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A Message from Susan Riley About Crazy Beautiful Blogs

Crazy Beautiful Blogs, Is A Webpage / Blog That I Set-up to Assist Individuals from Different Backgrounds. All Over The World, To Share Their Very Own Personal Stories and Life Experience. 47010850_203843420538425_4901433948258697216_n

At Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions, we believe shared experience is the key to helping individuals to build a better understanding of the world around them. We believe that so often people will blind themselves to the reality of their lives because they do not have enough access to reasonable or rational answers and solutions. So many details of our lives  are predetermined by standards that are forced upon us. This is the unfortunate reason why so many people will bend their wants and needs. So, instead of living the life they could find true joy in. They live a life that looks correct on paper or decent to their peers. We want to be a company that helps your reach greater heights in your own way. We want to help you to find the journey that makes you live without regret, disappointment, lack of confidence, and a sense of belittlement.

We feel through Crazy Beautiful Blogs, we can help spread positivity, motivation, and resources to our viewers and clients. All of our posts are set up to aid you in finding your True Voice, Self-Discovery, Confidence, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Empowerment, Dreams and Aspirations. As a bonus our company is set up to provide services that can assist you will all of the above and more. This Blog and website, does it’s best to provide Resources & Knowledge for you about Real Life Circumstances not just the everyday False Standards.  We also love any participation from our viewers, so please be sure to comment and give your thoughts and experience in the comment area below each post. We love the concept of debate because as long as it is clean valuable insight from your own experience we feel maybe your opinion and experience will reach someone where we could not. Thank you for viewing our website we hope you enjoy all of our blog posts and informational pages.


Crazy Beautiful Blogs Category Descriptions & Release Daysjojnlm

49210668_2301858136738975_2771162879913623552_n.jpgThe Here & Now – Random

This category is all about, our newest news at Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions. This is where we keep you updated and aware of our newest company news, announcements and service  updates. We appreciate your interest in our blog and services. Thank you for  any of your views, likes, comments, shares and support.


Life & My 2 Cents: (Tuesdays @ 6 am)

Posts written based off my Real-life Experience, Real-life News, Every Day Life and My Real Life Personal Knowledge & Experience. Requested Topics, that I have built a post to create an open conversation to get real world comments, likes, thoughts and concerns.


The Peoples Voice Posts

These Posts Are Strictly Questions Set Up To Motivate Thought and Opinions of Everyday People… Our hope is that each post in this category will inspire who views it to participate with thwir thoughts. This will allow others to see the perspectives of others all around the world. So, when you comment feel free to be anonymous but please add your age range or at least where you are from…

Real Live Shared Stories: ( Thursdays @ 6 am) 

I know everyone in the world faces struggles every day. With each struggle in life no matter how big or small, you will be forced to find strength that you may have never knew actually existed. We never quite know how strong we are until we have no choice but to find the strength to survive. This Category will be full of life stories shared by myself an others that decided to share their story. I hope you take all of the above as a an opportunity to view life from someone else’s perspective while really contemplating if you yourself have ever experienced such a situation and how you may have handled it.39404642_480678785728439_5201589550215856128_n

If you have a story of your struggles or success and you would like to share them. I am happy to post it for you on my webpage because sometimes moving forward is as simple as stating your truths or allowing yourself to be self-aware of your past, present and future. Some will tell you it is best to just move forward and sometimes we have no choice but to do, just that.

Although, if you have a chance to face the things that held you back or stand up where you may have let things go in the past, it makes for one hell of a come back. It builds character and helps you to move on in a peace. Maybe you do not have a story maybe it is just information on health, beauty, travel, parenting, marriage, divorce, or even  sickness. What ever it is that you would like to share I am more then happy to help you get your thoughts, feelings and experience out there.

When sharing your story, keep in mind you have the opportunity to be a ghost writer or scream your name proudly. Which ever one helps you feel comfortable or find your voice is what I suggest you do. If at any point in time after your post has been posted you decide to change your mind I can take it down or even change your name to ghost writer. 49155155_722375074828989_5852188606348656640_n.jpg

So, come join me in spreading knowledge, care and support. Come share your story today. Let your pain and suffering or your perseverance be the history that changes someone else’s life. We all have struggles in life but by sharing our experience, we can help each other to get past the dark days and push toward the light.

Your past can never be changed but this is a great way to turn your negative into a positive by helping others. Let me help you find your voice and so much more… Contact me today for details see my website for contact info. Or contact in comments below!49589613_532345390580977_4606300365661405184_n.jpgjojnlm Our Hopes for Our CRAZY BEAUTIFUL BLOGS:jojnlm

Our hope for this website is to bring people the insight and understanding they need to push past their problems. While also providing them with guidelines to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. These posts are meant to help people see things from other angles, they may not have come to on their own. CYMERA_20180328_161359.jpg

If you are in a situation, where you do not know who you are anymore or just in general need to make a change to find happiness. Well Then, this is the place to start your search !!!

Here at Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions, we could not be prouder of what this blog and webpage has achieved. Crazy Beautiful Blogs reaches new and amazing heights helping men and women all over the world every single day. We work very hard to provide great information and resources to better assist you in your personal development. We also welcome any sources or ideas you can think of that could aid others.

On Crazy Beautiful Blogs, there are no wrong answers or ways of living…

To us there are only people who are trying to achieve goals, one step at a time. We know life is full of CRAZY BEAUTIFUL moments that may or may not build us up or break us down. This is why we call ourselves “Crazy Beautiful Life Solutions”!

We welcome and greatly appreciate all of your thoughts and opinions. We hope to inspire people all over the world to share their life experience & stories of perseverance and success. We believe these stories can help other people to face their own life struggles and inspire them to not give up in times of pain or sorrow.

What people take from our posts is completely up to them. We all have to learn and grow at our own pace. We believe by sharing these posts and any Real Shared Stories that we can assist you in finding a way to turn your negative situation or past event into a positive direction.

Please Help Us Spread World Knowledge by Sharing Your Story as Your Random Act Of Kindness to One Or Many Anonymous People In Need of Help…

round JKNLM;L,

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