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Mother’s Day Emotions

Mother’s Day is the day, we celebrate everything, our mothers are to us. We celebrate what they, have done to get us where we are, as their children.

If today you are a mother, then today is the day for you to kick back and relax. As this is your day, to be celebrated. You deserve it because you created a miracle of life. Then you dealt with 2 hr feedings, 1 million diapers and all the cries that baby kicked out, that kept you up all hours of the night. Not to mention, the 9 months that baby of yours broke your body down and dragged your emotions and hopes and fears through the mud. “Haha”

Being a mother is something very special because one day you wake up and somehow you suddenly have to instinctively know all the right words to say, even when you don’t have them. You also have to fix our your child’s problems regardless of the ones, you cannot fix for yourself. You have to be a leader even if you don’t know how and most of all no matter what you have going on your child has to always come first. For that burden s why you deserve to be celebrated. Being a mom is a hard job you have to be strong, smart and full of all the answers. Although, as strenuous and exhausting as it maybe it is also a beautiful gift to be able to be a mom. So that is also worth celebrating.

I am not a mother but I’d like to believe after working side by side with mine, through 4 other kids over a span of 28 years. I have a pretty good baseline for what it takes to get the job done. From what I’ve gathered being a mom entails all these things you have to give all of your love, blood, sweat, and tears all in hopes you will get your child to a safe, happy and successful future.

The thing that’s silly about being a mom is most mothers start out having not a clue what to do with their first born. We all like to pretend like we know best but we really have no clue until the second kid. Then as time goes on and you have more children each child is raised a little better till you finally fix all the mistakes you made with the others.

For example: Here’s a funny tale that’s true.

I was the oldest child but when my first little sister was born, my parents really started to face parenting on their own. A little while into her life her umbilical cord started to bleed and fall off. I have to tell you, till this date I have never had such a big fright “giggle”.

I was 5 years old and my parents noticed a little blood and they lost their minds with fear. My mom started hysterical crying scream “oh my god, we have to go to the ER. She’s bleeding, she’s going to die.” Naturally, being 5 yrs old I freaked out, I was scared I just got her all I could think of was I couldn’t lose her now “haha”.

Well, needless to say, they called my grandma and she told them “To relax and it was perfectly normal and it was going to come off when it was ready and if that is now then that’s just what it is.” She told them what to do and what to watch for and they did everything they needed to do and she was perfectly fine.

At the time I didn’t realize, just because I was 5 yrs old really didn’t mean they had a clue, how to be parents. Now don’t get me wrong they were awesome. I wouldn’t trade my childhood before the kids came around for nothing. Hell, we had food fights, water fights in the house. The best part was while my dad would sleep, my mom and I would stay up all through the night eating snacks playing video games and watching all the shows I shouldn’t have been watching”Haha”.

It wasn’t until my first sister that things got serious and they started to really learn how to be parents. It makes me laugh because when I think to myself all the mistakes I saw them make with the other kids how many more they had with me “Giggle”.

Thankfully I had my grandma and Poppy to help. I was a bit of a community kid as many firstborn are. My grandma and poppy spent a lot of time, helping my parents raise me and so did my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Rich.

The best part about me and my parents for me was, they never left me out of anything. We were a great team, I probably should have just been a kid but in a weird way, I grew up with my parents. In some ways, I looked up to them more like a cool older brother and sister, while looking up to my grandma and poppy as my parents. That changed over time and created some hefty jealous issues across the board but our parents do what they can to help us regardless if we like it or not.

When I was younger even though I loved my parents, I may have resented them a bit because I didn’t understand that they didn’t know what they were doing. They tried their best and that’s all I could have really asked of them. As I aged, I realized no parents really know and all they can do is hope and pray they do well for their child.

Every day a new child is born to some parents. Parents that most likely, have no clue what to do with them. They prepare and pray or hope that things will work out well but they can only do what they can. That patience and the strides you as a mother put in to do your best is what should be celebrated today and maybe even told to your children so they get a better understanding of the struggles you faced along the journey of giving them life and raising them. The best we can hope for is as a parent that your history can help your children to not repeat your mistakes and for there children to not repeat theirs and over time somewhere in the future you will have complete success.

For some woman today is a day of sorrow because maybe you once wanted a child and for some horrific reason, it just hasn’t happened yet or maybe never will. So maybe you spend today mourning your sadness and for that, I am sorry for your pain and sorrow. What I will say is don’t give up on your dream. Try to adopt or find a surrogate. Trust me, I know its complicated and expensive but if that’s what you want to do it. There are plus sides to these methods. The largest one is you can be a mom it just may time a little more time a patience.

For others, today is a day you may be missing a loved one. Maybe, a mother or mother figure. Maybe a grandma or aunt. We lose people, we love along the way and it is so heartbreaking but if this is how you are feeling today. Then spend the day remembering all those good times. Focus your sadness, on all the amazing details of your relationship. Then, embrace and celebrate the day, regardless of your loss. For today is a day you celebrate your lost loved one and the relationship, you had along the way.

I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day, I know it may not be what you hoped for as life sometimes can be twisted and unfair. Although, the thing to remember is to try your best to be positive. Embrace the life you live if you are the mother of a child or fur baby. Remember, to make the best of the life you live as life is too short to waste.

As always, thank you for reading My Crazy Beautiful Blogs and enjoy your day. Xoxo

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