The Here & Now !!!

Calling All Writers, Bloggers, & People Who Want To Make A Difference…

Calling all writers, bloggers or anyone who wants to share their voice with the word by using your name or being a ghost writer. I am introducing a new section of my website / blog for those of you that would like to share your stories of perseverance, struggles, success, positivity, individualism, thoughts, confessions, what inspired you to be who you are today or even what motivates you to look forward towards your dreams.

I welcome any bits of information on world travel, selve preservation, reviews of products, travel, services, life suggestions and solutions to problems. Stories of pros and cons of where you live (no matter what country you live in), parenting tips, money saving ideas, and etc.

My page Crazy Beautiful Blogs is a great place to share your stories and voice your opinions about life and all of the beautiful and tragic details that hold us back or keep us going. With each shared post comes knowledge and understanding for another viewer.

Anything you can think of regarding health, fitness, goals, you name it I am willing to post it. Please feel free to contact me by email at, facebook messager, Instagram, or phone see my contact page on my website for all options of contact.

Also anyone looking to advertiser network please contact me also. I am an up and coming Self-Discovery Certified Life Coach.. I use my webpage to assist people by helping them to have knowledge and understanding that they are not alone in the world. I’d be happy to have others join me in the process to promote positivity, good health, motivation, success and happiness.

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