Life Coach Susan Riley

Hello, my name is Susan Riley, I’m from Long Island, New York but currently reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here is a bit about me, so you understand more about where all these blogs and opinions come from. Also, if you are seeking a Life Coach this will help you to see my background and what led me to become a Life Coach / Blogger/ Business Owner, in the first place.

I’m putting myself out there for you to view and speculate about because although, I am not perfect. I am still very confident in embracing who I am regardless of my past, present and future. I hope, my share can help people feel inspired and motivated. I started this website after a very dark and tragic time in my life. After, I weathered through the storm. I decided, I had to face my own personal demons and all that hindered me from moving forward. The only way I could successfully accomplish getting back on my feet towards a more happy and healthy version of myself.

Was to dig deep into all I knew about myself. I was always raised to be a strong individual. I was raised to be faithful with good morals and I spent my younger years going to my families church. My parents taught me no matter what held me back to always reach for the stars. So that is all exactly what I did!

 My Back Story 

 Who am I ? Well, much like many of you I am many things. For instance to start, I am a loyal wife, a caring daughter, an overwhelmingly overprotective older sister, a fun-loving aunt, and a great friend. When it comes to my personality, I would have to say I am a strong, honest, hard-working, fun-loving, charismatic, family oriented, hopeful and caring woman. I try to live every day with a free spirit and an open mind.

A little personal background information, I am the oldest of 5 children and I come from two amazing parents. I wasn’t always close to my dad but he was always an inspiration to me. We spent a lot of time never seeing eye to eye when I was a child. Although, he always did his best to be there for me and teach me about life. In fact, I spent a lot of my younger years working side by side with him doing construction. I loved going to work with him he taught me so much and we always tried to make it a bonding experience, which was nice. My mom on the other hand, was my best friend. She always pushed me to follow my dreams and believe in myself. I couldn’t have asked for a better mom if I tried. As a family, we didn’t always have everything. Some days, we had even less than nothing but we always found a way to make it through. I was very lucky to be a part of my family and I am truly blessed. My parents accomplished so much together and had a special type of love that I just didn’t see in others. To my siblings and I, we do not know how they made it through all of our struggles. My father always worked so hard and my mother was always on top of everyone of us in such an easy going manner.

Here is a picture I put together of me my siblings and one of my nieces…family framed

Now, I’m not going to say having a ton of siblings is always fun because that would be absolutely false. Although, what I will say is I would not be me, without every single one of them. When we are all not, pulling each other’s hair or arguing over god knows what. We actually can have a lot fun together. Together Across the board, we are the description of Crazy Beautiful. We haven’t always had it easy but we genuinely always did our best to have each others back. Through all the hard times, we have gone through. Our parents always raised us to make the best of the things we had. That is something, I have always appreciated and respected about my family. Being rich in my family, does not mean rich in money. In my family, being rich is having each other all and the lives we built up from nothing but love, support and from everything we learned not to do.

Besides my parents and siblings I was very close to my grandparents, aunts and uncles. It turned out that in a big way since my parents were younger when they had me I was a bit of a community child “haha”! I was so blessed to have people who loved me and supported me the way they all did. No family is without faults trust me this I know but after acknowledgement of the bad times. I choose to look past the negative and focus on all the good times. jimmy n me.jpg

I share my life with my husband James. We have known each other since, I was 14 years old. He is my best friend and the love of my life. Not every day, is perfect but we have been through more hard times than I can count and survived. Together, we have always reached our greatest heights and achievements. Our life is full of all different life events, suspenseful moments and dreams, that everyday we build together. We love to spend our time at the beach and just living life to the fullest of our ability. We actually spend a lot of our free time just going with the flow because we live such a crazy schedule.  I would not say my marriage is perfect but I will say like most realistic marriages it is a work in progress. I always like to tell my clients and followers, that marriage is built up on two people who have to find time to love themselves and each other. We have not always been able to balance doing both at the same time but over the last few years we have been better at it. Marriages take a ton of communication, Compromise,  patience, trust, respect and faith. If one piece of those ingredients fall unbalanced so will your relationship. So, if you feel you can build all of that with someone and be happy with your life than in the end all the compromise, patients, and sacrifice you put in will be well worth your time. 

My Self-Discovery & Every Day Plan of Action

My plan of action, is to move through each of my goals, one at a time. Luckily, I have certainly been on my way and making great strides, while I move along. After that hectic period in my life, I finally decided it was time to change my life. Every day since that is exacty what I did. I have always had a chaotic lifestyle, I was always a little different then others. Since my self-discovery period and time I took to embrace who I was it ha become more organized.  Through my self discovery mission, I built my confidence up and my whole world changed. I was able to finally realize my self-worth and come to personal acceptance of the things I had no control of. Thanks to me, putting my foot down and finally putting myself first. I was able to start to personally grow in ways, I was never able to before.

I have always been the type of woman, who just praise for and enjoys the simple little things in life. Yet, I still never stopped wishing and dreaming of all the grander things, life has to offer. When I was down on myself and focused all my energy on everyone but myself, I gave up on my dreams and aspirations.  Although, after I made my changes, my life just starting flourishing quicker than I could keep up. This made me so over joyed and brought me such peace and happiness. I finally, was able to live the life I always wanted to live.cymera_20181029_090559.jpg

What Did I Do, Different?

Well for starters, I have prioritized myself, as my main priority. Now, I enjoy many activities and actually find time to relax when, I want to. The idea of relaxation is something, that in my past I would have laughed at and said “I wish!”. Self-care, is so important for your health mentally and physically. Now, since all of my life changes. I have spent most of my time working towards all of my goals, one by one. In between it all I set time aside to do my swimming at the gym or my community pool. I do all of the above, so I can live a healthy and brighter future.

After what felt like a life time of me putting myself last and settling for less. I now, refuse to let one more moment pass me by without me living the life, I want to lead 150%!!! Going to the gym and working off all my extra energy, really helps me to relieve myself from stress and anxiety. Which are two things, I always have because I have terrible OCD’s, PTSD and an Anxiety Disorder. All of the above, make for a real interesting afternoon, if I do not burn all my negative energy out and live a balanced life. 

So, if you are a person with one of those above disorders, I insist you find an activity that you can also enjoy. After a while, you will be surprised with the difference in yourself, mentally and physically.

By burning that energy and taking that time to just live in the moment, it has brought me such joy and satisfaction. Besides shooting to achieve all of my health and life goals. I try to take at least 5 minutes every day, to just relax and breath away my daily stresses.

Another, positive way to help your body distress, is to take an hour out of every week, to just do one thing for yourself whether it is for relaxation or fun.

Thanks to all of my self-analysis, hard work, and dedication to myself.

I have been able to  find the parts of myself that have helped me to build positive boundaries towards better living. As it also, helped me to rebuild a realistic plan of action, for my current life and future.

After some,  great life changes I was able to bind together all of the parts of myself, that once were separated. Now  I can successfully say, there is no longer a stronger or weaker, side of myself. For so long, I felt like I had to be multiple people to survive. I had the version of me, I shared with the world that everyone needed me to be. The person I had to be in order to survive, the person I wanted to be and  last but not least the person I was underneath it all.

Thanks to me reaching a better understanding of my wants, needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The fact, that I have gained self-confidence and a better understanding of my self- worth. I am now just one whole person, all the good and bad wrapped in one unique individual. Now, I am who I am and that is everything I could have ever asked for. Now, I do not care what anyone has to say about it and I no longer per take in self-criticism, in such a harsh way. Over time I realized, I was always able to be who I was.  I also realized I was never good at building healthy boundaries or saying no to people. I was always my own worst critic  without realizing it. I now know my own standards and self-doubt, hindered me to the point that I washed away, the person I actually was.

Due to all of the work I have put in today, I stand before you a proud women. I have become the women I wanted to be. Today, I am a woman who can make a difference in the world by spreading my story and sharing my experience and life skills. I accept and embrace, all the good and bad parts of myself. Most of all, I have found the peace and  happiness, I have been searching for my whole life. All of the above, has given me more strength and drive to push myself further than, I ever thought I could go before.

Every day, I wake up and think to myself…

” Today, I am going to do my best to be the best version of myself. ”

What I have learned about life over the last few years is you get out of life what you put into life. This page is a small description of who I am, so you can see I am just as much an everyday person as you. The only difference is I have decided to take all of my negative and turn them into a positive by sharing my story and helping others like myself to reach their own version of personal strength, peace and happiness. Since, I am not the type of girl that’s story can be shared in one simple post or page you will see me share my own personal experience on this website. So please, stay tuned for more about  my experience, blog and business journey… 

Thank you, for your interest in me.  I hope, I can be the Certified Life Coach, that assists you on your own Self-Discovery mission. I  look forward to providing you with all of my skills, support, motivation and experience. While still giving you a sense of security and non-judgmental listening ear. All to help you achieve your hopes and dreams, one step at a time !!!

– Susan Riley