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Hello, my name is Susan Riley, I’m from Long Island, New York but currently, reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here is a bit about me, so you understand, where all these blogs and opinions come from. Also, if you are seeking a Life Coach this will help you to see my background and what led me to become a Life Coach, in the first place.

When I think about who I am I get a bit overwhelmed with where to start, much like many of you, I am many things. For instance to start, I am a loyal wife, a caring daughter, an overwhelmingly overprotective older sister, a fun-loving aunt, a loving niece and a great friend. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say I am a strong, fun-loving, charismatic, family oriented, hopeful and caring woman. I try, to live every day with a free spirit and an open mind.

Which sometimes can be difficult, while living such a busy life. Especially because besides all those personality traits, I have a ton of morals and standards I like to keep, like for instance. I am a hardworking, determined woman who rarely takes no for an answer, unless you have a really good reason, for me to do so. I always strive to do my best. I wouldn’t say, I’m over the top religious but I also wouldn’t say that I am not either.

Technically I was born and raised within the Methodist church. Although, I spent every Sunday morning of my childhood in church I haven’t seemed to find my way back to it in quite a while. I mention my religion because I feel its important, to have some sort of something, to believe in. I had several hardships at a young age that made me question my faith along the way. It wasn’t till my mom and grandma past away that I went back to my original faith. Its safe to say, that sometimes we all have to find our own path and belief system, especially as we age. If you were raised with something so strongly as a child, it is natural to eventually question it or wonder about other things.

Although, I believe in a higher power and all of that . I also believe that it is our human right to make our own path. I have tested all theories when it comes to hope and faith so on one hand, I do believe there is a destiny for each of us, the only thing with that is I also strongly believe in free will. As it is your legs that do the walking through your journey to where ever it is you are going. Maybe our faith or belief system, is what guides us but I am a firm believer in having as much control over yourself as you can. With that, I think its important for us to always be in control of our lives and have a good understanding of who we are, where we come from, what we want out of life and most importantly, what we need as well.

It took a long time for me to decide what it was I wanted out of life. More then deciding what I wanted out of life it took me longer to realize, what I originally wanted was a 14 year old girls fairly tale of security and a white knight, to save the day. I believe, we are all brought up with our dreams of the future and dreams of escaping various situations to get to a safer or more secure place. For me I realized, not so long ago that I spent my whole life trying to survive and help my family through one struggle, after another.

That idea was great, who doesn’t want to be the girl that carries the world on her shoulders and sits in the background, snapping pictures, giving high fives, helping every one but themselves get to the next level. Well I’ll tell you who didn’t want to be that girl, it was me. Sadly, that is the story of my life, wrapped in a nut shell. I have a million pictures and I am hardly in them, with exception of big occasions. I am the oldest of 5 children and people, that is a lot of kids. I had great parents they were super young when they had me and they had not a damn clue, where to start on raising me either but they did their best with the help of various family members. I was the oldest child, the Big Oops “haha”!

My dad always told me I was wanted, regardless. He told me they would have gotten around to having me sooner or later, so it didn’t matter that I was an Oops. He said “I was always wanted because he loved my mom and she loved him and that was the end of the story.” Their families were not over the moon about me being born but my parents never did anything in order anyway and they were happy that way. My dad was and still is a dreamer and my mom much like every young girl just wanted the fairytale ending. She fed into my fathers dreams and away they went, I was just lucky enough to be the bundle of joy, that got to see the majority of their love story.

This is my very own cartoon version of a day with my siblings and my one niece. We have always been the wild and crazy types. I always tell everyone growing up at my house was like living at a gladiators camp. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother our house was full of drama and a day, never went by with out excitement. 

family framed Now, I’m not going to say having a ton of siblings is always fun because that would so, not be true. Although, what I will say is I would not be me, without any of them and when we are all not, pulling each other’s hair or arguing over god knows what, we actually can have a lot fun together. Together Across the board, we are the description of Crazy Beautiful. We haven’t always had it easy but we genuinely always did our best to have each others back. Through all the hard times, we have gone through our parents always raised us to make the best of the things we had. For that is something I have always appreciated.

You maybe wondering ” Okay, she’s a Life Coach, so when is she going to tell her about her success and riches.” Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but if you are here in the belief that I have found my fairy tale you have arrived a bit to early to the scene. You see I wanted to become a Life Coach for a very important reason. Lets start with, the down falls of being a life coach though.

  • This is no get rich scheme, Life Coach’s really hit the gold mine. If you are looking to be a life coach realize it is not for everyone.
  • This business seems to have a lot of risk factors. For instance, You are not a hero, you are not suppose to save the world. Your job as a life coach is to guide your clients to the next step of their goals.
  • You are not a therapist, so in some way’s your work is frowned upon because really where is your degree. I mean yes I did get certified but I did not go to school forever like an actual therapist.
  • All we can do as a Life Coach to assist our clients is help them to build a structured and reasonable plan of action. The clients have to do the rest.

Now let me tell you why even though this is not going to make me rich and a majority of the time I am going to have to remain fairly structured and passive, why  chose this profession.




Now that I’ve given you my background, I will tell you a bit about my life. For starters I should probably start with my husband. That’s a story in a half. No lie, I met him in Junior high, at 14 years old. I probably should have left him there at that lunch table because he was trouble walking. He use to steal my chocolate chip cookies and soda “Haha” but instead being upset about it. I always made sure I bought enough to keep him coming back. You see back then, I didn’t meet a whole lot of kids, living in my neighborhood that understood hardships or tragedies. So, when he would talk and banter on about his crazy life, it made me feel like maybe for once, I wasn’t alone. Listening to him made me feel like I wasn’t the only kid that had serious responsibilities and a grim unknown future. I would have to say, we are The pure definition of a (Ride or Die Relationship). You name it, we’ve been through it together and apart. We didn’t get together, till I was 18. But it has been one hell of a wild ride ever since, we did. Our relationship was on again, off again since then till I turned about 25. We made a pact on his couch at 18, that if we weren’t married by 25, we would marry each other. I moved to Florida when I was 22 and both of us dated other people for years until to my surprise. He crossed multiple states to get to me and showed up with bells on “giggle” literally like 3 days after his 25th birthday. I never saw it coming. Now, I’m not saying that it was love at first sight because that was not the case. we both had a ton of baggage and it took him a whole another year or so to convince me that we were real and he told me that ” He knew he would never be good enough for me but he would spend the rest of his life trying to be and that, No MATTER WHAT I DID ID NEVER FIND ANYONE WHO WOULD LOVE ME MORE” haha”. I don’t know if it was the words or the bracelet on that Christmas morning but right then he stole my heart again forever. I would definitely have to say that at times even though he has full potential to be, my # 1 enemy. There are so many times, I would have been lost without him. He is my best friend and absolute love of my life. We have been married since January 2014. I wouldn’t always call it HAPPILY EVER AFTER, but after all whose marriage is! Marriage is a work in progress, for everyone. IT Takes Tons Of Patients, Some Real Serious Loyalty and Lot’s of Love!!!

jimmy n me

Due to all my obligations and an overall very chaotic schedule. I very rarely get to be, that free-loving weirdo, that I really am at heart, the one that loves to explore and be wild. My hope is over time, I will find a way to enjoy life the way, I deserve. My main priorities at this moment are to move through each of my goals, one at a time. Till I finally reach the happiness, I have yearned for, for so long. Luckily, I am certainly on my way and making great strides, while I move along.

I’m the type of girl who just prays for and enjoys the simple little things in life. Yet, I still never stop wishing and dreaming of all the grander things, life has to offer. I have to admit even though, I have a chaotic life style, it is so much more organized than it ever was before. Thanks to me, putting my foot down and finally putting myself, first!

Now, that I have prioritized myself, I enjoy many activities and actually find time to relax when, I want to. Self-care, is so important for your health mentally and physically. I spend most my time working my job and working towards my goals. In between I spend it swimming at the gym, while attempting to achieve all my health goals and caring for myself and others. I do all of the above, so I can live a healthy and brighter future. Going to the gym and working off all my extra energy, really helps me to relieve myself from stress and anxiety. So, if you are a person with one or both of those things, I insist you find an activity that you can also enjoy. After a while, you will be surprised with the difference in yourself, mentally and physically. By burning that energy and taking that time to just live in the moment, it will bring you such joy and satisfaction, not to mention you may sleep a lot better as well! Besides achieving all my health and life goals. I try to take at least 5 minutes every day to just relax and breathe, away my daily stress. Another, positive way to help your body distress, is to take an hour out of every week, to just do one thing for yourself whether it is for relaxation or fun.

Thanks to all of my self-analysis, I have been able to not just find myself. I have also, been able to rebuild a realistic plan of action, for my current life and future. With all my hard work and some great life changes, I was able to bind together all the parts of me that once were separated. There is no longer a stronger or weaker side of me I am now just one whole. I choose to be the me that is all of the above, I don’t care what anyone has to say about it and I no longer per take in self-criticism, to the point that I use too. I realized, I was my own worst critic and over time, my own standards and self-doubt, hindered me till I washed away, the person I actually was.

Now, I control the anxiety that once took over my life with continued structure, dedication and knowing all my boundaries. I no longer suffer due to judgment or self-ridicule because I discovered, a better way to live. The way I choose to live now, is with confidence in myself, as I now see my self-worth and with acceptance of the things I can not change. I now live by the understanding that perfection is just a taboo and not realistic. I believe although, it is good to have standards. That we should also be more, open-minded to the realities of the world, before nailing ourselves or anyone else to a cross.

Due to all of the above (I will say, It again & again a million times!):


I’d like to consider myself to be, a true lady. But not, one of the ones that run around with their nose in the air. I’m the type of lady that tries to take pride in myself and all I do. I live by the rules and generally, have pretty high morals for myself. Most days, I’d love nothing more than to kick off my shoes and take a day off from being an adult, but sadly that is not very often an option for me, as I am a very busy woman.

Things I do enjoy, are hanging out with my amazing pets and family as You have already seen my Family it is time to introduce to my ZOO.

my zoo

I love all my little Critters SOoo Much ❤

And last but not least, here is where you might be shocked, my long time pet Rose Hair Tarantula!

I will assume you are thinking to yourself, ” I did not see that coming”:

Besides hanging out with my pets, I have a lot of really great skills and characteristics that assist me in being open-minded and yet still realistic. I am a dreamer but I also see many things from a realist point of view. I was raised to be both a dreamer and a realist. I have high hopes and big dreams, some simple and some grand. My dreams and aspirations include attempting to experience all life has to offer me. I wish I could travel and take in every Site and every Scent there is available. To me, nothing is more magical than exploring different experiences and embracing life on the fly, head on.

You can say, I’m inquisitive because I frequently have questions about everything. Maybe, this is because I’m diligent or maybe it is my obsessive compulsive disorder. Chances are it’s just because I’m just curious, honestly it could be all the above regardless of all the above, I Am, WHO I AM!

I enjoy being creative and an artistic, it brings me true happiness and relaxation. From time to time I choose to be an activist in my writing and life because I love fighting for a cause. Especially when it’s one that has touched my soul or one that just needs fighting for. I’m not afraid, to stand against a crowd even if I have to stand alone. If it’s something I find worth fighting for, I will give my whole heart and soul, to the cause.

Once upon a time, I use to spend a lot of time settling with less. All due to a sense of obligation, to everyone and everything besides myself, like most. The plain fact is before I took control of my life and started living for me and my life, I let everything ride. Back then being an artist or a dreamer, didn’t pay the bills. Being an activist, would have been great, but I realized if I wanted to make a change, I had to start with changing myself. That meant I would have to fix the problems in front of me, before I could fix the worlds. Once deciding that, I had so many questions for myself. Starting with…

When I started this blog, I already came so far on my journey of self-discovery but I had to continue to go, further. I had to combine my outer and inner self. So, with that I pondered starting a blog. I thought, I could make it my virtual place, where I could still take care of others, be a good loyal woman, who takes care of herself, yet a strong activist whom is able to express her artistic and creative inner beauty that so frequently was stomped out, by my life.

Most of all, I was really just an average woman trying to get a glimpse of pure joy and happiness but constantly giving up because the process was so hard. The cycle just continued to happen over and over. So, after many failed attempts. to take control. I decided to just leap.

So, that is when I created MY CRAZY BEAUTIFUL BLOGS. The way I saw it, was I didn’t have much more to lose. My experience and failures were a part, of who I was. I figured if my 2 cents can bring just one-person comfort or understanding and bring me, the ability to be free to express myself. Well then, nothing is wrong with killing two birds with one stone!

It’s been some time now since I started My Blog. I have to say since Crazy Beautiful Blogs started my life is so much different. I have accomplished, so many great things and I still have, so far to go. The thing, I’m most proud of is, that I now officially own this Domain name, so that means I’m OFFICIAL !!! So sure, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back. As we all should, when we reach the goals we work towards. When we set out to achieve something and then actually achieve them, it is a great feeling and deserves to be celebrated because achievements are great! Your hard work towards achieving that goal is something that should be celebrated, no matter how small it is because we all need recognition and support. With out it, we are just left in the wind feeling uneasy or unsure. Sometimes, we may not have the support and recognition available to us. So, we have to give it to ourselves. How I celebrated my achievement was by spreading cheer across all my social media page “giggle” and giving myself the night off of cooking dinner and getting take out.

So, let’s break this down, I’ve Told You, Who I am, a smidge about my family, The small glimpse into my, love life and why I’m here. I suppose now you’d like my story.

This is a Silly Pic of me As a Kid with My Mom

She was my Rock and Biggest Supporter. If I were to dedicate this blog and all my hard work to anyone, it would be her. With out her love and support I would have never been the strong, charismatic, understanding and caring woman, I am today.

So, what could a good girl with some fire and flair, for the good life, possibly know about strength or weakness, never mind pain or tragedy. Well, don’t be fooled by my happy demeanor, it took a lot to get here. No matter, how happy you become in life it is always a working, progress. Underneath, this obligated, control freak with a yearning need for the ridiculous side of life, is a much deeper version of me. Yes, I’m a Gemini and it is true, we have many sides. So, you can see why I wanted them all combined because before my life was, Literally A WRECK!

Before I came to the realization, that I deserved the life I wanted and yearned for. I generally put the people I loved and people in need, before my own needs. Although, I am proud to be that type, of woman. I recently realized the drawbacks it had on my life. So often, people give and give. Never Realizing, how unhealthy it is to give everything you have away. Just to leave yourself with crumbs of time to live or experience things in. I don’t know, what type of things because what I had left at the end of the day, was nothing. Nothing more than maybe a few minutes to breath and then rest. I missed out, on so much because I let my life pass by, before my own eyes.

I was exhausted, all the time and then it happened. I had a full-blown anxiety attack. Which by the way, ruined my next three days. I’m guilty of that, giving my whole heart and soul away, walking around with nothing left except for myself but more baggage, then I started with. A lot of the viewpoints on this blog are going to come from that version, of my perspective. They are also, the very experiences that make me the type of Life Coach, that I am. On the other hand, thanks to me accepting myself and realizing the error of my ways. All with the help of some random groups with like-minded woman and men. All of whom experienced similar experiences or feelings. I was finally able to face the realities that stood in my way. So, then I did a little soul seeking.

Since then, I have been able to identify, what parts of myself were, unhealthy. Now due to that, I am able to give 2 very different points of view, possibly 3 if you count my odd adventurous side. See, I know what it’s like to be a victim of your own self-criticism. I know what it is to be weak and strong on more levels, than one. I get what it feels like to be left behind or not even noticed. I know too well the feeling of neglect and the wrath of being helpless, in a hopeless situation.

All of which, I’m not proud of but those very sad details of my life are also some of the ingredients to my soul. It’s real and all of it is part of me. This is the Susan Riley in the Raw Version of myself.

I can’t say its all been bad, that would be untrue. I have lived a great life. I have an amazing family and have been on some pretty awesome adventures, to say the least. Even with all of that, I still never lived a cookie cutter life, but who really has?

I have experienced things that would break any person, on any given day. I have weathered through storms not created by nature but by really bad decisions. I have made my fair share of really bad judgment calls and I have learned my lesson, more than once.

My hope and plan of action to bring happiness into my life, is to take all those experiences and share them. One by one, with the world, to help other people who have shared my same struggles maybe take a better direction then I did.

I’d also like to reach out, to the people who think they are better than everyone else and are judgmental or rude to others. I would like to give them a reason, to realize that struggle and failure gets everyone. I wish no one had to go through or experience hardships but they are a part of reality. If you have not experienced a similar situation to the people you judge, you have no right to judge or speak at all.

So now, when you look at My Crazy Beautiful Blogs or contemplate using me as your Life Coach. You will know that the information I gave you, may not be in a book, written by a doctor but it comes from experience in real life.

How I have lived my life and the experiences, I have had during it stand for something. I may be a unique individual, we all are in our own way. Although, if you are a woman, in your thirties, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a grandchild, niece, blog writer, american, Life Coach, Pet Owner, Dreamer, Realist, Activist, Artist, Strong, Weak, or even just a Human Being then my friend, we are one of the same cloth. We may just have a different design. If you share any of those descriptions with me then a piece of us represent each other. Each blog post comes straight from my heart and as for the rest, anything I don’t know or have yet to experience will be noted and written as speculation.

Thank you for your curiosity and taking the time to understand, what is behind this blog and everything, I stand for. I wish you well through all your days. Remember, when one door shuts, another will open and when it does make sure you grab it and just live without hesitation.

If you are interested in my Life Coaching Assistance, please see my page Simply Unique Life Coaching. Thank you for your patience and reading ❤