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Our Cheap, Relaxing, Fun Filled Mini Adventure to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, in Fl.

Some times you need to let life be what it is and go out and live regardless of what holds you back.

Everyday my husband and I work hard to achieve our dreams and pay our bills but on the weekends or on our days off. We try to enjoy the little moments in between the chaos because that is how life works.

We all struggle in life and sometimes we fall down. The trick is to get back up, find some positivity in the moments you have and live in them, like nothing else exists.

Then, go back to your regular life until you find that moment that you finally have achieved your mission and goals. Some people may think if your poor, struggling or in hard times the best thing you can do is hide in your house but that’s not true.

Those moments where you feel broken or sad are the most important times. Those moments are the ones you have to push harder to live. Those moments are the ones that make or break you. I became a life coach because I was tired of seeing people struggle and I wanted to help teach them, how to live. I have had my fair share of struggles but because of those moments when I was down and how many times I pulled myself up. I now know how to press forward and find time to still enjoy those tiny special moments, we rarely see.

So Sunday, my husband and I had actually a pretty great mini adventure to MacArthur Park on Singer Island in North Palm Beach. Here’s the website if you are interested in going, click here.

All and all, it was an excellent, relaxing, fun day in the sun and it only cost us $25.00 between gas, food, entrance fee and etc;.

I say the price because not everyone has a ton of money to spend on getting out there having fun. So a fun little beach day is an awesome way to spend your day on limited funds. You can achieve relaxation, work off some calories swimming and walking around, and suddenly you have a happy healthy adventure, but please always pack your sun screen.

We woke up, around 10 am because we work hard all week and sleep in on the weekends. Then we went to publix, purchased some sandwich stuff, ice & chips. Packed up our cooler and head over to the park.

Living in west palm beach, we have some really great beach options but MacArther Park is a really awesome place to go. Instead of fussing trying to collect our quarters to put in a machine or driving in circles for hours, looking for parking. We just head over to the park pay the $5.00 entry fee and go enjoy ourselves.

When you first get there, there is a Nature and Welcome Center, where you can pick up information about the beach, gift shop, kayaking, nature trails, playground, Munyon Island, picnic pavilions, and the Pew Family Natural Science Education Center.

They have two sea turtles in the Nature center along with a couple fish and stuff. Both the turtles are cute but one is so small and so adorable. I don’t know how long they stay but that’s what they have right now.

Here’s some pics:

Before the bridge at the nature center, I’m also pretty sure you can rent kayaks if you are interested. And they have a bunch of places to hang out, picnic, and etc

In order to get to the beach, you have to go over a bridge. You have the option to walk or they have a tram for your convenience. We always take the tram to the other side and back.

Here’s a pic of my husband on the tram πŸ˜‚ along with the Tram Times:

Once you get to the other side, they have some small trails you can walk through in the woods area. Great for exercising or site seeing. Bathrooms are on both sides of the bridge and through out trails.

The one thing I like to warn people of is if you do walk across the bridge prepare to walk a bit further to get to the beach. I’d suggest your first time there, taking the tram over and then taking a look around. There are many stairs to get to beach but the plus side is it does have a ramp if you need it to get to the beach.

Here is what you’ll see going over the bridge… As you see my husband patiently waiting for me to snap all these pics to show you πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

Then, as you finally reach the top of the stairs or the end of the ramp you will see the beach. Which I have to tell you is a beautiful site. After carrying all your belongings and building up all of the anticipation to get there, especially if your ready to just hit the beach and relax…

As you can see the beach has many ramps if you have coolers, wheel chair, bikes and etc. They also have two shower areas by the beach side to wash off. Which is very helpful. The trams go back and forth all day during hours.

Here are some beach pics:

The only down fall about this beach is the fact, that there is no life guard on site.

The thing my husband and I love about this place. First off the history behind this park is a great story. Although, for us back when we were younger we would come here all the time. A lot of those visits the beach was pretty clear of people so just a little giggle for you.

We would pretend it was our own personal island and walk the trails. We would hang out on the beach and in the water all day. It’s so private and filled with things to see and venture through. That to us it was like we were on a vacation everytime. πŸ’•

As I said we have been here a million times but on this particular visit there was a bull shark, lurking around by the shore. We have been really lucky so far before this never being bothered by them but you should always be aware, of what is around you. In the water no matter what beach you are at.

One of the other beach visitors, saw it at a distance and warned the rest of us. I have been to the beach multiple times in South Florida and actually had several experiences, where a shark swam by so I’m always cautious. Better safe then sorry, but It does not stop me from getting into the water and transforming into a mermaid “haha”!

I could literally die happy swimming at a beach. The beach is totally my happy place. If I could I would travel to every beach in the world. Although, due be aware there is much shade along the trails and bridge but once you hit the beach it is all sun!!! So the sand is hot as hell, that’s the only part about the beach that cripples me everytime “haha”. So pack your umbrellas, sun block, towels, sheet and etc. Most of all make sure you bring a bunch of water to stay hydrated.

After all of that just hang out, relax, make memories and enjoy your beach day or what ever other adventures you choice to do while your there.

So, if your out and about by Singer Island in South Florida. Here is a great cheap little spot you can spend a whole fun filled day. My review on this park would be a 5 out of 5. They always keep it clean they make it accessible for everyone. They have multiple activities and areas to enjoy yourself. And there are always park employees to ask questions to as well as many informational signs to keep you aware and secure of your surroundings. It is cheap to enter and you can literally spend the whole day here. πŸ˜ŽπŸ’•

Thanks for reading about my mini adventure with my husband to MacArthur Park on Singer Island in South Florida. I hope to provide you more reviews. Along with other cheap, fun filled ideas to enjoy your day or time. 😊 Have a Great day and Thanks for viewing Crazy Beautiful Blogs.

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