Healthy Relationships

What Is The Definition Of Relationships?

The definition of Relationships is the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.


There are so many different type of relationships in the world. So let’s start at the beginning The very first relationship you will have from birth is to your parents

Our Blood Parents are the very first bond we have along with any one related to them. As we are all related through blood. Every relationship after that moment is left up to possibilities and chance… The relationships you build through out your life are the ones that will help to build your personal and social life. These men and women will inspire, motivate and guide you through life. Some may hold you back while others may even go as far as breaking your heart along the way. Either way these are the bonds that will make you and break you while you travel through your life.


Nothing in life is ever a 100 % but anything you are willing to work on and build off of has the possibilities of being successful. All relationships take a long list of sacrifice, commitment and patience because no two people are the same. In many ways that is exactly what makes us and every bond we ever make so special.

The Next Type Of Relationships


To Have A Relationship With One Self Is To Practice

Self-Love ~ Self-Care ~ Self- Awareness ~ Self- Accountability

Definition Of Self-Love:

The instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, especially an excessive regard for one’s own advantage.


Family Relationships

Now a day’s families are built-in all sorts of ways. Some families are built by blood while others purely built off of desire and chance. Which ever way your family was built these people are supposed to be the back bone of your life…

You are meant to support, respect, and care for one another through out your days as your are meant to remain as a team of individuals that stick together thru think and thin!

Occasionally, family members will argue, fight and disagree about life circumstance but you must always do your best to love, cherish and be there for one another…

How A Family Is Built?

Each individual family is built upon a marriage, also called matrimony or wedlock. Generally it is a socially or ritually recognized union between two partners who legally bind themselves together as spouses. Then together those partners will build their family but having biological, adopted children or fostered children .

From there after your children age and go through the process of growth. They will eventually build their own family’s creating a sub section to your family tree. This process will continue down the line until one day your line just stops adding to it.



Close Friends

Friendships are generally built off of common respect, trust and loyalty…

Friends are made over time to let one within your circle is to have found trust and loyalty within them. Possibly you may have even taken a chance due to similar backgrounds or common goals.

Either way, what ever lead your friendship to happen and continue. It is because of your respect and support for one another’s choice of lifestyle, goals and dreams. It is also the ability to accept each others strengths and weaknesses regardless of how you may feel.

Building a good friendship is the start of building a support system in which you feel comfortable among and can be yourself while enjoying someone else’s company…

Close Friends Can Also Build Into A Loving Or Casual Relationship

Boyfriend & Girlfriend ~ Girl Friend & Girl Friend ~ Boyfriend & Boyfriend

No matter what type of partner you prefer and no matter what your gender or lifestyle maybe it is you and your partner that will build the boundaries and the standard that your relationship will be built on…

What Type Of Relationship Your Are Currently In:


Generally, acquaintances are the people who you work with but do not tell your private life to… They may also be you class mates, extended friends of friends or anyone that you even pass by on the street and wave to on your morning jog or through out a common day.

Who Are Strangers & What Do They Do For Your Life?

We have all heard the words, “Stranger Danger”!!!

Although, we should always be cautious of those we do not know. That does not mean we should not give them a chance. I always say everyone right off the bat deserves respect but trust is something that is build over time…

Having a good set of personal boundaries as well as morals will assist you in deciding who among the strangers in the world you should take a chance on. All relationships come down to what you are willing to put in and what some one else is willing to give in return. All relationships are built from scratch so do your best to make it your business to build strong boundaries to assist you in building life long relationships…


Every Relationship Needs Boundaries

In Order To Be Successful No Matter What Stage You Are At In It…

Why Are Your Sworn Enemies Actually On The List Of Relationships?

Well here is something I also always like to remind people of.

In many ways in order to not like someone they do not have to be an enemy they can in fact be a simple acquaintance that didn’t make the cut to a be your friend…

Although, for those special few that made it on your hate list you have to remember why it is they are there in the first place…

For example lets discuss what an enemy actually is?

According to

An enemy or a foe is an individual or a group that is verified as forcefully adverse or threatening. The concept of an enemy has been observed to be “basic for both individuals and communities”. The term “enemy” serves the social function of designating a particular entity as a threat, thereby invoking an intense emotional response to that entity. The state of being or having an enemy is enmity, foehood or foe ship.

As you see an enemy as someone who at one point did something to you that had a negative effect on your life or even someone that crossed one of the boundaries you set for yourself. Which set a ripple effect leading you to no longer accept them within your circle as well as creating unwanted negative emotional baggage.


The Above Graph Shows Causes Of Conflict

These Causes May Have Led To Conflicts In Your Previous Relationships That Changed Your Family Member, Friend, Partner, Acquaintance or Stranger Into An Enemy.

As Sad As It Maybe, In Many Cases Some Times Our Worst Enemies Are Even Those Of People That We Have Loved In The Past But Due To A New Lack Of Trust, Respect and Over-All Hatred. You May Have Now Built Walls To Protect Yourself From This Person !!! The Most Important Thing You Can Do When You Have Been Hurt By Someone Is To Keep Awareness Of The Realities Behind The Situation. Then It Is Best That When We Realize We Built These Walls To Protect Ourselves That We Do Not Let Them Rule All Of Our Relationships, So We Can Still Process Possibilities Without Shutting Ourselves Down…


In order to overcome these conflicts and to refocus your emotions it is a very healthy practice to forgive your enemy for their actions and move forward with your life in a healthy and accepting manner. As life is full of things we can not change and for those things that we can not change are just a process of life… You do not have to forget athe conflict or even the feeling that the the conflict caused you as it is very wise to always be self-aware. Living with blinders on and sweeping your troubles under a rug is never the best policy as each part of your life good or bad is a action and reaction the built the life you lead.

So With That Being Said Always Remember To Learn From Your Past & To Use Your Knowledge And Self-Awareness To Shoot For The Stars… 



So Lets Look Into What It Takes To Build A Healthy Relationship?


Here is a wheel with a great balance of what a Healthy Relationship should involve…


Without one of the above or if you are limited in some of the areas your relationship will lack the most prominent ingredients that a relationship should have. This will greatly affect the efficiency and success this bond will have at survival.

What It Takes To Have A Healthy Or Unhealthy Love…?

heakthyloveand un




Lets take some of your relationships for example:

  • How have your past and current relationships affected your life?
  • Which of your current or past relationships have affected you personally in a positive or negative way?
  • What do you feel your past relationships have taught you that will benefit your ability to prosper and achieve greatness in each and everyone of your days?
  • Was the bond between you and your parents one that provided you with the necessary support & love that you needed to build proper future relationships?
  • What are some important factors of past relationships that affect you in your day to day living the most?
  • Do your past relationship conflicts affect you negatively in new and prosperous relationships and if so how do you think you can help yourself over come these past burdens?

There are so many questions that you can ask yourself to help you refocus and channel the proper information you seek if you look within yourself for the true answers…

Healthy Relationships Help You To Built Proper Foundations And To Reach Greater Heights Here Is Some Ways To Achieve A Prosporus Life…

Here Are The Ingrediants Of A Proper Relationship


Do you have all of the above in each of your relationships?

Everyday In Your Life, Do On To Others As You’d Like Them To Do On To You??? 

relationships-love-language-working-together-with-your-spouse.jpgCan You Honestly Say That You Bring Your Best Self To The Table With Your Loved Ones And Friends? How Do You And Your Loved Ones Support Eachother Toward Greater Heights And How Do Your Current Relationships Benefit You In Your Current Life?

Here Is A Checklist To Help You See If Your Relationship Is On The Right Track :


If You Are Missing One Of The Above In Your Current Relationship You May Not Last The Sands Of Time But At Any Point In Time If You Are A Dedicated Member Of Your Relationship You Will Find A Way To Make It Work Regardless Of What Hinders You And It.

Here Are Some Common Issues And Examples Of Unbalanced Relationships That Common People Deal With Everyday:


Characteristics of codependency.jpg


Domestic Violence or Mental Abuse

Lack of Communication & Respect

At the end of the day not all relationships are going to last. Some will flourish while others will crumble. Some may even go back and forth until someone calls it quits. The number one rule though should always be to keep to your moral standings, your set self and relationship standards, to your beliefs and faith all the while remaining true to your truest desires…

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Together We Can Push Forward…


And More Soon To Come…

    Please Below Feel Free To Comment With Your Thoughts, Feelings And Any Other Ideas You May Have To Assist Others In Building Healthy Relationships As Well As Your Thoughs And Comments On This Page… CYMERA_20180510_004146.jpg

Here Are Some Great Relationship Graphics I Found On The Internet From Multiple Unknown Sources, With Valid And Inspirational Relationship Advice. 


Thank you for looking over the above page if you are interested in seeking assistance in any of your relationships please feel free to call today for your Free Life Coaching Consultation

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