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What I’m Thankful For In 2018…

As Thanksgiving is upon us, I decided to write a post regarding what I am thankful for in my life.

Life is never easy, we all face our good and bad days. Although, I am thankful I have found a way to grow from all of them. As I sit here today and write this post. I can honestly say each of the good and bad days, that I have faced in my life in one way or another made me into the unique and strong woman, I am today.

I did not always embrace the bad times. In fact, in some cases I even handled them quite poorly. I strived to do my best through my life and I always found a way to survive. Although I never really allowed myself to live the life, I wanted to lead. I write it in this way because so many of us get negatively affected by our past. I’m a victim of that.

I used to always hold myself against impossible standards, hell somedays I still do. So frequently, I use to always be my own worst enemy. I have always attempted to hold the world on my shoulders and expected to much from myself. Now a days I have to keep myself in check and remember Im not super woman Im just me a regular woman taking one thing on at a time and if I do more my anxiety can tend to get the best of me.

So now I monitor my needs and focus on self-care, self-love and hold myself accountable when I’m to harsh on myself by saying:

  • It’s okay to not be perfect…
  • It’s okay to take my time to accomplish things because it’s not how long they took but more so that I just gave it my all.
  • I now take day by day and each passing storm one at a time.

Several years ago, tragedy struck my family in a whirl wind, when we lost my mother to cancer. At the time, I didn’t know if we would survive the continued defeat. Asthat segment of our life is when we lost other key people in our family as well. Thankfully, since then we have not just survived but we have flourished and grown in more ways then I can count. I’ve spent the last few years making amends with my past regrets and hold ups. So now, I could finally live the life I always wanted and make my mother proud.

You see, I come from a Great Family started by my amazing parents. All of which led to myself, three crazy beautiful sisters and one absolutely amazing brother being brought into this world. For all of them, I am so thankful everyday.

I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life and my very best friend in the whole world which I’ve known since I was 14 . My parents second born, my sister made me an aunt to my first neice whom totally lit up my life with joy. While My other sister also much like our mother married her childhood sweetheart and had 2 beautiful little girls as well which are also special pieces of my heart. My youngest siblings, boy and girl are still yet to embark on their own adventures but I know when they do they will lead great lives.

We come from an amazing family of amazing grandparents, aunts, uncles and even cousins galore. None of us are perfect but who is. To me my family is the pivotal point of who I am. Through the good times and bad, together or apart. We have all made amazing unforgettable memories ..

I’ve spent the last few years since my mother’s passing making amends with my past regrets and hold ups. All so, I could finally live the life I always wanted and make my deceased mother proud. I built this amazing website, that I set up to help people all over the world find peace, happiness and various sources of assistance. I became a Certified Life Coach and have been able to help several people to reach for the stars, while building realistic goals and actually achiveing them. I built 3 awesome support groups full of amazing people all looking prosper with positivity while spreading joy and motivation while enjoying great conversation.

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In all honesty, as I continue to build my business and spread my life story, experience, and wisdom. I could not be more proud of all that I have achieved. Not only in the last few years but over the span of my life. I now see all I have really accomplished. I never gave myself enough credit for these things until I went on my own Self-Discovery Journey a few years ago. Now, even though I struggle like everyone else with random life situations I can finally say I am proud and happy to be who I am personally, today!!!

Through this post, I mentioned everything I was thankful for. All while briefly touching base on various struggles with myself and life in general. I did this because by the time you reach this point in this post, I hope you can also maybe look back on your life and take your good with the bad and find a way to embrace it like I have. Or at the very least see a reason to try to work on it.

Personal growth sometimes takes more time then we want it to or maybe even longer then we think it could. Although, at the end of the day always remeber to own your experience, your struggles and cherich all the beautiful moments that made you the you that you are today. As those are the puzzle pieces of your life and the pieces that make you special. They give you strength, joy, happiness and maybe even the fuel you need to never make the same mistake or to push for more in life.

So on this Thanks Giving, when I sit down with my family these are the things I will be greatful and thankful for. My mother may not be here but she is and will forever be in my heart leading me towards success and happiness. My father has since moved on and become engaged to a woman that brings him joy and that is something I know my mom would be happy with. Life moves on in mysterious ways and it does not always give us enough time to catch up but always do your best to see the positive between it all if you want to achieve happiness.

Thank You For Reading My Crazy Beautiful Share & Happy Thanks Giving !!!

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