Hello, there my name is Susan Riley. I started this blog as a new blogger, in early January 2018. I am also a studying and Practicing Certified Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach / Personal Development Consultant. I currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida but I am originally from Long Island, New York. I am currently in the process of building, a New Life Coaching Company. Which I hope to be open by end of 2018.

Now, that I have introduced myself. Please allow me to introduce you to, My Crazy Beautiful Blogs. This webpage is set up to specifically, be a place where anyone and everyone, is welcome. That means no matter your age, sex, color, race, rich or poor you are more than welcome here. I do not care, if you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. No matter your, faith and anything else, you can think of, that could possibly make you feel divided from the pack. Please know, you are wanted and all of your comments or stories are greatly appreciated.

Please remember, as all comments and viewpoints are appreciated. All I ask you is to please be kind and respectful of other viewers thoughts and feelings!


Crazy Beautiful Blogs Category Descriptions & Release Days:

Life & My 2 Cents :

Posts based on, real-life situations and my perspective based on the subject being discussed.

My Here & Now – Random
Posts about, what is going on in the world today. Also, on what is new or exciting in my life and on the website as I live the pursuit of life in my everyday life pushing against the limits to find peace and happiness…

Short and Sweet: Random

Some short posts for your quick reading pleasure

*If you have a story, you’d like to share contact me for more information.

More to come as Blog gets more established…

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I also use many Social Media Outlets to inform you, our viewers of updates as well. Please check my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, and Tumblr for new quotes. Also, I post daily bits of inspiration and motivation towards a better and healthier future. All Links are available on this page and on my Contact’s Page.


If you would like to skip straight to my blogs, click Here. I would love, if you would give your feedback on the posts in the comment section. If you do, please include your state or the country that you are from in your comment you leave. This way all of our viewers can see, that even though our lives may be different from place to place, our struggles or views can sometimes, be quite the same. Thank you, in advance and I hope you enjoy your time reading, my blogs.

If you would like to skip straight to my Life Coaching Service Page click Here. Even though, my company is still in the process of being built. I have some really great Pre-Grand Opening Promotions to offer you. So please, head over to my service page because I would love to be the Life Coach you choose to help guide you, to achieve your goals and reach a new heights.

I work with all general life coaching situations but I specialize in self-discovery. I achieve this by assisting my clients to find their inner and outer beauty and strength. My hope is to assist my clients in finding, not just their dreams but also to help them achieve their current life goals. I do this by guiding them to, realize who they are and help them to better understand themselves and they’re self- worth. With my services, I will help you to build or rebuild your strength and find your self confidence. This will assist you to be able to face life, head on, without shame, while being able to hold your head up high.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, what makes her opinion important or worth reading? The truth is I’m just an ordinary woman living, the crazy beautiful pursuit of life, just like you and everyone else. The only difference between you and me is the path we took to get where we are today and the fact that, I am a Certified Life Coach. Being a Life Coach, I have been trained to have a couple extra skills that can help me, help you to make a change for the better and assist you to reach your current and future goals.

Once Upon a time I was just a simple, hard working, good family oriented woman looking for answers to. I decided to be a life coach because life can be so chaotic for all of us. One day, I decided I was tired of watching people like myself live through struggles, without having the proper access to assistance. I was just your average person, that was not able to get health insurance due to finances. I was also, the person that even if I had health insurance, didn’t have the money to afford a co-payment let alone my monthly payments.

Many people are burdened with lack of finances and have a serious lack of time because they have to work, care for their families and live their own lives, somewhere between it all. One of the other benefits and reasons I set up this blog is, for the average working class person of today. I want Crazy Beautiful Blogs to be a place you can take your time and look through the information I provide, for free. Maybe it’s not written by a mega star but everything I write is real. At the very least you may find comfort in the fact that maybe you may realize you are not alone in your circumstance.

Sadly, we all find ourselves going through life at one point or another feeling lack of support or understanding this is place you can find both. If your looking for comic relief trust me some of my posts have it. If your looking for the realities of the world they are here. If you are strictly here for information well I have some for all various subject just click on the search tab and write in a word and see if it comes up. If you are looking for structure and assistance check out my Life Coaching Page, My Price Page, or even My Charts/Checklists … If you’d prefer to try it on your own seek one of my specialized pages Self-Discovery, Domestic Abuse, or even my posts… If you are looking for free support and motivation do not worry I have your back there as well, please seek my Support Page which is full of Free Online Support Groups. with these groups you can find people that are just like you and maybe even make some friends, but do not be shy just be yourself the pages are set up for your safety and built with people looking for the same thing as you a safe, happy place. I will soon be adding a couple other pages to the mix so please stay tuned for My Personal & Business Consulting Page and so much more.

What could be better than that, so that means I repeat:

Between being able to come and go as you please and the fact that this page and all of the information on it and all of my daily spirts of positivity and motivation across all of my social media is 100% FREE! The fact that I absolutely want to hear your opinions and stories, Why not just check it out…


Each post, comment, thought and story on this page, is something that hopefully can bring you the hope, happiness and the motivation, you need to move forward or seek more out of life. Now sure, there is a ton of help out there but I use to be one of the people that not only had financial instability but a lack of trust for the system. You see chaos spins, through all of our lives like a tornado, leaving us with a heap of emotions and sometimes even trouble, that we have no clue, what to do with. We wake up every morning and live our lives, the best we can. Some of us struggle with financial issues, while others may struggle with addictions, heath issues, relationships of all kinds, with love or loneliness, your sexuality, race, maybe even your very own moral or spiritual beliefs. I decided, I wanted to build a company that was full of ordinary life experience and had an understanding of the realities of everyday life so I could reach out to everyone and anyone who wanted to push past what they were told was their limits.

You may have noticed by now I am not your average Life Coach, I don’t have a strictly professional look to my webpage and I’m not looking to sell you some amazing transformation that will make everyone love you. Although, what I can promise is I can teach you how to live life the way you want to. I can teach you how to tell people No!! Or, even how to trouble shoot your life realities to move past the road blocks that stand between you and your dreams. More importantly I can teach you how to look yourself in the mirror and feel happy to be in your own skin regardless of what anyone thinks.

Now maybe, you live the dream life but life is a working progress and because of that, you should never stop wanting or dreaming of new heights. Also, if you seek my services please do not be afraid to contact me. Do not be shy I don’t bite unless you give me a reason to ” Haha”. If you have financial struggles I want you to know, I have a simple start up program, to assist the people who need assistance. You do not need to give me a 15 page report and reason why you need help. I have a couple questions and verifications that are really simple to provide, without feeling shamed or guilty of your situation. For those of you that still feel uncomfortable with taking assistance, I also have an assortment of options that I can provide you at various costs. As well as support groups and Self Help Pages. We all go through hard times and I am here to help you through them, that is my job. With that being said, if you qualify for this, then there is nothing holding you back, but yourself. I promise we can move mountains to get you help if your willing to put in the time and work it takes.

As a life coach, I can provide you with the support and guidance you seek. The difference between me and a therapist or counselor is, I am not superior to you, in any way. I am just a woman that figured out how to survive another day and build a process that allows me to assist others like myself. I don’t want to help you because someone referred you to me. I want to help you because like myself back in the day, you decided today is the day, I want to make a change for myself! The fact, that you may choose me to be the person that helps you reach the next stage of your life, is an honor and my privilege.

A big part of my building this website is, the fact that most of us look around and have no support or any real way to reach out, let alone have anyone to lean on. My hopes are that maybe between this blog and my life coaching services you can find that support that you are missing here at Crazy Beautiful Blogs. I also hope after some time, this page and all of its posts will eventually be filled with comments and different thoughts, views and stories, all for you to choose from, that may help to inspire you and motivate you to live the life, you desire.


The best part of my blog besides, it being free and easy to use is you don’t have to agree with anything I write. In fact, if you don’t, please let me know why, you don’t? Give me your version, of whatever it is and why you think, I’m wrong! I am open to new thoughts and ideas as I believe being open-minded is what assists us with living in peace and happiness. That is why we all need each other! If we were alone, how would we grow and learn or build a better life for ourselves. We are human beings, all of us no matter our status, we are all the squeaky wheels, that keep our communities going. We are all just one in the same, no matter if we are poor, middle class and even the rich.

I’d like to thank you for reading through this page and any of the other parts of my website. I hope you have enjoyed the site and its content. I also, greatly appreciate your support and views. If you are seeking assistance from in life coach please do not be ashamed, Just click on this link to view my service page . We all need a little help sometimes and there is no time like today to get some.

As an extra bonus for any of your viewers, I leave you with a gift….

Below is a voucher that you can choose from. I allow each viewer to have their choice of one of the vouchers toward a future Life Coaching Session with Me. you have the option to choose between a 25% off a original priced single session or 10% off of a Package Deal.

Discount Voucher.png

Much Love

For Any One, In The Need Of Actual Emergency Assistance Please Note:

Although, I would love nothing more then to provide everyone with safety & be the shoulder that you cry on, in the most difficult times. While guiding you to achieve your goals and success. Unfortunately my ability to assist you only goes so far. So, if for any reason you find yourself in an unsafe situation or need the police or medical assistance then I ask you to, Please Dial 911 for emergency assistance. Please See Contact Page for other Emergency and Hotline numbers that maybe of great assistance to you in your time of need.

This Blogs Main Purpose:

My Hopes Graphic

Thanks For Reading My Introduction To

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