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I’d Like to start off with, telling you congratulations ! If you have wandered onto this page, it means you are either curious to see what Life Coaching is about or interested in making some changes in your life. I applaud your curiosity and encourage your leap to the next level of your life. My name is Susan Riley, I am a Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach, based out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Welcome to my service page and thank you for viewing Crazy Beautiful Blogs.

Below you will find all the information to start your next adventure and I would be over joyed to be the one to help you build your path to success or happiness. I have achieved many things in my life and my newest venture to add to my list of achievements, is building my New Company called, Simply Unique Life Coaching. I hope to be, officially open by end of August. In the mean time, I have some great Pre-Grand Opening Promotions going on. So, if you are interested in my services, please contact me. All my contact information is provided for you on the right hand side of this page and on my contact page. So without a due I present to you, my service information.Main Example PicAt Simply Unique Life Coaching, we realize every client is special in their own way. We specialize in self-discovery and motivation. By doing so, we assist our clients in the building and rebuilding of their lives. We also work with all sorts of clients that have various general life situations as well. Life is a working progress, for all of us. By seeking our services, you will work with an understanding and realistic Life Coach. Currently, being a new company, I am the head and only Life Coach on staff. Over time I plan to bring in more Coaches as we expand and build our company.

Our Plan of Action as a Life Coaching Company is to give you, the client. The understanding and support you need, to make the changes you yearn to make. All with continued communication and a non-judging ear. Together, we can push through and accomplish, what once felt like the impossible. All while teaching you, how to structure and build the life of your dreams. We can help you to rediscover yourself by helping you to find your confidence and self-worth. You would be surprised, what changes can happen when you get a handle on your wants and needs.


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Let me help you achieve your dreams. One Step at A Time.

Life is full of good and bad times. We as human beings get caught up on the idea, that life is black and white. Yet so many of us live in the in gray areas in between.

Due to society and life’s everyday baggage. We can get lost in the ideas that are forced on us. People all over the world are seeking happiness and new possibilities but lose track of themselves, along the way. All the while, they end up loosing or letting go of their dreams and aspirations, just to simply stay a float or survive.

I’m here, to help you stop settling for less, then you deserve.

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This is how I can be of service to you

Life Coaching, is a great way to find yourself and ways to transform your life. By seeking Life Coaching, you will learn how to accomplish the goals you have been struggling with. It will provide you with, strategic ways to build the present and future you yearn for. Together we can build a logical and realistic plan of action that is achievable. 

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Why, Use Me As Your Life Coach?

The simplest answer is, I am really just your average woman. A woman, that has found a way to not only embrace life and all its struggles. But to make the best of them by turning my negatives into positives. I am a studying and practicing, Certified Life Coach, that is full of skills that I would love to share with you. I have had life drag me down, more times, than I can count. The trick is to do your best and to always stand behind your actions. Regret happens I’m not going to lie we are all guilty of it but if you focus on the positive points of your life and you can then build off, of them you will be surprised what changes for you. 

Thanks, to my period of self-discovery, amazing list making skills and strategic trouble shooting. I have made impossible situations become ones that were not just bearable but still able, to be accomplished. I’m not selling you a fantasy. Life takes work and dedication and so does achieving peace and happiness. Although, if you are willing to put in the time. Then, I can help you turn your real-life facts and struggles into real-life possibilities, that are not just realistic but absolutely achievable!

Your Life Is In Your Own Hands, What You Decide To Do With It Is Up To You…<3


Time Is the Only Thing, That Can Not Be Changed!

Whether your past, has good times or bad. The past is now and forever, what it is. The sooner you embrace, the life you have lived the sooner, you can look forward towards, a bigger and brighter tomorrow.

As a life coach I realize before moving forward sometimes we must travel to our past. That is in fact why, so many people seek therapy. If I believe that is something that may be a better route for you to take, that is something I may suggest but not before listening to your needs. As a Life Coach, we focus on moving forward and achieving goals. Besides Self-Discovery being in my title I also include Motivational. The reason I chose to call myself a Self-Discovery and Motivational Life Coach is because I believe, we all have the answers we are looking for underneath it all. The only thing is, I just think sometimes we are too quick to give up, on ourselves. So, along with helping you to discover yourself and the life you want to lead. I also have various motivational services to help to rememeber that, anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.

Some people may take a look at my site and think generally people in this business try to look very focused and business professional. Trust me, when I say this “I absolutely know, how to achieve that appearance, but I decided I wanted to dig deeper. I’m not the Life Coach, that wants to take your money and move on. I’m not the one that is going to sell you a story and  feed your ego and tell you lies.

I became a Life Coach because I feel there is a larger market of people out there, that is in need of assistance. I believe, there is a group of men and women, young and old of all different colors, all different races, personalities and etc, that do not seek help. For instance, I believe they do not seek help out of embarrassment, financial difficulty and lack of trust along with various other reasons. So I decided instead of taking the same approach of everyone else, that maybe if my page was a little less professional, a little more personable and fun. I could reach the people that may feel that way. 

I believe this because once upon a time, I was that girl. I was the girl who eventually turned into that woman. That woman that was raised to believe, you could not trust the system. Which is actually very sad because the world is not all bad but there are a few out there that give the good ones a bad name. I have also been financially stable and because of that reason I have set up a program to help those of you that need assistance in spite of your financial situation. Although being financially unstable and having a lack of trust is a big part of why people do not seek help. In my experience it was always the embarrassment that held me back the most.

 I’ve lived with and through a lot of really embarrassing situations. There were times I couldn’t even face myself in the mirror, so I get it. In fact, the very thing that captivated me about Life Coaching was when I reached out for assistance a couple of years ago.  It was my very first time ever seeing a therapist and boy oh boy was I scared. I was in a terrible situation and really broken at the time. She was a lovely therapist and till this day I am eternally grateful for her assistance. The thing that bothered me was the situation I was in was overwhelming and I was financially unstable and in order to seek her assistance I signed up for the program on a slide and scale basis. That wasn’t the problem though the problem was she had a program that she told me I had to follow.

Long story short, I asked her if this was the program she gave everyone and she told me “yes, it was and that it was, the most effective.” Sadly, I was quite torn up about it because she told me, “if I wanted her assistance, this was my only option and that I had to sign the papers.” Very unsatisfied, I signed them because I was a mess and seriously needed help. Now, she did go above and beyond to work with me when I look back it was her job to keep to the program her office had set up. Although, after x amount of visits, she told me “she had to discontinue our meetings because I was not willing to follow the rules.” At the time, I was SOoo angry but I did come far from where I was when I first started.

So at the same time I took what I learned and moved forward. The moral of the story is. “If maybe she went about the process of assisting me, without judgment and without trying to bundle me, with the other woman in the program. I think, I could have gotten so much further along, so much sooner than I did.” I am not going to lie they’re program was built to assist woman and men in the situation I was in but I felt that their program was not the proper way to assist a woman in my place. I went to her for help and what I found was a system built to bully me in a direction, I was clearly not ready for. In fact the way it was handled in some ways made me feel more embarressed and uncomfortabe then I was to start. I felt it was a shameful process and I refuse to ever put any of my clients through that.

I’m not the Life Coach that is going to build you up and compare you to others. I’m not, going to take away from your pain and suffering and tell you, “I have a really great program that works for everyone because I don’t believe that for a minute! When you seek assitance there is no such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Not only, do I not believe that but I believe and know, if you are seeking assistance then you deserve, better than that! I have built several programs but each of my programs include various tools, that will allow me to specifically build a plan of action, that is personalized specifically to your wants and needs. The plan of action will have a reasonable time frame but it will also be built to move at your pace. 

I’m the Life Coach that wants to truthfully help YOU, too achieve YOUR goals! I’m the Life Coach, that has been in your shoes in way or another. More then anything, I’m the Life Coach that is willing and happy to support and not judge you for who you are, no matter your thoughts, beliefs, lifestyle, financial & life burdens! 


All of the above, can be achieved by you, the Client and me the Life Coach. Working together to look over all the details of your here and now. Along with all the possibilities, of possible actions and outcomes. All in which you can start working on to progress towards your dreams. I can help, you to build the skills you need to better manage your time. After our sessions, along with your new gained skills. You will be able to focus on not only your today but also on your tomorrow and future goals, in a new light.

To get pricing and find out what promotions we have going on, along with more information on the services we provide. Please see our Contact Page to START THE NEXT STEP OF BUILDING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE!

As we get closer to our opening date all services and pricing will be included on my Service Page. Until then, please stay tuned by following all of my social media and feel free to call me with any questions!

Don’t forget to take advantage of My Pre-Grand Opening Promotion, we have some great start up prices… Thank you for taking the time to view my Life Coaching Page, And Enjoy The Rest Of Your Day! 

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