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Father’s Day…

As Fathers Day is upon us it maybe bringing you lots of memories of the past. Times you spent with your father when you were young. Maybe he taught you how to dance, color in the lines, maybe he taught you how to use a hammer or just tie your shoes. All of these memories are everlasting things that stay with you forever. A mother and father’s love or lack of love are the very pieces of our life, that set the standard towards our future. They are the very memories that built our foundation and gave us our very first breath!

The bond between a father and a child is everlasting, no matter whether it was a good one or bad. It is the bond that we instill in every relationship we ever build and it is also the first thing you will think of when you think about becoming a parent yourself.

You use those memories and everything your parents teach you as a guide through out your whole life. So if you are a father reading this remember you are setting an example to what your childs life may look like one day. Live in a way you would want them to live. Teach them to survive but also teach them to live in peace and happiness. If you are just a child reading this post you may already know, the effects your father had on your life.  Maybe you didn’t have the greatest experience abd he was just a guy that passed through or never stuck around and that changed your life in a whole other direction.

We can not take back the past but we can model our future to be better in spite of it. We can grow and learn from our fathers. Sometimes, we can exceed them  without realizing it and set a whole new direction and standard.

Today is a day to celebrate fathers all over the world. Because they deserve to have credit for those amazing little details that built us.

The world of today is completely different from the world of yesterday. Maybe you have two dads, may you are adopted, or maybe you just got really to have a man that stepped up and treated you like a daughter or son without any strings attached. Either way, today is the day to celebrate the men you feel deserve respect for being there in your life.

For those of you who are missing your fathers today for whatever reason because they are not with you or if they have passed on. Embrace the day the best you can. Take this day to do something that would have brought your father joy or maybe even just do something that gives you joy. It is okay to celebrate this day any way you’d like.

Happy Fathers Day To All & Have An Amazing Day…. As always, thank you for reading Crazy Beautiful Blogs.

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