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Hello, my name is Susan Riley, I’m from Long Island, New York but currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here is a bit about me, so you understand where all these blogs and opinions come from. Also, if you are seeking a Life Coach this will help you to see my background and what led me to become a Life Coach / Blogger, in the first place.

This Is My First Crazy Beautiful Share Post & It Is Going To Be Full With All The Best And Worst Parts Of Myself !!!

I’m putting myself out there for you to view and speculate about because although, I am not perfect. I am still very confident in embracing who I am regardless of my past, present and future. So happy reading, I hope my shares can help people feel inspired, motivated and most of all feel comfortable enough to make the most of this website and all the sources and information in it…

Who Did I Discover On My Self-Discovery Mission ?

When I think about who I am I get a bit overwhelmed with where to start, much like many of you I am many things. For instance to start, I am a loyal wife, a caring daughter, an overwhelmingly overprotective older sister, a fun-loving aunt, a loving niece and a great friend. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say I am a strong, honest, hard-working, fun-loving, charismatic, family oriented, hopeful and caring woman. I try, to live every day with a free spirit and an open mind.

I am the oldest of 5 children and I come from two amazing parents. I wasn’t always close to my dad but he was always an inspiration to me. My mom on the other hand was my best friend. As a family we didn’t always have everything and some days we had even less than nothing but we always found a way to make it through. I was very lucky to be a part of my family and I am truly blessed…

Here is a picture I put together of me my siblings and one of my nieces…

family framed

Now, I’m not going to say having a ton of siblings is always fun because that would so, not be true. Although, what I will say is I would not be me, without every single one of them and when we are all not, pulling each other’s hair or arguing over god knows what, we actually can have a lot fun together. Together Across the board, we are the description of Crazy Beautiful. We haven’t always had it easy but we genuinely always did our best to have each others back. Through all the hard times, we have gone through our parents always raised us to make the best of the things we had. For that is something I have always appreciated and respected about my family.

My Life Priorities

My main priorities at this moment are to move through each of my goals, one at a time. Till I finally reach the happiness, I have yearned for, for so long. Luckily, I am certainly on my way and making great strides, while I move along.

I’m the type of girl who just prays for and enjoys the simple little things in life. Yet, I still never stop wishing and dreaming of all the grander things, life has to offer. I have to admit even though, I have a chaotic life style coming from a large family this is just a given but it is so much more organized than it ever was before. Thanks to me, putting my foot down and finally putting myself, first!

Now, that I have prioritized myself, I enjoy many activities and actually find time to relax when, I want to. Self-care, is so important for your health mentally and physically. I spend most my time working my job and working towards my goals. In between I spend it swimming at the gym or my community pool, while attempting to achieve all my health goals and caring for myself and others. I do all of the above, so I can live a healthy and brighter future. Going to the gym and working off all my extra energy, really helps me to relieve myself from stress and anxiety. So, if you are a person with one or both of those things, I insist you find an activity that you can also enjoy. After a while, you will be surprised with the difference in yourself, mentally and physically. By burning that energy and taking that time to just live in the moment, it will bring you such joy and satisfaction, not to mention you may sleep a lot better as well! Besides achieving all my health and life goals. I try to take at least 5 minutes every day to just relax and breathe, away my daily stress. Another, positive way to help your body distress, is to take an hour out of every week, to just do one thing for yourself whether it is for relaxation or fun.

Thanks to all of my self-analysis, I have been able to not just find myself. I have also, been able to rebuild a realistic plan of action, for my current life and future. With all my hard work and some great life changes, I was able to bind together all the parts of me that once were separated. There is no longer a stronger or weaker side of me. For so long, I was the version of me I shared with the world that everyone needed me to be, the person I had to be to survive and the person I was underneath it all.

Thanks to me reaching a better understanding of my wants, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and the fact that I have gained self-confidence as well as a better understanding of my self- worth. I am now just one whole person for all the good anf bad I am just, who I am. That person is unique in her own individual way and wants to make a difference in this world and that is more than good enough for me. I choose to be the me that is all of the above, I don’t care what anyone has to say about it and I no longer per take in self-criticism, in such a harsh way. Over time I realized, I was my own worst critic and my own standards and self-doubt, hindered me to the point that I washed away, the person I actually was.

But today, I stand proud of the women I have become and the women I want to be. I accept and embrace all the good and bad parts of myself. Most of all I actually found the true happiness I have been searching for my whole life. All of the above, has given me more strength and drive to push myself further then I ever thought I could go before.

I share a life with my husband who I have known since I was 14 years old. He is my best friend and love of my life. Not every day is perfect and we have been through more hard times then I can count. Although together, we have always reached our greatest heights. Our life is full of all different life events, suspenseful moments and dreams that everyday we build together and try to reach… We love to spend time at the beach and just living life to the fullest of our ability…

Here Is A Glimpse Of Our Life Together Over The Years


Every day, I wake up and think to myself…

” Today, I am going to do my best to be the best version of myself. ”

Since I am not the type of girl that’s story can be shared in one simple post stay tuned for more about me and My Crazy Beautiful Shares…


Self-Dicovery & Motivational Certified Life Coach / Blogger

– Susan Riley

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