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My name is Susan Riley, I am the Creator / Head admin on each of the below groups. I am also a Blogger / Self-Discovery & Motivational Life Coach. Thanks for checking out my Support Group Page. As you may have noticed, while looking over my webpage. I am trying to build a great community here for all my viewers and clients. I have really focused on trying to provide as much free and detailed information as I can to help all my viewers. That are looking for a way to not just be themselves but also that are looking to live a life of happiness…

Life is not always easy and real support is hard to find. Which is why I have started all of these support groups. It is easy to tell you come see me as a client or see a therapist. The thing is maybe your just not there yet. Maybe you want a better understanding or want to do your own research. Maybe you feel you need to find other people in your scenario to help you build your own opinion or options for yourself. By setting up the below groups I am trying to build multiple worlds in which you maybe able to find safety to express yourself and feel free while doing it.

Another reason for setting up these groups was as I have been promoting my company. I noticed that even though I’d love nothing more then to assist everyone for free. I had to come up with a way, I can serve the people that may still not be ready to make the changes they need towards happiness. Also, many of the people that truly seek assistance may also not be financially capable at this point in time. If this is the case please contact me because I have excellent programs I’m building so you can get assistance as well. But for those of you that are not ready to take my hand towards your dreams and aspirations these groups are a way you can see my work on a free basis and get comfortable with the idea of sharing and moving forward.

I am so happy to introduce to you the following groups for all of the above reasoning. I truly hope they can assist multiple people on their journeys toward their dreams and aspirations. As time goes by I will work on building more until then please stay tuned and take advantage of the ones we currently have now. Now, as each of these groups are still new. Unfortunately, they are not jam packed of people yet but that does not mean that they are not eventually going to be. So if you are interested in any of the support groups below please feel free to join. Please read through the page descriptions and see which page or pages would best suit you. There is no limit and you are free to join them all.

Also for anyone looking to be a part of the admin on any of the above pages please feel free to contact me. As I am spread a bit thin the more admin the more support we can provide. It is strictly voluntary and a way you can assist others like yourself. Also if you have a service that maybe beneficial to the crowd I would love to interact with you and network so please feel free to contact me.

If you need additional assistance or are interested in my Life Coaching Services, please feel free to contact me anytime!

Contact Page


All The Below Main Groups Are

Directed By Self-Discovery & Motivations Certified Life Coach Susan Riley



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Our Three Groups Are Divided To Provide A Special Kind Of Support And Group Conversation.

Each group is run by volunteers that take time to spread support, positivity, understanding, great bits of information and positive reinforcement.

Our goal is over time to build each group into flourished positive communities of supportive and positive people so each day one step at a time we can help change one persons frown or unstable life into a smile and successful experience.

We know life is not easy but we choose to push forward in spite of what holds us back and to grow with each passing day. So please, take the time to join the groups that you feel will benefit you most… 💕

Men & Womens Talk Group

Click Here To Join

This page is for men or women to join and it is set up as a place for you to all share your stories and help support each other through out your days. So please feel free to post about your struggles or your every day life feelings and concerns. We also share various health tips and healthy lifestyle choices so if you have anything to share on the page that may benefit someone else’s lifestyle please feel free to post. Be kind with your replies by showing each other support, and boosting each others motivation. I will be adding various posts to inspire self-discovery and inspiration to help you along your journey. It is your choice if you choose to use this information to benefit yourself. If you are a female and prefer a female only group please look below at the next support group.

Positivity is a beautiful thing so I also ask you, to also post stories of your achievement and success. You never know who you may inspire with your experience.

Women’s Talk & Support Group

Click Here To Join

Hello Ladies, This is a support group for women going through all types of everyday life experiences. No matter if you are facing struggles or if you are just looking to make a change in your life. I set this page up so women from anywhere with any problem can come and share your tales of joy, shame, happiness, depression, freedom, strength, weakness and so much more. In hopes together as a pack we can not just give each other support but help each other to find our voice and find pure happiness and freedom with in our lives. Another great thing about this page is its not just meant for the support factor but also a place you can go and ask your fellow group members female related questions and share your accomplishments.

Feel Free To Get Crazy and Share About Your Every Day Lives, Relationships, Health, Lifestyles, Make-up, Hair, New and Exciting Movies… This is the place you can let loose with the girls and just have a good laugh! Please Enjoy ❤

LGBTQIA+ Talk & Support Group

Click Here To Join

This page is built to support the members of the LGBTQIA Community along with all of their Loved Ones. This page is meant to build a bridge between all of the different people that support the community and live in the community itself. My name is Susan Riley and you maybe wondering why a straight women is starting a page for your community.

So Let me start out by telling you why this page is so important to me.

As a Life Coach and in life in general I have met and cared for so many men and women that suffered due to insecurities or judgment because of who they were on the inside. This is a fact for all men and women no matter what your sexual preference of way of living go through every day. The thing is, I believe although the world has come so far for the LGBTQIA Community, I still think there is so much more left to achieve.

I wanted to make a safe space for not just the current members of the LGBTQIA Community but also a place for the new members of the LGBTQIA community. I want this group to be a place that the current members of the community can share their experiences with the newbies of the community, that are just coming out or finding their way in their own skin. I want this to be a place where everyone is shown love and support for who they are and how they want to live their life. I decided to make this also a page for the loved ones because I believe it would be helpful for the people that support you to be able to share this very special part of yourself. This is a safe place that you can feel free to help each other through your good and bad times. As well as to support each other through your self-discovery and towards your dreams and aspirations. This is a group you can go to and meet people like yourself so and maybe you can also learn how to embrace your inner beauty. Let’s make a change and share the love! Remember you are beautiful inside and out. Never give up on yourself or your dreams!

So, now that I have explained the concept behind this group. I ask you all to feel free to share all of your stories for the other viewers to learn from and maybe even your story can help one of the other group members to embark on new adventures and towards new heights. This is a chance for you to voice your opinions and support each other with anything and everything you desire.

Never Stop Embracing The Beauty You have Inside & Out…. Best Of Luck Through All Your Days ❤

Other Support Groups Online That I Think Are A Great Options To Look Into:

Wives Of Aspies

A safe place for women who love and live with a spouse with Asperger’s Syndrome, either diagnosed or suspected.

Click Here To See Page

Women ONLY Supporting Women with Depression/Anxiety

This is a CLOSED group on Facebook where women can support each other who struggle with depression and anxiety and mental illness. This is also a great online support group for women everywhere. Be sure to answer the questions before joining, they will not allow you in the group if you do not. This is for women already on the page and your own safety.

Click Here To See Page

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