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What Is The Definition Of Relationships?

The definition of Relationships is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.


There are so many different types of relationships in the world.

The relationships of our life are what build our foundation and secure our support system. Without building proper relationships with proper boundaries our personal development would struggle at a severe level.

Being social within a network is what helps give us bonus strength to get past the little and big details of our life, that we may struggle with. Our Families and Blood Ties give us our first standing morals, faith and background. While it forms our entire view point and way of living. Our younger years are the years that we will much like a sponge absorb all the knowledge life provides us. How we deal with the knowledge we were provided as a child when we are an adult will determin if our upbringing was a positive or negative one.

It is the common goals between friends and enemies that give us drive to focus towards our goals and dreams. It is our random contact of acquaintances and strangers that allow us to have new possibilities for future growth within all aspects of our life. Same as it is the bonds, we make long the way that will help us to personally develop into the individuals we will become overtime.

So as you sit there today and read this post, I want you to think back into your past and contemplate some interesting questions, such as:

Who taught you who to love and how to love?

Who taught you how to strive for more out of life?

Who taught you to shoot for the stars?

Who inspired you to be the person you are today?

What relationships in your past motivate you to live the life you live?

Do you feel the relationships in your life provided you with the correct amount of support and guidance? Do you feel you were taught the proper details to assist you with living a proper adult life? Do you feel the love you were raised with was enough?

Then after you think about all those details consider, if all of these details helped you to build the proper boundaries for your current relationships. If not look over the rest of these pages built on healthy relationships and my new self-help pages to assist you in building a better more healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your goals as well as peace and happiness…

Remember you may not have been instilled with the proper tools to be successful but with the right amount of dedication, understanding, acceptance and over all drive you can achieve anything you set your mind on…

Today is the day to make a change toward healthy living. Today is the day to become more self-aware and to push forward regardless of what holds you back. This website is full of all types of free information specifically to help you personally build your personal development.

Now without a due I introduce you to my new page 

Healthy Relationships


Here are some other great links to help you gain knowledge and information on healthy relationships….

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And More Soon To Come…

For those of you who are lacking proper support come find some at my current support groups… Click On The Pics Below To Join Our Free Online Support & Talk Groups.

Womens Talk Group – A Group Of Women That Support Each Other Thru Positivity And Understanding While Discussing Everyday Life Events and Circumstance…


Men & Women Chatting About Life and Healthy Living While Supporting Each Other and Making Friends…

LBGTQIA + Talk And Support Group For The LGBTQIA + Community & Their Loved Ones


If You Need Addition Self Discovery Or Assistance In Coming Up With The Answers To The Above Questions Seek Self- Discovery & Motivational Life Coaching With Certified Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach Susan Riley

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