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Boost your confidence with these simple tricks …

I was so lucky to meet a great woman that was full of great spirit and full of wonderful information. She is also a blogger, like myself and we decided to group together to have her do a guest post for Crazy Beautiful Blogs. Unlike my blog, Shraddha ‘s Blog focuses on Fashion and Travel. Which I think are awesome and very fun things to learn about.

So often, we wish we knew how to dress or what to wear? Some of us don’t always know the right type of clothing or look to express, what we are trying to show about ourselves.The number one thing that is always important is to embrace the beautiful person you are no matter what you wear but for the times you need a little extra. Well those are the times its good to have a little help coming up with ideas.

So Without A Due I’d Like To Introduce You To Our Guest Blogger And Her Lovely Insight On Fashion…

Here Are Some Great Tips From Our Guest Blogger Shraddha..

Have you ever noticed that wearing the right outfit or makeup can do a lot more than make you look stylish? Yes, it’s all about confidence and the charm you carry. A pair of jeans or a bright lip shade can make you look like a million bucks with a guarantee to have you shining brighter than the rest. Fashion and beauty are the most powerful tools because they add that body positivity tick to your look. Self-esteem comes from within
but wearing an apt outfit can boost it. Add these touches to your daily looks and feel it yourself. Here’s exactly what you need to do.

1. Enhance your features

As women, we are lucky because there are tools to hide all sorts of problems. From your height to skin blemishes, everything can come under control with simple everyday tricks. Play up your features. You can opt for contouring as it can enhance your face features. Pay attention to this aspect as it can instantly pull up your confidence with this
trick. Sculpting your face every morning is one of the steps you can try out.

1- Pinterest-Enhance your features.jpg

2. Only add your favorite brands

You might be a street shopaholic but if you are a brand fanatic, shopping right will add up to your confidence. When you splurge a little extra on outfits, you tend to take pride and wear it like an expensive asset. You can choose to do the same with lingerie.

2- The independent

3. Signature look

We all have a signature style that only others can make out. Start analyzing and crack the code of your personal style. It is really simple as your signature can vary from bright lipsticks to jewelry. When you dress yourself in unique ways, you enhance your fashion sense. Which again boosts your confidence. Compliments are on your way!

3- Fashion

4. Heels

If you don’t have a shoe fetish that’s okay, but wearing a pair of heels will definitely bring a raise in your confidence level. Heels give a sense of power, especially pumps in bright hues. They elevate your posture and add a dose of confidence to your demeanor. Not just that, heels are a choice you can make to look like a diva, no matter where you are headed.

4- Pinterest- heels

5. Elevation with makeup

People have particular choices in makeup as well. You can create your personal signature with eye liners or lipsticks. Self-love is important and if that comes with makeup, there’s no doubt that you should apply makeup every day. It adds that authentic personal charm so go ahead and rock the look.

5- Pinterest- Makeup

6. Powerful suits

Your wardrobe capsule demands versatile styles but if wearing a basic tee and jeans is your jam lately, stop thinking. Try layering your basic outfits with neutral blazers and trousers. This will instantly shake off your style from normcore to classy. Buy clothing items that make you feel good from within and are confidence boosters for you.

6- Pinterest- Power Suits

7. Adorn yourself

Need to quirk up in a jiffy? Jewelry pieces are the way to distress. Be it earrings or bracelets, these pieces hold the charm to bring in all the spotlight. Like they say, little things work the best, adorning yourself with jewelry trends will invite eyes on you. They can instantly frame your face and outfit letting you make a statement at every occasion. BTW, they are a great way open a line of conversation!

7- Pinterest.jpg

I’d Like To Give A Warm Welcome To Crazy Beautiful Blogs & Thank You To Shraddha For Sharing Her Wonderful Expertise With Us…

Now Here Is a Bit About Shraddha And How You Can Find Her Blog

Hi! I’m Shraddha, a Fashion and Travel Blogger.
I started blogging about a year ago to unleash my creative side unto
the world. I am an Orthodontist during the day, I spend my free time
Netflix-and-chilling and obsessively watching Cat videos on YouTube.
SodaPopLove is my journey of fashion, travel and day to day living.
Its about my experiences, my learning and all things I love. In the everyday mundane life, SodaPopLove is the rainbow you look for, the strawberry to your champagne, the gloss to your lips.

You can find me Shraddha at talking about whatever has caught my fancy for this week. You can also follow me on Instagram at and Facebook at

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