The Here & Now !!!

Self-Love and Inspirational Talk and Support for the LGBTQIA Community & Friends Group

Good Afternoon, My name is Susan Riley, I am the head admin on a new up and coming group called Self-love and Inspirational Talk and Support for the LGBTQIA Community.

I just built a brand new group set up to build brides between all of our communities. If you are a supporter it living in the LGBTQIA Community Please Feel Free to Join. the More People The Merrier! This is a safe place and any haters will be tossed out!!! Now please take a look at what our page is about!

This page is built to support the members of the LGBTQIA Community along with all of their supporters and loved ones.

As a life coach I wanted to make a safe space for new members of the LGBTQIA community to go and meet people like themselves so they can also learn how to embrace their inner beauty. Lets make a change and share the love!

Remember you are beautiful inside and out. Never give up on yourself or dreams! You can do anything you put your mind too.

I am also a Certified Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach that is why I set this page up to help inspire and help guide & generate Thoughts and Discussion to Help Inspire, Bring Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness as well as Inspiration even in your most complicated times.

I want this page to be a fun and chatty page. I sure hope you join share with your friends also..

As Always Thanks For The Support And Stay Positive For Every Day Is A New Begininning & A Fresh Start….

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