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Do You Know, Who You Are?

Do You Know, Who You Are?

This is one of those simple questions that is rarely answered with a simple answer. Knowing the answers to ” Who are you? What Do You Want In Life? What Made You Feel or Live This Way?”, these are all great starter questions but sometimes in order to discover the answer you need to do a little soul searching.

Some of us, from time to time may find ourselves struggling behind the scenes of our own lives. Maybe you feel like you have given up on yourself or just feel like life has taken complete control and you are just along for the ride. So how do we change that. How do we become an active member of our own life? How do we take control without frantically wanting to cry or finding ourselves overwhelmed.

Well for starters, I believe the best way to start with this process is to take a good look at your life in general. For instance being self-aware of your life is such an important part of knowing, who you are, what you want and how to build a plan of action, toward future plans.

Here are some great questions to get you started on your self-discovery mission.

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  2. How do you feel about your life at the current moment?
  3. Are you happy with your current job, living condition, relationships, and your everyday life?wheel-of-life-template
  4. Rate how happy you are in your current life in each of the above sections, then make a list of what makes you feel that way for each. Also, list the things you are happy with. So when you look over your list, you can take the good and the bad together.
  5. Do you have something from your past, holding you back? (Now, as a life coach I do not focus on the past but if you have something in your past that is holding you back it maybe a good time to try to face that situation. If you choose me to be your life coach, I am happy to get you started in discussion and depending how far you go I may suggest therapy with the proper counsel.)
    • Here are some great ways to start if you want to try on your own:
      • If your issue is with someone else share your feelings or maybe write them out in a journal. 
        • If it is a dangerous situation that you faced: Do not confront the person unless you have found a healthy and safe way to do so.
        • I find when you can not confront someone personally, nothing is wrong with writing a letter to a person and putting it in a box or diary. At least with this method you are getting it out on paper and out of your head.
        • Also, sometimes talking about something is exactly what we need to find acceptance. So find a person you trust and feel comfortable with.
  6. What are your personal wants and needs? (Another great way to determine who you are is to stop listening to who, everyone else says you are!!! I want you to remember you are your own person. For instance, if you like sunny side up eggs but your partner likes scrambled and you out of love and affection choose that’s what you eat all the time, then that is fine. Just remember, that you made that compromise out of love but not that does not mean it is your favorite. Take ownership of your own personal wants and needs. No excuses, because you matter in this life and you deserve to be cared for. Even if that means, you have to care about yourself because that should always be your first concern.)
  7. What do you want for your future? ( Do not be afraid to make a 5 year plan!!! I can not express enough how helpful this can be. Not to mention how healthy it is to take control of your future.)

The above questions are some great starter questions to get yourself, in the here and now. It’s important, to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, needs, wants, dreams and aspirations. Knowing these answers are the pivotal background questions that will help you  to build the guidelines of your life. Without knowing these answers you will be spinning in circles and just letting life run you. 


How does life end up getting ahold of us???

Well, lets start by discussing our foundation. What were the beliefs and standards you were raised by, for instance what were your taught? The average foundations are built  off being told to just be ourselves or maybe you were told to stick to a standard that is appropriate. So with that being said, we try to uphold our reputations, moral codes, our faith and religious ways. Not just for us, but because we represent a family and maybe you were taught in order to face the world you must be without negative judgments.

Most of us bend our own views and needs to uphold the society standard. Although, that maybe something you were taught and it is a great way to stay out of the lime light. That does not mean living to that standard is going to bring you happiness. In fact, people all over the world end up facing all types of unhealthy negative affects from this false reality.


  • It is okay, to not be the perfect weight, body shape or the so called false standard of perfection. (Remember, who you are is more than enough. If you choose to watch your weight for your health or exercise to keep a healthy lifestyle then that is your choice but if you are starving yourself, over exercising, or even binge eating in secret there is a better way of life for you. You just have to find the confidence in yourself that helps you to wake up and say ” I AM BEAUTIFUL OR HANDSOME THE WAY I AM “)
  • What religion, you choose to believe in or  follow is your choice. (Many people are raised with one method but later on down the line, change their beliefs. This is a part of living experience and having our own choices. This is you owning your own thoughts, participating in your own ways of life and following your own beliefs. This is a healthy way of living, if it is what helps you live proud and happy with your faith.)
  • Last but not least, NEVER BE AFRAID TO STAND OUT !!! (If you are happy with who you are and how you live your life, then that is all that matters.)

If you are a person that does not fit in you should be proud of the person you are because that means you are not just a number. It means you are the type of person that can make a difference in the world. All life changes start with someone choosing to look and live, outside the box. It may not always be the easiest method of living but I promise once you embrace your unique ways of living and what makes you so special not only will you find happiness but you will also find peace.

For those of you, that stick to the line and choose to live with in the black and a white areas, there is nothing wrong with that either. It’s all about living the life that keeps us happy and healthy. We are all the wheels that keep this wild world cranking. So that means we all need to be a part of it.


This is not a step by step process to self discovery but it contains some great options to help guide you towards peace and happiness. Never forget to be yourself, care for yourself and to live the life you want to lead.

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