The Here & Now !!!

Wide Awake At 1:30 Am…

It’s that time of the quarter for my part time job when I race to the finish line to complete my stores before I run at of time. Of course, its nice to believe that everyone has it all together but we all from time to time have a case of the fuck its or dramtics that may hold us up along the way.

Now I have kept a pretty steady level of status for all of my route but like most companies they always hope nd expect you to go above and beyond to make the impossible happen in a minute flat. So, here I am 1:30 am prepared to make the mad dash across my route to the finish line so I can make my numbers and complete my job diligently.

I dont know what it is even when I am right on the money every quarter the last two weeks feel like I’m running a race. I suppose its because of my anxiety or my obsessive compulsive disorder that says I need to be ahead of the game or I’ll drownd. 😂

What type of things do you find frequentlykeepyou up atnight and what do you do to prevent this from happening?

For me I usually try to pace myself and say its just another day and rushing around or staying up is only going to slow me down in the long run. Another,thing I do is I will take a warm shower before I go to bed it usually helps to calm my anxiety and help me sleep.

What are some of your tricks and for those of you with anxiety check out my great post on anxiety in Life and My 2 cents…

Thanks for viewing Crazy Beautiful Blogs.. And don’t forget to comment below to help others facing anxiety and insomnia.. 😊

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