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Together We Can Push Forward…

As a life coach and an average yet unique 33 year old women, I know everyone in the world faces struggles everyday. With each struggle in life no matter how big or small you will be forced to find strength you may have never knew actually existed. We never quite know how strong we are till we have no choice but to find the strength to survive.

If you have a story of your struggles or success and you would like to share them. I am happy to post it for you on my webpage .

My hope is to bring people the insight and understanding they need to push past their problems. I have put together various self help pages as well as posts to help people see things from other angles they may not have seen on their own. We are all raised to have beliefs and as time goes on as adults we find our own.

My page is still at the beginning stages of its process but everyday it grows just a little more with great information. My new category is meant to provide a place for ordinary people to share their story, confess their sins, share their sadness and even to help them share the steps they took to achieve their dreams and success.

On Crazy Beautiful Blogs, there are no wrong answers or ways of living… Everyone is welcome and greatly appreciated. I hope to inspire people all over the world to share their life experience & stories. To help others that face their same struggle learn from their life experience. What people take from the posts is completely up to them. We all have to learn and grow at our pace.

You can be a ghost writer or scream your name proudly. Which ever helps you feel comfortable or find your voice. I’ve spent my whole life trying to stand up and fight for people that didn’t know they could. I was raised to be a fighter and a stand up for what’s right. The thing society lacks is understanding because sometimes what’s right for one person isn’t always right for another.

As a Self-Discovery & Motivational Certified Life Coach, I have finally found a way to help people find their own voice and help them to find their own confidence, strength and peace of mind. I now know how to help people to push past their past or limits towards things they never thought could be possible for them.

So, come join me in spreading knowledge, care and support. Come share your story today. Let your pain and suffering or your perseverance be the history that changes someone else’s life. We all have struggles in life but by sharing our experience, we can help each other to get past the dark days and push toward the light.

Your past can never be changed but this is a great way to turn your negative into a positive by helping others. Let me help you find your voice and so much more… Contact me today for details see my website for contact info. Or contact in comments below!


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