In todays world everything costs so much money. It is hard for the people that do not have the proper funding or support to seek actual good information without paying an arm and a leg.

Although, I am a business woman and would love to make a ton of money. I am not naïve to the fact that its not easy to spend your days hoping and praying google will lead you to the right answers. Believe me when I say I was and some days still am that woman. The way the health industry is now a days so many people go without medical attention. Not everything has to be a million dollars but the world is how it is.

With that being said, when I opened this page I decided I wanted it to be a website that is full of great information to help people get the facts they need. I am a Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach I chose to make that my title because I believe a lot of the everyday struggles we face are due to challenges we may have faced. I see every action as a reaction to another action.

For Instance:

  • Most bullies generally don’t start that way, maybe your childhood bully was a victim of bullying themselves. Maybe that is the way they coped with their own general anxieties and self defeat.
  • If you have a lack of confidence, most likely that comes from some type of standard or morals you were raised with that could be unrealistic. It’s also possible someone at one point in your life told you that you were not good enough, were too skinny, too over weight, not worthy of love or even common needs.
  • If you are co-dependent maybe its because of medical issues or a lack of support that makes you feel you need to hold on tight to someone.
  • Lack of motivation, can stem from many things such as lack of confidence, undiagnosed medical issues, lack of support maybe even an abundance of trauma and just over all depression.
  • Depression is something that is plaquing our society everyday men, women and even children suffer in silence. They suffer in silence because of lack of finances, fear of being given a title that will cripple them in society, and even just lack of ability to care for one self.
  • If you suffer from various stresses or anxieties it could be a simple fix but so many doctors now a days will force drugs down your throat and claim depression or some other disorder because it’s a much quicker process to tell you, you have something wrong with you then to actually sit you down and help you come up with a healthy plan of action. Your anxiety and stress issues could be solved by simply seeking support, understanding and a couple simple changes to your life style.

Now These Are Just A Couple Examples Of Regular Life Scenarios We Have All Faced At One Time, That Society Frowns Upon.

They will tell you your broken, say your actions are a disturbance and maybe even tell you that you are over reacting. What ever they say it is important for you to know your feelings count for something, DAMN IT!!!

We should all be able to express ourselves. It is not healthy to hold our feelings in or to ignore them either. If you have a problem, it is your job to handle it.

Your Life Is A Priority, Your Feelings Matter, You Need Support And It Is Okay To Seek Help! It Is Okay To Cry, Be Angry, Be Sad, Hell Sometimes Having A Pity Party Is Just What The Doctor Ordered!!!

Do You Have A Sad Food??? Because I Know I Do!!!

Do You Have A Motivational Song??? Because I Do!!!

Do You Have A Place You Hide When You Want To Run Away From The World?? I Do !!!

What Do You Do To Curve Your Anger Because For Me I Swim And When I Swim I Mean, I SWIM LAPS UNTIL MY ARMS ARE READY TO FALL OFF!!!

The point is what ever it is that you can do to keep your life in order so you can function properly its okay ro do it, as long as you know the pros abd cons of your actions and you are comfortable with the action you are about to make without lying to yourself, without pretending the facts are not real then your choices are yours to make and no one elses…

Now I’m not saying doing horrible things are accepted know your rights from wrongs. If you have to think to yourself this is bad or I could go to jail or be severly hurt the answer should always be Im Not Going To Do This!!!

Be Smart, Care For Yourself, Make Good Decisions And Ask For Help If You Need It…

A Big Part Of Self Help Is Self- Discovery. It Can Change Your Whole World Just Having A Better Understanding Of Your Very Own Wants And Needs…

Where Do You Start The Process Of Self-Discovery??? Well For Starters, This Is A Great Place To Seek Information and Even Seek Help… Below I Put Together The Beginning Part Of The Process If You Can Place A Check Next To Each Of The Below Then You Are Ready To Reach Everything You Ever Wanted… And If You Are Not There Yet Thats Okay Because That Just Means You Have Found A Great Place To Start Your Journey Toward Success…


In Order To Help You On Your Journey I Have Created Multiple Self Help Pages To Assist You On Your Journey. Along Your Process If You Need Assistance I Want you To Know I Beg You To Not Hold Yourself Back… I Have Ways To Assist You If Finances Are An Issue, I Have Built Support Groups To Provide You With Support, Understanding, Motivation And So Much More… Please Feel Free To Comment On These Pages, Posts and Join The Support Groups Because Crazy Beautiful Blogs Is a Blog and Website Set Up To Be A Page For The People… What You Look Like, Where You Were Brought Up, And Your Past Will Not Hold You Back Here…



Here Are Some Links To Some Of Our Self Help Pages As We Expand Our Page I Will Add More To The List Also Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Website Main Menu And Our Crazy Beautiful Blogs!!!


Building Confidence

Time Management

Domestic Violence

Healthy Parenting…


Also Always Remember I Am A Call Away And Nothing Is Wrong With Taking Advantage Of A FREE LIFE COACHING CONSULTATION So Make If You Need Help Reach Out And I’ll Help You To Figure Out The Best Place To Start … Click Link Below To See Our Contact Info:

Contact / Service Page


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