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Do You Know, Who You Are?

Do You Know, Who You Are? This is one of those simple questions that is rarely answered with a simple answer. Knowing the answers to " Who are you? What Do You Want In Life? What Made You Feel or Live This Way?", these are all great starter questions but sometimes in order to discover… Continue reading Do You Know, Who You Are?

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How To Live Free With A Wild Heart & Free Spirit …

First things first, every one experiences happiness, joy and freedom in their own way. A big part of taking the correct steps to freedom and happiness, is to know exactly what it is you need and want out of your life? Knowing these very specific details will provide you with the the type of happiness… Continue reading How To Live Free With A Wild Heart & Free Spirit …

Life & My 2 Cents

The Struggles Of Seeking Proper Assistance

Hey guys, I was asked to write a guest post on one of my blogger friends pages and with that being said I didn't want any of my followers or future followers to miss it. Plus another benefit is my friend Abdul has one hell of a great blog. So for today let's send some… Continue reading The Struggles Of Seeking Proper Assistance

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What is Anxiety, To You?

When I think of anxiety only one word describes it for me, Horrific! Anxiety is such a horrible thing to go through. It affects us in so many ways. Horrific, sounds like a word that may be a bit over the top but if you have ever experienced a panic attack or an anxiety attack,… Continue reading What is Anxiety, To You?

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The Silly Thing About Judgment!

The world has an abundance of judgment, that is constantly weighing on our ability to move forward or push past our insecurities. In many ways, judgments can help us and hurt us. It may hinder our ability to live a life with positivity but it does not have to. Now granted there may be a… Continue reading The Silly Thing About Judgment!

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The Life of a Caregiver & How to Make It Better!

I’ve been writing a lot the past few months about self-discovery and personal transformation. Based on how to go from one level of sadness to absolute joy. I’ve written about personal strength and limitations. About the pros and cons of living in the black and white as opposed to life in the gray. But today… Continue reading The Life of a Caregiver & How to Make It Better!

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Shooting For The Stars…

Time and time again, life gives us challenges that are laid out in our path. Sometimes these challenges will seem so big that we feel bewildered and begin to lose faith in our ability to move forward. When this happens it is our responsibility as a human being to take ownership of our lives. We… Continue reading Shooting For The Stars…

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Guns,Guns & More Guns!

Okay so here's the scoop, we hear it every day on the radio, television, in public and etc; Guns are the enemy but let's be realistic. How is it possible that an item can be an enemy? Have you ever saw a gun think to itself? Have you ever heard of one making a plot… Continue reading Guns,Guns & More Guns!