Short and Sweet

Live ~Laugh ~Love

What Does It Mean To

~ Live ~ Laugh ~Love ~

Well, I suppose to each of us it may have different.

To live is a miracle and blessing but everyone has experienced having to live up to someones standards or hopes and dreams. All while they learn and struggle to build your own… Embracing your wants and needs can help you to decide what is most important to you and with a sturdy and realistic plan you can put your plan into action.

Living is to embrace all that you love and shoot for the stars, no matter how many time you fall…

Living is to stand up for yourself and the people you cherish or support by way of speaking when you need to, standing up when its the right time, or even when its time to step beyond a line you normally wouldn’t cross because that’s the only option left…

To Laugh, I would say you have to embrace the realness of the life that surrounds you. Share in laughter about the good times and bad… To share those long lost memories that once meant and may still mean so much… Or to revel in the ridiculous regardless of the outcome to embrace the beauty of life and all it has helped you to encounter…

To me to Love means to show kindness, respect, loyalty, honor, care, support… To do all of the above it means you must listen with a good ear and open mind, love with a kind heart and support with by giving a hand.

Live Laugh and Love means to live every moment to the fullest. While never letting a moment pass you by that you’ll regret or miss. Embrace yourself with love and cherish every moment you have experienced as much as the next to come…

Thanks For Reading And Viewing My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Please feel free to share your version of any of the above below…

What Does The Words

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love

Mean To you?

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