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Letter to my viewers. What are the Pros & Cons Of Where You Are From? In your eyes…

Greetings Viewers,

Many of you may have already seen, I’m trying to reach every corner of the world, with my blog. Some may have thought, no way will it happen. Although, I am happy to let you know right now. I’m not positive, if I can reach every where but I’m damn well going to try and I am pretty proud of the places I have reached so far. So, I thank you all my viewers for making that possible.

This is all the places that someone or multiple people have viewed my blog from:

So, this letter I write to you today is to ask you to take a few minutes of your day to comment below in the comments with your name, about how old you are (you can leave this out if you’d prefer no pressure πŸ˜‰πŸ’•), where you are from then please tell us your top favorite things about where you live and then write your least favorite. Basically a simple pro’s and con’s list of where you live from your own view. With that being said, when you respond please do your best to not be hateful or judgmental of anyone else responses. Remember other people will read your response so please… Think before you type 😎 because I do not want anyone offended. So before writing it make sure you remember this is a friendly task, set up to tell you a bit about different ways of the world and how things are from, one place to another.

The reason, I’m doing this post is because so many of us believe, the grass is always greener on the other side. The thing is that really isn’t always the case . So, by helping each other to see both the good and bad of our towns, states, and even countries, we can help each other to grow appreciation for where we are or at the very least a better understanding of every where else.

As this is my post I am going to post a couple details below of my pros and cons. Also, you can use this as an example.

Where I Was Born:

My name is Susan, I am 33 years old and I am originally from Long Island, New York, United States.

My Pros:

#1 it is my original home so New York is always going to be a part of my heart. I love the speed of everything there, I am very fast moving and very energetic so its definitely my speed. I also enjoyed living by the water all my summers were full of beach time and fun. I also loved the snow almost as much as I loved the sun. I loved going into the city at Christmas time because it was beautiful with all the lights and decorations and so full of people. I also believe new york has good opportunity work wise but because there are so many people I believe space is limited.


Something I really didn’t realize when I was living there but realized when I went back to visit.. It is so dirty “haha” the streets the air I think we just definitely had to many people. So main con for me would be traffic on the roads. The second would be even though I love snow it gets so cold and if you are poor which back in the day I was πŸ˜‚ when the heat goes out you are screwed!!!!


West Palm Beach, South Florida, United States:

(Where I currently Live)


As you have already read I’m a bit of a beach bum so naturally the beaches here are to die for so that is #1! There are a lot of cool little and big tourist places and nature spots which I find enjoyable.


In truth, if it were not for the beautiful sun, the outrageous beaches and the fact that my family is here. I would probably attempt to move some place else. I think Florida has some really great spots but the pace is much slower then I like, work opportunities are slim to none depending the line of work you are in. Then to top it off what use to be cheaper living is now through the roof and not worth purchasing because every other block goes from good to bad. We have homeless people all over the place begging in the streets and it is truly, so sad. We have a red light district that freely walks the streets only to get placed in jail and released to the same place they got picked up from. I do believe this area does not have good control of our communities, where I grew up you saw stuff like this in the city but not where I lived in Long Island. So, as far as real estate goes unless your rich enough to live is a secluded place. If you are considering coming here to West Palm Beach Or Really Just South Florida in general seriously do your research on where to move. Some places are better then others. I try to stay in family communities or clean built up complexes I have yet to buy for this very reason. Last but not least wearing flip flops all year around is wonderful but due to the heat theres always bacteria filled water and when the storms roll through, they terrify me 😭. So that is my conclusion on South Florida.

As I previously wrote, many people always believe the grass is greener on the other side. Since I started this blog I have learned so much about the world. I have been so lucky to have met such amazing new friends and online pals from all over the world.

What inspired this post is how many of them thought we had it so much better then the other places. The truth is maybe in some ways we do but not in all of them.

People here every day struggle with having lack of money. Our healthcare system is literally for shit… I say it so bluntly because when everyone around you is struggling to pay healthcare but can’t see an actual doctor or feed their children there is a problem.

I mentioned above homeless people in the streets, well I think that is just a factor of life all over the world the only difference between our news and other countries is we don’t show them. The United States is a great place to live I am happy with my country in the sense that it is my home.

Although, society wise as a person and Life Coach, I feel ashamed of how many people go with out simple necessities that should be made easier to get a hold of. I have been one of those people that have struggled and never took any assistance even when I needed it because I was proud at the time and then when I had no choices left when I reached out for assistance I was told I didn’t make the standard cut to be helped much like many other Americas every day.

So I know this is just a brief description of the United States, Long Island, New York & South Florida. But I would really love to hear some about where you live or come from so please share below in the comments.

Lets help each other see what’s on the other side. We can learn from each other and reach new heights because of it. Maybe even reach understanding and more acceptance of each other.

Thank you for your time reading this post and please feel free to comment and share your thoughts below!😊

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