward the peace, happiness, and success you desire. Now, thanks to all my hard work, dedication and the structured business plan, I put together. I can continue with the rest of my plan of action, towards happiness and success.

The best part, about achievements are as you finish one, you can begin the next step of your plan of action. Thanks, to the completion of this current goal passing my certification test. I can now move forward to the next stage of my business plan. I could not be more excited, if I tried right now.

So, lets recap this year so far by looking over some of my professional achievements.

  1. After careful consideration on what to do with my life professionally, I came to the conclusion that,  I would like to spend the rest of my life turning negatives into positives. After many years of self discovery for myself I decided now was my time to make a difference where I could by assisting others to find the happiness I was achieving. So Since January, I have been building a plan of action for my business  and professional life starting by creating this blog.
  2. Step 1 – Early January – I started this blog and to this date its achievements are as follows.:
    • I am currently up to 28 posts making this my 29th.
    • This page has received 732 recorded views.
    • We have had a recorded number of 355 visitors (I say recorded because I noticed it reduce its count several times, making it not 100 % accurate with its number. Which means we have actually achieved a higher number I just am unsure of it.)
    • A total of 93 Likes, Thank you if you were one of them 🙂
    • I currently have 24 followers on this page alone, 141 followers on Instagram, and several others on various other social media accounts.
    • I officiated this page on April 18th 2018.
      • The Day We Officially Became
    • We have people currently viewing us from 19 different Countries.

3. Step 2 – I started my Life Coaching Course March 11, 2018 –

  • All while working on many mini goals for the business plan, along the way.

4. Step 3 – April 27th – I finished my Life Coaching Course.

5. Step 4 – Now Today May 8th, 2018

  • I have taken and passed my Life Coach Certification, making me officially a Certified Life Coach.

6. Step 5 – Next step is to register for the mentor program I found so they can assist me in going over my business plan and completing the process of opening the business.

7. Step 6 – Now that I am certified, that does not mean my training is over now I will work to prefect my session sheets, my programs, promotions and etc. All to provide each and every one of my current and future clients the support and structure they need and deserve to take them through one step at a time all the way to the top.

So with that all being said in just about 5 short months, I have made some pretty great strides toward building myself a new and neautiful journey towards my futrue dreams and aspirations. Now, if you ask me thats pretty damn, inspirational! So, please stay tuned for more achievements and milestones, along my path here at Crazy Beautiful Blogs.

I wish you the best of luck along all of your journeys and if you need assistance along the way, I am happy to assist. I have some great pre – grand opening promotions going so if you are interested in them. Contact me, at your soonest convenience, for more information on how to get started.  As always, thank you for all of your support, views and enjoy your day.

Much Love

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