Life & My 2 Cents

Is your schedule chaotic?

So, we wake up everyday and we get ready for work or whatever daily chores or activities, we have scheduled for the day.

Some of us have an excellent schedule and are fully prepared while other’s may, rush around aimlessly forgetting everything they need. That is until they remember and have to rush back home or change their schedule in some way because of their very chaotic lifestyles.

We all wish and wait for that morning when rushing, is not a necessary. The facts are though many of us today have way to much on our plate and because of that rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off is our only logical option. When you wake up, what is first thing you think about in the morning?

Some of you may be thinking I wake up saying, “Good Morning world!” While others maybe thinking “5 MORE MINUTES!!!” For me the first 30 minutes, of my day make all the difference in what my day, is going to look like. I’m either going to wake up pleased with my life, put on a smile and collect my neatly placed cloths I so intelligently set aside specifically so I didn’t have to rush. Or I’m going to wake up a hot mess freaking out grabbing half the things I need and leaving the rest behind.

So, what are ways we can fix theses situations well for started we can be organized. More then organized though we need to figure out what it is that is making everything so chaotic. I have to tell you who I am now, as opposed to before is so much less stressed then I used to be. The reason is because of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Both of the above literally saved my life they helped me to see the roots of each of my difficulties. Do I still have problems? Of course I do, I am human and problems are a part of life. The difference between and and then is how I handle the problems.

Like take for example, I have a situation that has been going on for years and I know about it because realistically it is my reality. The thing is I can’t face the problem because if I did I may fall apart! That right there is the reason why we continue to live with blinders on!

Now, let’s consider the realistic behavior behind pretending their is not a problem when I know there is… That’s right my friends their is nothing realistic or beneficial about playing blind of your problems. What is going to happen is eventually what is now a tiny problem will eventually expand into a giant problem.

At that point you may be forced to open you eyes and deal with the situation but at that point its out of control. So much more money to fix, so much more stress to handle.

Now, if you were to just take each problem as it comes along and break it down and work on it everyday if you have to just a little bit eventually all of your problems will be things of the past. Which in the end will prevent you from destruction and assist you in building confidence in yourself as well as strength! Each time you exceed and accomplish figuring out one of your problems it becomes a job well done. All in which will help you beyond words for the long run.

So, do not let yourself go. Do not give up on yourself. Stand strong and be as structured and organized as you can. Be self-aware because that will keep you safe. This is the starting actions it takes to work through the struggles of our life. This is how you go from negative to positive. How you grow and learn.

Best of luck through your days good or bad. Get on the band wagon today by looking at the whole picture and facing it without hesitation. So you can live in a more positive light and actually make it towards your dreams and aspirations. If you need help along the way you know my number and if you do not check my contact page. I have some great life coaching promos set up to help you make the change of a life time, all with a few simple steps. If you are interested come collect your free hour of self-discovery and see if life coaching is for you!

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