Womens Inspirational talk and Support…

Hey ladies I'm trying to set up this great support group for women of all sorts of issues and struggles just looking to make a change or be heard. The page is run by myself Susan Riley. I am a Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach. I set this page up so women from anywhere with … Continue reading Womens Inspirational talk and Support…

Is your schedule chaotic?

So, we wake up everyday and we get ready for work or whatever daily chores or activities, we have scheduled for the day. Some of us have an excellent schedule and are fully prepared while other's may, rush around aimlessly forgetting everything they need. That is until they remember and have to rush back home … Continue reading Is your schedule chaotic?

What is Anxiety, To You?

When I think of anxiety only one word describes it for me, Horrific! Anxiety is such a horrible thing to go through. It affects us in so many ways. Horrific, sounds like a word that may be a bit over the top but if you have ever experienced a panic attack or an anxiety attack, … Continue reading What is Anxiety, To You?

Life & Hardships As I See It

What I’ve learned is, no one person goes through life only having hardships or only experiencing happiness. Life is so hard, all we do is try to survive life’s struggles and overcome any bumps in the road. All with the idea that some way or another we can achieve our initial future plans. Balance in … Continue reading Life & Hardships As I See It

How To Avoid Playing Opossum In Life

Life’s up’s and down’s can happen at any point in our lives. You can be the strongest person in the universe and with a couple really bad days or life experiences. It can completely change, who you are and how you react to the rest of your life. We have many mechanisms to prevent us … Continue reading How To Avoid Playing Opossum In Life

The Silly Thing About Judgment!

The world has an abundance of judgment, that is constantly weighing on our ability to move forward or push past our insecurities. In many ways, judgments can help us and hurt us. It may hinder our ability to live a life with positivity but it does not have to. Now granted there may be a … Continue reading The Silly Thing About Judgment!