What message do you want to spread to the world?

What message do you want to share with the world, from your own Personal Life Experience???

My Message, Who I want to share it with & My experience:

I want to show my My siblings, Nieces and any person out there that has been jammed up or thinks giving up and settling in life for less is their only option.

I spent the majority of my life, short changing myself because I didn’t think I would be able to reach my dreams. Between my lack of self-confidence and overall continued failed attempts to reach my dreams I built walls all around me to protect myself from the pain of more failure. I never quite quit on myself but I didn’t always give it my all either. Unfortunately, everytime I tryed when I was younger. I got knocked down by various financial reasons and just life itself. It took a long time for me to realize all of the failure and standards that held me back in my head were built on false reality. These false realities were just bumpers I placed along my path to keep me from spreading my wings and taking a swan dive down to failure city. Although, after a tragedy struck my life I finally decided to tear down all of my walls and everything that stood between my dreams because I realized if I was strong enough to get thru that I was Strong Enough for Anything!!!

So, now everyday I wake up and say to myself “Today I’m going to push myself a little harder and reach for the stars. No matter who tells me no and what stands in my way because I know in my heart all that matters is that I took my chance.

” I hope my dedication towards the achievement of my dreams can show the people I love and everyone else that needs encouragement that they can also accomplish anything they dream of.

If this life is all we have than why not live it to the very best of our capabilities???

What words of wisdom ot experience would you like to share and with who post below. 😊💞🎉

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