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Starting a Business In Florida…

Well as many of you may know I have been working my tail off to build my business over the last few months. Simply Unique Life Coaching has been moving through the process at a pretty decent rate… In fact, here is my latest ad.

I do have to say though I have hit several bumps in the road but luckily between my desire to reach success and my dedication to push through I have moving moving through the process one step at a time in a timely manner. I am currently testing the market on all my my current advertisements as well as still building my brand. Although, I am happy to say since I started I have been receiving great feed back and reviews!

Starting a business is such a complex thing. You may see many people out there just slapping it all together but the truth is most businesses really only last 3-5 years. The reason why is because they did not thoroughly do their research, they may not have tested the market or took some time to brainstorm their brand. I’m not going to lie, many of my original plans are not the ones I’m working with now.

Creating a business from scratch is a process that involves so much more of yourself then most expect. It does not just take your time it takes soul and a strong confidence within yourself. Your going to go out there and get knocked down more times then people tell you but the only way to survive is to regroup your process and refresh your plan towards trying again. This is the best advice I can give you if it don’t work that’s fine we all have to fail in order to learn. That does not mean you done and it won’t work it just means you may have to make adjustments to your previous plan of action. So, remember during this process if your going to try your probably going to fail at some point but get back up brush yourself off and try again!

Between building capital to put it all together and building a proper business plan. Most people fail at building a good understanding, of what is they actually need to accomplish. If you want to build a better understanding and have a good start off you need to take advantage of all the things, set up in your community to provide you with the proper information.

Many companies lack the use of research into their competitors or analysis of the entire process. When building a business you should always have a plan for at least for the first 3 years. Much like regular life, having a schedule or checklist to keep you self aware of your process. As well, as keeping yourself accountable for your actions, is above all the most important part of the process.

Also, if you are a small business owner that gets distracted easily, you have to take note of your own personal development. When you wake up in the morning, you need to do more than just go to work. When you are a business owner you must manage both your professional schedule and your personal. This way it allows you to have a steady rest period at home or your time to say to your friends, “You know what, I realise I have my own business and can do what I want. The thing is I’m very dedicated to reaching my goals and If I were to deviate from my plan and schedule I risk not meeting my deadlines. So, even though I’m scheduled to work today and can’t do lunch today. We can schedule for Saturday morning on my off time. You need to keep things in perspective. You need to treat your business, like its your job because that is exactly what it is.

Many people have the false concept that if they start a business they will have free time. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but who ever told you that must not have a very profitable business. The thing is unless they are rich enough to be the gentlemen or lady that can afford to sit home and pay people to do the work, your that sucker working at ground level.

I can’t tell you how many nights I have laid awake in bed with random business ideas haunting me through the night. So much so that, I keep a pad and paper by the bed so I can write down my ideas for the morning.

The best part about building your own business is this business is you baby. Your precious blood and sweat, all wrapped into one beautiful time consuming achievement that is full of amazing and beautiful endless possibilities. That is what your desire, dedication, structured planning and over all sleepless nights will get you.

So, to assist you new timers that are searching for a new chance at creating your own dreams and aspirations on a small business level or large. Here is a great page, I found that can help you to create a business plan along with help you to draw an idea together to see if the business you choose to work in is really for you.

Also, if you are interested in seeking assistance to discovery what you want for your own personal development to help you build a plan of action to achieve your true dreams. Give me a call or shoot me a message. As a life coach I assist people in building plan of actions that assist them in personal development, time management, strengths & weaknesses, confidence & self-worth along with so much more. You first step is building an idea and that is something we can achieve together while I teach you how to do it for yourself. & Simply Unique Life Coaching, Would Love To Wish You The Best On All Of Your Personal & Business, Ventures Now & Always…

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