Short and Sweet

Are You In An Abusive Relationship Or Know Someone Who Is?

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is a sensitive subject that men and women face all over the world… I do not know how many of you have been affected by abuse but what I do know is that sometimes it can be a very complex situation to get away from.

Whether you are facing or know some one facing mental or physical abuse. I beg you to always remember your self-worth. Always remember you are amazing, full of beauty and should never let anyone take that away from you…

If you or someone you know is going thru a domestic violence or a mentally abusive relationship please feel free to share this link and webpage.

Also read the pages yourself as it explains how you as a loved one can help support the victim of abuse and gives sources for assistance and great information for them as well…

Here is a link to our main domestic violence and Emotional Abuse Page

Domestic Violence Page

Come find support in positivity and motivation to live a happy and peaceful life full of joy.

Click on the below picture to join my free Womens Talk Page For Good Conversation And Support From Other Women.

Thank you for viewing and sharing these links with anyone that is in need of them. Here is an affirmation you can say to yourself everymorning to start your day off right and everytime you need to remember you are in control of your life and no one else…

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