The Here & Now !!!

Go CrazyBeautifulBlogs and all of our followers!

Hey guys I have some grey news as you all know I try to keep you up dates as we move along and I have to tell you we have been making some great strides.

A bit ago I made a post telling you all let’s shade in this map and reach as many people and places as we can and I am happy to day that is indeed what we are doing.

Here is our newest look at our map of all the places that have taken a look at our blog and all the places are viewers are from.

I’ d like to thank you all for viewing this blog I truly hope it eventually can be the website I dream of it being but as of right now I couldn’t be happier with all the viewers we have reached. So thank you very much. If you have any requests on post feel free to message or comment below!!!

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