The Here & Now !!!

Revamped My Womens Talk Group Come Join…

Calling All Ladies… πŸ’‹ I Ask You If You Dont Want To Join Thats Okay…. πŸ‘Œ But Please Share This Post So We Can Build A Great Group For Other Women…

My Name Is Susan Riley, I am A Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach Based Out Of West Palm Beach. I Am The Creator and Head Admin On This New Facebook Women’s Talk Group !!!

I Invite You All To Join, If You Do I Am Also Looking For Women To Volunteer And Join Me On The Admin Team If You Are Interested…

This Group Is Meant For Women Of Any Age, Race, Color, Religion, Location, Together And Apart We As Women Are All Equally Amazing, Yet Individually Unique, But Combined We Are Capable Of Wonderful And Inspirational Things …

Bring Your Stories, Thoughts, Expertise, Experience, Dreams, Realities, Deepest Desires And Lets Build A Unique Group Of Amazing Women… πŸ’‹

Come Meet New Women Just Like You And Different. To Enjoy Good Conversation, Share Knowledge, and Support…

On This Page I Hope To Provide Support, Fun, Healthy Discussion On General Life, All While We Spread Positivity Into Each Others Lives, Healthy Living Ideas, Fitness, Fashion Tips, And So Much More..

If You Are Interested In Joining Or Being A Part Of The Team Click On The Link Below Or Message Me… I Look Forward To Hearing From You.

Any Instructors Or Business Women Looking To Promote And Assist Women In Your Expertise I Would Love To Talk Networking And Being A Part Of The Admin….

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